C2090-614 - DB2 10.1 Advanced DBA for Linux UNIX and Windows Exam

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Example Questions

Which command will be executed successfully on every database partition if db2_all is used? Where is the HADR_TARGET_LIST configuration parameter set? Which statement about dropped table recovery is correct? Which operation can be performed by executing an ALTER STOGROUP statement? Which statement about SMS table spaces is correct? What is the preferred method for reclaiming unused storage in a DMS table space? Which index(es) are created when a multidimensional clustering (MDC) table is defined with only one dimension? Which diagnostic tool can be used to show high-watermark consumptions of Fast Communication Manager (FCM) buffers and channels? Which statement about Range Clustered Tables (RCT) is correct? The following query is executed frequently against the SALES table: SELECT sales_person, region FROM sales WHERE region = 'Quebec' Which statement will create an index for optimal query performance? Which tool provides the simplest method for monitoring buffer pool hit ratios? A DBA wants to create a table named SALES that has the following characteristics: Which clause must be used with the CREATE TABLE statement to define this table? A DB2 9 database named MYDB that does not use automatic storage was migrated to DB2 10.1. When will a default storage group be defined for this database? On which two operating systems can DB2 pureScale run? (Choose two.) An auditor has requested that all activities performed by those with SYSADM or DBADM authority be tracked. How can this be done with the db2audit tool? In which situation would you NOT use a redirected restore? Which Range-Clustered Tables (RCT) statement is correct? What event category is used with the db2audit command to capture SQL data, such as host variable and parameter marker values, that are associated with an SQL statement? For a multi-partitioned database, what is the default behavior of the BACKUP DATABASE command? What statement regarding Asynchronous index cleanup (AIC) is correct? What is the FAILARCHPATH database configuration parameter used for? What must be done to convert a populated base table to a multidimensional clustering (MDC) table? The following statement was used to create a table space named USER_TMP in a non-partitioned database: CREATE USER TEMPORARY TABLESPACE user_tmp MANAGED BY SYSTEM USING (?mnt/fsystem4? ?mnt/fsystem5? Which operation can be performed on the USER_TMP table space with an ALTER TABLESPACE statement? What two types of information can be obtained with the MON_GET_TABLESPACE monitor table function? (Choose two.) Which statement about compression dictionaries is FALSE? Which is a poor choice for a clustering dimension of a multidimensional clustering (MDC) table? In what situation should you use a redirected restore operation? Which statement about DB2 Merge Backup is FALSE? You recently added more storage to a table space and a rebalance operation was started automatically. How can you pause the rebalance operation? What must you do before an online table space backup operation can be performed? An auxiliary HADR standby database must use which HADR sync mode? What must be done to convert an existing table into an Insert-Time-Clustered (ITC) table? What will occur when a database administrator adds a new automatic storage path to an existing storage group? Which is NOT a valid method for prefetching data? Which statement about Insert-Time-Clustered (ITC) is correct? Which table configuration CANNOT utilize multi-temperature storage? To configure instance-level auditing with db2audit, which authority is required? A DBA wants to create a table named SALES that has the following characteristics: ?effective data clustering and management of space utilization ?rows in the table should be clustered based on when they are added to the table Which clause must be used with the CREATE TABLE statement to define this table? What contributes to the efficient use of block-based buffer pools? What values can be assigned to the HADR_SYNCMODE configuration parameter? What is the recommended method for removing old backup images and log files for a DB2 10.1 database? A database administrator created all of the necessary federated objects for an SQL Server data source in a federated system. Which steps must be performed if the data types of several columns in the SQL Server data source are changed? Which statement about Range-Clustered Tables (RCTs) is correct? Which table function can be used to determine whether all of a particular table space data objects have been moved from one storage group toWhich table function can be used to determine whether all of a particular table space? data objects have been moved from one storage group to another? Which statement about partitioned indexes is FALSE? You need to restore a table space that was backed up earlier, but before you begin a restore operation you want to determine whether any tables in the table space were populated with a LOAD ... NONRECOVERABLE operation. What can be used to provide this information? What can be done to prevent applications from failing when DB2 cannot create a new log file? A database administrator needs to create a federated database and configure access to join data from 3 Oracle instances, 2 SQL Server instances, and 1 DB2 database. Which objects are needed to establish the specified connections? Which statement about Q Replication is correct? What is a benefit of multi-temperature data storage?