C2090-919 - Informix 11.70 System Administrator Exam

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Example Questions

Which CANNOT be used to move compressed data from one database to another? How does the Deployment Assistant enable you to reduce the size of the installation to be deployed? How many paging files are required for SD secondary instances? Given the following statement: session A: set lock mode to wait; select * from tab1; if session A is blocked, which sysmaster table contains the session id holding the lock blocking session A? What two conditions must be met for direct I/O to occur? (Choose two.) Which command line utility displays real time statistics about the instance? What two parameters can affect how often checkpoints occur? (Choose two.) Which $ONCONFIG parameter triggers an automatic increase to a chunk or space based on remaining free space? When executing the SQL Admin API "defragment table" and "table repack" commands on the customer table, what will happen to the table? (Choose two.) execute function sysadmin:task("defragment table","customer"); execute function sysadmin:task("table repack", "customer"); Which statement about automatic space management is true? Which of the following is NOT a step in setting up HDR for the first time? Which statement about in-place migration is true? What does the SP_WAITTIME variable control? Which utilities CANNOT be used to migrate an Informix instance from one hardware vendor to a different hardware vendor? Which sbspaces statement is FALSE? What two conditions must be met in order to use Kernel-asynchronous I/O (KAIO)? (Choose two.) Under which condition can table fragments NOT be eliminated during query processing? Which Windows utility is used to configure the SQLHOSTS registry key? Identify a scenario when you CANNOT use in-place migration? When running an onstat -u, what does a 'Y' in the first column of the flags signify? If SQLTRACE is enabled, what information is displayed by this statement? select max(sql_runtime) from syssqltrace; Which user isolation level may cause concurrency problems with SELECT statements? Which of the following is NOT in the machine notes? Which onstat command returns an accurate free count of blobspace pages? Which list fragmentation statement is true? If the DYNAMIC_LOGS onconfig parameter is set to 1 and logical log backups are not occurring, what will happen in the instance when the last logical-log file fills? When adding space to the storagepool, which correctly describes the type of storage which may be placed in the storagepool? Which environment option can rollback transactions using a table involved in an ALTER FRAGMENT ON TABLE operation? Assuming you have a table with a replicate defined. A Flexible Grid procedure is executed changing data in that table. What statement about replication of the changes is true? Which object can be defragmented? What statement about users accessing a Flexible Grid is true? A Connection Manager is started with the following Service Level Agreement: SLA report=(SDS+report_server) Where will a connection to the report SLA be redirected? Which statement about Informix data compression is true? Which statement is NOT true for interval fragmentation? What does the following SQL statement do? execute function task("reset sysadmin", "admindbs"); Which connection type can be used for network connections? Which utility requires database logging be turned off to load a table? Assuming the DBSPACETEMP onconfig and environment variables are set to valid dbspace names, where is the first location the instance will attempt to create a temporary non logged table? By default, the alarm program gets executed for which event(s)? Which is NOT valid information in the SQLHOSTS connectivity file (or on windows the SQLHOSTS registry key)? Fragment level statistics are NOT supported with which fragmentation strategy? Which storage space should be used to store columns defined as a BLOB or a CLOB?