C2090-421 - InfoSphere DataStage v8.5 Exam

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Example Questions

Configuring the weighting column of an Aggregator stage affects which three options. (Choose three.) You have a 3TB dataset hash-partitioned on CustID in a clustered environment. You need to join this dataset with 1GB of reference data on OrderID. Which technique is most appropriate? You are about to begin major changes to jobs in a project. You want to conveniently identify job changes on an ad hoc basis. What two tasks will allow you to identify changes to your jobs? (Choose two.) There is a requirement to transfer a large file using an FTP Enterprise stage. How can you minimize processing time when a transfer failure occurs? A job design consists of an input SequentialFile stage, followed by a Peek stage, a Transformer stage, a Sort stage and finally an output Dataset stage. The job executes on an SMP system with a configuration file defined with 4 nodes. The environment variable $APT_DISABLE_COMBINATION is set to "True". How many processes will this job create? You are responsible for managing job changes for you project team. You must update the source code repository through Eclipse Team source code integration whenever a developer notifies you of an asset change. What two tasks allow you to update the source code repository with the changed asset? (Select two) The purchase history record contains CustID, ProductID, ProductType and TotalAmount. You need to retain the record of greatest TotalAmount per CustID and ProductType using RemoveDuplicate stage. Which two statements accomplish this requirement? (Choose two.) How are Host Systems added to the Shared Metadata repository? (Select two) When you configure a domain for source code integration a source control workspace is created. What are two reasons for the source control workspace? (Choose two.) Which three of the following actions are available when editing a message handler? (Select three) In which two situations would you use the Web Services Client stage? (Choose two.) Which condition is required to use the LastRowInGroup() function to determine a key break on a field? What are the three features of Information Server that allow you to deploy DataStage objects? (Select three) Which two statements are true about DataStage parallel routines? (Choose two.) Your job uses the MQ connector stage to read messages from an MQ queue. The job should retrieve the message ID into the MessageID field and parse the payload into two fields: Name is to get the first ten characters, Description is to get the remaining characters. What will accomplish this? You have a parallel shared container that is used by other parallel jobs within your project. Part of the logic in this shared container has been changed. Which two statements are true regarding this change to the parallel shared container? (Choose two.) Input rows to a Transformer contain a product name field and a field with a list of colors the product can be ordered with. The colors are separated by the pipe character (|). Here is an example of an input row: "Shirt"| ....| "Red, Blue, Black"|... For each input row, you want to output multiple output rows, one for each color in the list. For the above example input row, three rows are to be output, one per color: "Shirt" ... "Red", "Shirt" ... "Blue", "Shirt" ... "Black". Which three operations will you need to accomplish this? (Choose three.) What is the correct restructure stage to extract data from four input columns (three of which carry vectors) and output them into two columns with one vectors in a subrecord and the non-vector carrying column being passed through the stage? You have a dataset hash-partitioned and sorted on CustID. You need to create a Sequential File sorted on CustID from this dataset. Which technique is the most appropriate? Which of the following describes what happens when Runtime Column Propagation is enabled? A dataset was created earlier with one partition, with the Preserve Partitioning flag set. A subsequent job using a 2-node configuration file reads from that dataset, passing data to a Transformer stage with "Same" partitioning. Which two statements are true? (Select two) Which two statements are correct about XML stages and their usage? (Choose two.) Which of the following is not an ODBC connector property? Which two of the following derivations for an output column named OutCol can be used to generate a unique sequence of integers across multiple partitions? Which two statements are true about DataStage Parallel Build stages? (Choose two.) A scenario requires selecting only the most recent transactions for each of 2 million unique customers, from a 20 million row DB2 source table containing order history. Which parallel job design would satisfy this functional requirement? Which two statements are true regarding access to a MQ queue? (Choose two.) You have been asked to delete a shared container from the project by your customer. Before you do this you want to make sure it will not impact other objects in the project. How will you ensure that deleting the shared container will not cause a failure when jobs are recompiled? Which requirement must be met to read from a database in parallel using the ODBC connector? A job is using the Load method in the DB2 and Oracle Enterprise stage for parallel loading into a single table. The job fails at runtime and you see there are new table rows added. What would explain this result? (Select two) Records in a source file must be copied to multiple output streams for further processing. Which two conditions would require the use of a Transformer stage instead of a Copy stage? (Choose two.) You are describing to your customer how to work with packages. There are two steps that must be carried out in order to move the package to a target project. Which two steps must be carried out to move the DataStage objects to the Production system? (Choose two.) Which three DataStage elements allow you to create Shared MetaData? (Select three) You have a dataset that is range-partitioned and sorted. Which technique is most efficient to create globally sorted data file? What two stages are required to place Header and Detail records, which have different formats, into a single format? (Choose two.) What three types of links are supported by the Lookup Stage? (Select three) A client has multiple servers connected with a high bandwidth switch and has installed DataStage on one of them. There are five files (with the same record layout) that must be retrieved from three other servers using FTP. Which approach will retrieve and process all five files in the minimal amount of time? Records in a source file must be aggregated for further processing. Which two conditions would require the use of a Transformer stage instead of or in addition to an Aggregator stage? (Choose two.) Which three environment variables are used for reporting on DataStage jobs? (Select three) You are given a job requirement that requires calculations based on the latest currency exchange rate. You decide to invoke a Web service to obtain the latest exchange rate. What are two ways that you can perform a Web service invocation in a DataStage job to obtain the latest exchange rate? (Select two) You are setting up project defaults. Which three items can be set in DataStage Administrator? (Choose three.) Which two statements are true about the usage of scratch disk? (Choose two.) What are the three aggregation types can be set in the Aggregator stage? (Select three) In your DB2 database you have column names that use characters # and $. Which two steps should be completed to allow DataStage to convert these characters into internal format and back as necessary? (Select two) An important top level Job Sequence has been modified. It controls a process flow consisting of sub Job Sequences, Routines and Parallel Jobs. You must set up a new project to test the top level Job Sequence. You are not allowed to move any repository objects that are not impacted by the top level Job Sequence. What two options would identify only the repository objects impacted by the change made to the top level Job Sequence? (Select two) Which three statements are true about stage variables in a Transformer Stage? (Choose three.) What are two ways to specify a stylesheet in an XML input stage? (Choose two.) A customer requires that a single output file generated by a parallel job be created in sort order. Which two job designs would achieve this goal? (Choose two.) What is the lowest CPU cost partitioning method? When you run a parallel job, any error messages and warnings are written to the job log and can be viewed from the Director client. What two levels of message handlers are there? (Choose two.)