C2090-303 - IBM InfoSphere DataStage v9.1

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Example Questions

A job validates account numbers with a reference file using a Join stage, which is hash partitioned by account number. Runtime monitoring reveals that some partitions process many more rows than others. Assuming adequate hardware resources, which action can be used to improve the performance of the job? Which option is required to identify a particular job player processes?Which option is required to identify a particular job? player processes? A job design consists of an input Row Generator stage, a Sort stage, followed by a Transformer stage and an output Data Set stage. The job is run on an SMP machine with a configuration file defined with four nodes. The $APT_DISABLE_COMBINATION variable is set to True. How many player processes will this job generate? What are two statistics or attributes that can be added to the output of a Data Rule stage? (Choose two.) What are the two Transfer Protocol Transfer Mode property options for the FTP Enterprise stage? (Choose two.) Which method is used to specify when to stop a job because of too many rejected rows with an ODBC Connector? A job using a three-node configuration file writes to a target Sequential File stage. The target Sequential File stage has been set to write to two different sequential files. How many instances of the Sequential File stage will run? Suppose a user ID has been created with DataStage and QualityStage component authorization. Which client application would be used to give that user ID DataStage Developer permission? Which Oracle Connector stage property can be set to tune job performance? When using the Sequential File stage as a source, what two property options allow you to add extra columns about the file(s) you are reading onto the output link? (Choose two.) Which derivations are executed first in the Transformer stage? Which Oracle data type conversion is correct? A customer must compare a date column with a job parameter date to determine which output links the row belongs on. What stage should be used for this requirement? Identify the two statements that are true about the functionality of the XML Pack 3.0. (Choose two.) Which two statements about using a Load write method in an Oracle Connector stage to tables that have indexes on them are true? (Choose two.) The Change Apply stage produces a change Data Set with a new column representing the code for the type of change. What are two change values identified by these code values? (Choose two.) What two computer system resources on the DataStage engine are monitored in the Operations Console? (Choose two.) Your customer is using Source Code Control Integration for Information server and have tagged artifacts for version 1. You must create a deployment package from the version 1. Before you create the package you will have to ensure the project is up to date with version 1. What two things must you do to update the meta-data repository with the artifacts tagged as version 1? (Choose two.) Which two data repositories can be used for user authentication within the Information Server Suite? (Choose two.) A job design consists of an input Row Generator stage, a Filter stage, followed by a Transformer stage and an output Sequential File stage. The job is run on an SMP machine with a configuration file defined with three nodes. The $APT_DISABLE_COMBINATION variable is set to True. How many player processes will this job generate? Which statement is true about table definitions created in DataStage Designer? What is used to configure the DataStage QualityStage Operations Console? A DataStage job uses an Inner Join to combine data from two source parallel datasets that were written to disk in sort order based on the join key columns. Which two methods could be used to dramatically improve performance of this job? (Choose two.) You are processing groups of rows in a Transformer. The first row in each group contains "1" in the Flag column and "0" in the remaining rows of the group. At the end of each group you want to sum and output the QTY column values. Which technique will enable you to retrieve the sum of the last group? Which two pieces of information are required to be specified for the input link on a Netezza Connector stage? (Choose two.) The parallel framework supports standard and complex data types in the SQL type column tab property. Identify the two complex data types? (Choose two.) Which requirement must be met to read from a database in parallel using the ODBC connector? How does the Complex Flat File stage (CFF) support the use of OCCURS clauses within COBOL files? Identify two areas that DataStage can integrate with a Hadoop environment. (Choose two.) When using Runtime Column Propagation, which two stages require a schema file? (Choose two.) You have created three parallel jobs (Job A, B and C) in which the output of one job is the input to the other job. You are required to create processing that manages this data relationship of the jobs and provide job level restart-ability. What two tasks will accomplish these objectives? (Choose two.) The derivation for a stage variable is: Upcase(input_column1) : ' ' : Upcase(input_column2). Suppose that input_column1 contains a NULL value. Assume the legacy NULL processing option is turned off. Which behavior is expected? You are using the Complex Flat File stage as a source in your job. What are two types of data specifically supported by the Complex Flat File stage for your job? (Choose two.) Which two statements are true about the use of named node pools? (Choose two.) What is the result of running the following command: dsjob -report DSProject ProcData Which job design technique can be used to give unique names to sequential output files that are used in multi-instance jobs? In your parallel job design you have selected a parallel shared container to be included. Which area of your job design is required to be configured to use the parallel shared container? Which stage classifies data rows from a single input into groups and computes totals? Which statement describes what happens when Runtime Column Propagation is disabled for a parallel job? Which DB2 to InfoSphere DataStage data type conversion is correct when reading data with the DB2 Connector stage? The effective use of naming conventions means that objects need to be spaced appropriately on the DataStage Designer canvas. For stages with multiple links,expanding the icon border can significantly improve readability. This approach takes extra effort at first, so a pattern of work needs to be identified and adopted to help development. Which feature of Designer can improve development speed? What two binding types are supported by Information Services Director (ISD) for a parallel job that is designed to be used as a service? (Choose two.) When using the loop functionality in a transformer, which statement is true regarding Transformer processing. Identify two restructure stages that allow you to create or organize vectors in the output link results? (Choose two.) The parallel framework was extended for real-time applications. Identify two of these aspects. (Choose two.) Which two statements are true about stage variables in a Transformer Stage? (Choose two.) You have finished changes to many jobs and shared containers. You must export all of your changes and integrate them into a test project with other objects. What is a way to select the objects you changed for the export? Which statement describes a SCD Type One update in the Slowly Changing Dimension stage? What two features distinguish the Operations Console from the Director job log? (Choose two.) A 100MB input dataset has even distribution across 400 unique key values. When you run with a 4- node configuration file, which two changes could improve sort performance in this scenario? (Choose two.)