C2090-610 - DB2 10.1 Fundamentals

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Example Questions

If the following command is executed: CREATE DATABASE test What is the page size (in kilobytes) of the database? Which statement about UPDATE processing is FALSE? Which method for restricting data access relies on a SQL search condition that describes what set of rows a user has access to? When a COMMIT statement is executed, what happens? When is it appropriate to use a sequence? When a user-defined function (UDF) is created and no schema is specified, what schema is used to store the UDF? Which type of temporal table can be used to store only time-sensitive data? Which statement is valid about the Row and Column Access Control (RCAC) feature? What type of large object (LOB) is used to store LOB data together with the formatted rows on data pages, instead of in a separate LOB storage object? When is a mask used to limit access to data in a table? Which type of stored procedure is not associated with an external application program? What factor influences lock escalation? Which event will NOT cause a trigger to be fired? Which object is a stored procedure defined into? What takes place when a process accesses a data object on which it already holds a lock, and the access mode requires a more restrictive lock than the one currently held? What is the primary purpose of a view? Which tool allows users to connect to a DB2 database using a wizard? Which SQL statement will allow user USER1 to create a view on a table named EMPLOYEE? Which database object provides an alternative way of describing data that exists in one or more base tables? By default, where is the data stored for a column defined with an XML data type? Which clause should be included in a ALTER TABLE statement to update a table definition with a new column? When is an INTENT EXCLUSIVE (IX) lock required? Which statement about INSERT operations is true? Which two operations are allowed in the body of an SQL scalar user-defined function? (Choose two.) You have a business need to query DB2 10 and DB2 9 databases and you want to write an application that can run on most platforms unchanged. Which interface would you use to achieve your goal? Which SQL statement will give user USER1 the ability to assign a comment to a sequence named MYSEQ? Which statement about roll back operations is correct? Given the following DDL statement: CREATE TABLE sales (item CHAR(20)); If a DBA wishes to increase the size of the ITEM column, which SQL statement needs to be used? A column mask that is to be used for row and column access control (RCAC) was created with the DISABLE option specified. What must be done if this mask is to be used to restrict access to data stored in a table named EMPLOYEE? Which SQL statement should be used to select the minimum and maximum salaries (SALARY), by job code (JOB), from a table EMPLOYEE? Which statement is true about an index that is used to support a UNIQUE constraint? What type of mechanism is a simple token value that is used to refer to a much bigger large object (LOB)? Which type of constraint can be used to ensure that an INTEGER column in a table will never be assigned more than one record that contains a NULL value? What isolation level prevents dirty reads, nonrepeatable reads, and phantoms? Which type of lock allows the lock owner and all concurrent applications to read, but not update, the locked data? Which object is used to cache table and index data as it is read from disk?