C2070-991 - IBM FileNet P8 V5.2.1, Deployment Professional

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Example Questions

A P8 administrator will be installing the IBM FileNet P8 Content Engine software onto multiple servers and would like to install it silently. Which file and parameters will need to be updated? Which of the following logs can be checked for errors if the Composite Platform Installation Tool (CPIT) does not complete the installation? A company plans to develop separate workflow applications for various business departments. Which one of the following approaches should be considered in order to efficiently locate active workflows of a specific application? A deployment specialist running configPE.bat(CPIT) in an IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) environment installs IBM FileNet Content Platform Engine V5.2 in a Microsoft Windows environment. It fails giving an out-of-memory error. The java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space error message in the SystemOut.log file foe WAS indicates that the Java Virtual Machine ran out of heap space. As a deployment specialist, which two following steps need be taken to address this issue? (Select two.) A consultant for an aircraft engine manufacture is migrating their IBM Case Foundation system to a new set of hardware in order to handle an increased load in engineering drawings and their associated approval processes. Company policy does not allow the use of a graphical interface for application installations on their AIX servers. When the installation completes, what file should the consultant check for errors? An insurance company has offices worldwide and makes use of the content cache areas for frequently accessed document content. Recently, the encryption key for encrypted storage area at this insurance company was compromised and a new key needs to be created. Which of the following is true for the original content in the content cache areas? A company has completed installing and setting up a single-server IBM FileNet P8 Content Platform system using the Composite Platform Installation Tool (CPIT). Which application should be used to log on to verify if a user can successfully browse, search, add a document and vies the Tasks page? A customer is preparing to install and deploy IBM FileNet P8 Content Platform Engine (CPE) V5.2.1. Prior to the installation, which two of the following entities must already exist? A large government agency will be upgrading and migrating from IBM FileNet P8 V5.1x to P8 V5.2.1 with a Microsoft SQL database. P8 V5.2.1 will be installed in a new environment. Which of the following operating system accounts will need to be created in the new P8 V5.2.1 environment? Trace logging was initiated by the administrator to collect CBR Trace Flags and Error Trace flags for an IBM FileNet P8 Content Search issue. The issue has been reproduced and the logs need to be collected and reviewed. Where do the default locations of the p8_server_trace.logand the p8_server_error.log exist on a Content Engine Instance deployed on an IBM webSphere Application Server? A FileNet system administrator is configuring a new Fixed Storage Device for their IBM FileNet P8 Domain. What is the order of steps to create storage related items needed to complete this task? The administrators for a large manufacturing organization are planning the installation of IBM's FileNet Content Manager V5.2.1 in an environment where Microsoft SQL will be the hosting database platform. Along with the Content Manager system, there is a legacy IBM FileNet Image Services V4.2 system that they would like to serve as a repository via content Federated Services- Image Services (CFS-IS). They are currently in the planning and MSSQL installation phase. What database collation settings must they choose? A consulting firm for a tire manufacture is building a new IBM Case Foundation system to handle engineering drawings and their associated approval processes. They have selected IBM WebSphere for their J2EE application server. When installing a WebSphere Application Server, which two of the following features need to be selected? (Select two.) What step would the FileNet Content Manager administrator follow when stopping when the IBM Content Search Services (CSS) index dispatcher in preparation to upgrade the Content Platform Engine? A customer would like to implement a highly available environment for IBM FileNet Content Platform Engine (CPE) and IBM Content Navigator (ICN) without using an application server cluster. How can the customer achieve high availability with this configuration? After a recent corporate merger, the two companies need to merge their P8 environments into a single P8 repository using a single LDAP repository. To accomplish this task, FileNet Deployment Manager will be used. What steps are required to make sure that the LDAP user information is remapped from the "source" LDAP repository to the "destination" LDAP repository. Which of the following is true about IBM FileNet P8 Content Platform Engine V5.2.1 support for IBM Content Navigator (ICN)? An insurance company has finished configuring a new IBM FileNet P8 Content Manager system and needs to validate the object store and the storage area created are functional. Which of the following tests would indicate a success? An administrator is asked to verify the IBM FileNet Content Platform Engine (CPE) server status by reviewing the FileNet P8 System Health Page. Which of the following information is provided on the System Health Page? IBM has released a new fix pack for IBM FileNet Content Platform Engine V5.2.1 and IBM FileNet Configuration Manager for Content Platform Engine will be used for its installation. Which of the following steps must be done to successfully deploy the new patch? A company has two sites in an IBM FileNet P8 domain: site A and site B. Both sites have one or more FileNet Content Engine servers separated by a WAN with users in both sites. A storage area is created at site A so that content can be stored permanently at site A. Users in site B retrieve the content from the site A storage area. Each time they access a document, however, the performance is not acceptable. Which of the following will have the most impact in increasing performance for users at site B when accessing documents from the storage area at site A? For a new IBM FileNet Content Engine server installation or upgrade, what additional information must be provided by an administrator and recorded in the installation and upgrade worksheet in addition to the Global Configuration Database name? A consultant for an industrial design company is building a new IBM Case Foundation system to handle engineering drawings and their associated approval processes. Which of the following J2EE application servers are supported when using Oracle data sources? A FileNet consultant is performing steps to enable Kerberos authentication on an IBM WebSphere