C2090-422 - InfoSphere QualityStage v8.5 Exam

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Example Questions

Which two report types are generated by a Word Investigation? (Choose two) When would you use the 'At Least One' survive technique? When designing a parallel job using the Standardize stage in Designer, how many input links are supported by the Standardize stage syntax? What is one of the the uses of a pre-processor rule set in standardizing your data? What are the 2 best approaches to use when determining fields to use for blocking? (Choose two) Where in the match specification would you turn off the frequency value "NOFREQ"? When creating a copy of an existing rule set what components are copied? Which of these actions can NOT be accomplished in the rules override file? What pattern would process the string ?ST & MAIN ST?? Which of the following removes anomalies within the data after the process has determined the proper domain and parsed the data? What input pattern does the following address produce when standardized by the USADDR rule set? 21 Wingate St Apt 601 If a customer identifier field is populated, the values must be the same in order for these records to be matched. Which technique should be used when a field needs to be the same for all passes in a match? If there are a large number of "@" and "?" symbols in a standardization pattern report, which report will assist with improving classifications? To create a valid Survive rule, which of these statements indicates the correct tasks? Which statement describes the incorrect use of Pre-processor and Domain rule sets? When configuring the Standardize stage using any of the provided name domain rule sets, what two types of phonetic coding algorithms are supported for name output values provided in the output link? (Choose two) Which of the following is an optional process that enhances the quality of mailing address information? When using word investigation with one of the provided name domain rule sets, what does the qsInvCount field represent on the Token Report for the name columns being analyzed? What happens If the QualityStage Country rule set cannot determine a valid ISO country code? Which statement represents the survivorship rule execution order? What category of rule sets are used to standardize common business data including Date, Email Address, Phone Number, and Taxpayer ID ? What pattern action operand denotes the Universal class ? Which of the following is NOT a goal for re-engineering data? If the source system data contains names and addresses from multiple countries and a country identifier is not always available, which set of actions describe the correct order to process the data? What two types of data issues generally occur within enterprise data stores? (Choose two) Which of these patterns represents the following string '115 1/2 South Oak St' ? The QualityStage match specification shows these two records to be matched: John J. Smith John R. Smith Which option would you use to break the two apart? Your standardization job runs slowly. You are aware that there are plenty of server hardware resources. Which of the following is the possible way for improving performance? You need to design delta process where a batch of new/changed records will have to be compared to the large database of existing customers. Which of the following would satisfy this requirement? You created a new match job. After successfully compiling the job, you attempted to run the job but it failed with an error message that indicates QualityStage could not locate one of the matching fields in the input. Which action will be most appropriate to start troubleshooting? If your input data contains only the value "DO NOT USE" consistently in the Name field, which type of domain-specific object would best be used to override this condition? You are designing a reference match that will be run on a daily basis. Where should the reference data frequencies typically be generated? Which statement is true when matching data across multiple countries? When building real-time QualityStage match process, you have a need to retrieve candidate records from the database to get most current information. What type of stage you would be using for that task? You added a new field to matching fields of an existing match specification and provisioned all match specification components. Then you ran the job but it failed immediately. The input data size is 2G bytes and the job worked without any issues before you modified. Which one is most likely the cause of the problem? Customer data is being processed in a single file. Among the fields present for matching are social security number and birth date both of which are inconsistently populated. Which of the match type would be best used to match this data? Which two statements describes how you can survive data with the Survive stage?(Choose two) You have to design a batch match delta process. Match candidate records selection from the target database needs to be performed in order to execute reference match. What would be an optimal solution to retrieve the candidates? What is the purpose of standardization? If an address starting with the word 'Ignore' is being stored in a variable named temp and you want to place this value in a field called AdditionalAddress. Which Pattern Action code would accomplish this? Which two statements describe the importance of standardizing data? (Choose two) Which two of the following are categories of rule sets for the Standardize stage? (Choose two) When defining the match variable Last Name to be used in the match, what would be the appropriate match type to use in the processing logic? You just completed a match review session with the client. They have determined that fathers and sons with the same first name are being grouped together. Which of the following would be effective in breaking these two individuals apart? Which of the following data problems can be addressed by QualityStage Standardization? If rule changes are required to a QualityStage Standardization rule set, which two of the following are the correct steps to implement in your environment? (Choose two) What are 3 main components required for use in a QualityStage rule set? When building a new custom rule set, what component is optional? Which is most important to consider when designing your match strategy? In a householding match job, the initial results are bringing together records with different addresses. Which two of the following fields would be the best candidate for adjusting weight override? (Choose two)