Application Server. The consultant is reviewing the FileNetP8KerberosService configuration in the Application Logins and notices the login modules are missing. Which two of the login modules below should be present? (Select two.) A large government agency has just implemented SSL on one their IBM FileNet Content Manger V5.2.1 systems. What type of encryption is used when generating a shared secret key? After upgrading the IBM FileNet Content Platform Engine (CPE) to V5.2.1, users receive an error when logging into Workplace XT. After troubleshooting the issue the CPE Client Files need to be updated on the Workplace XT application server. The installation file was executed and ran successfully with no errors. After updating the client files the issue still persists. What further step needs to be taken to resolve the issue? An IBM Content Platform Engine V5.2.1 (CPE) administrator receives a call from a user that the system is running slow during certain times of the day. What logging or configuration change in CPE, on a WebSphere Application Server (WAS), will help gather information for this issue? A customer is setting up a new IBM FileNet Content Platform Engine and would like to know the easiest type of storage areas to create. Which of the following meets this criteria? A customer would like to improve overall response time and CPU utilization in their IBM FileNet P8 V5.2.1 system by changing their garbage collection policy. What is the suggested garbage collection policy for any FileNet P8 JVM to accomplish this improvement? By default what log file will be generated in IBM FileNet Content Manager V.5.2.1 when an administrator enables tracing for process clients to troubleshooting a problem were workflows will not manually launch when content is added to the object store? A FileNet administrator is adding a new IBM FileNet Content Manager V5.2.1 (FCM) repository to IBM Content Navigator (ICN). What URL structure is needed to connect to a non-HA FCM object store via EJB? A company is planning to deploy IBM Content Navigator (ICN) to be used with an IBM FileNet Content Manager (FCM) V5.2.1 repository. To configure ICN with the correct FCM client connector files, what steps should be followed? (Select two) A software vendor is implementing the IBM Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) for IBM FileNet Content Manager. The administrator will set which two of the following for this configuration? A consultant for an airline needs to federate some content from their IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) system into their IBM Content Platform Engine system. Which of the following web based user interfaces only supports downloading the federated content fron CMOD but not viewing it? A company is using IBM Content Navigator (ICN) as a web client to access object stores of an IBM FileNet Content Platform Engine (CPE) system. After the CPE server is updated with an Interim Fix Pack, the version of the CPE client connector files installed in ICN must be updated to match with the CPE server version. Which one of the following tools can be used to update the CPE files in ICN? A P8 system administrator is preparing to upgrade the Process Engine in an IBM FileNet P8 V5.1 environment to V5.2.1. What instructions need to be issued to stop the Process Engine before the upgrade? While reviewing the FileNet Deployment Manager (FDM) logs to understand why an import failed, the administrator sees the following error message: The current import process is attempting to update system properties and the current user does not have security right to do this for object store <object store name>. Some or all of this import may fail until the current user is assigned the "modify certain system properties" right on the object store. How can this problem be corrected? A consultant for a large grocery store chain needs to ensure that the IBM Case Foundation system to be installed has the ability to handle the variations in application loads as the daily activity changes across file zones. To accomplish this, a highly available and load balanced system using geographically dispersed clusters has been specified. Which one of the following J2EE servers is supported in this configuration? A customer is creating a new workflow system for a newly installed IBM Content Platform Engine V5.2.1. Which two of the following options must an administrator consider for new workflow creation? (Select two.) By default Content Search Services logs are stored in the \IBM\ Content Search Services\CSS Server\logs directory. What file in this directory would you review for information, warning, and error messages that are logged during server activity? The P8 administrator of a company has been asked to determine how they can configure their file storage area to increase throughput. Which of the following options would allow them to achieve this requirement? Using the Administration Console for Content Platform Engine, a P8 administrator may need to enable the P8 tracing subsystem component logging to gather additional details. When enabling the subsystems "Database", "EJB" and "Search", what is the default name of the file that is the debug information will be output to? Which of the following is completely accurate about the permissions the cpe_install_user must have? A company is upgrading their IBM FileNet P8 environment to Content Platform Engine (CPE) V5.2.1 on the same system where the Content Engine was previously installed. Which of the following steps is required to upgrade to CPE V5.2.1? A highly available IBM FileContent Manager V5.2.1 environment has just been installed by the administrators at a large company. A WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment (WAS- ND) Content Platform Engine (CPE) cluster containing four CPE JVMs has been setup. A hardware load balancer is being used to spread HTTP/HTTPS traffic across the CPE JVMs. Workplace XT has been configured to point to the CPE cluster. Assuming all four CPE JVMs are active, which two of the following are the BEST CHOICES for validating proper CPE responses through the load balancer? (Select two.) The IBM FileNet Content Platform Engine (CPE) client installation was completed on an Application Engine (Workplace) server on a Windows host. The deployment professional wants to check the installation log for errors. Where will the deployment professional find the installation log file? A P8 administrator has been using Workspace XT to perform the content and process related features of the IBM FileNet Content Platform Engine (CPE), e. g. update Site Preferences and launch the Process Configuration Console (PCC). Workplace XT is running on a different server from the CPE server. After a recent Interim Fix Pack upgrade on the CPE server, the administrator received a java.io.InvalidClassException error when launching the PCC from Workplace XT. Which one of the following actions must be done to resolve the problem?