C2070-448 - IBM Content Collector (ICC) v2.2 Exam

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Example Questions

What is the default path to Web Services Logs? For Lotus iNotes an Extension Forms file must exist in the iNotes directory on the Lotus Domino server. What is the name of the file assuming a Domino 8.5.1 environment? The Outlook Web Access Service must be installed on a server running which web service? How can the ICC configuration be backed up from the ICC Configuration Manager? Which of the following options in a File System Monitoring Task Route would enable you to leave a shortcut link in place of the original source file? What types of information are displayed in the ICC System Dashboard interface? How is the Microsoft Outlook profile used by ICC server configured to start? When using P8 as the repository, in which database management systems can the ICC configuration database be created? "Client Configuration" settings are used in conjunction with which of the following Connectors? Where should the style set required for P8 indexing be installed? Where is the Content Collector Outlook Extension installed? What database permissions must exist when preparing the ICC configuration database for initial configuration? How frequently does collection occur when a Microsoft SharePoint collector schedule is setup as "Always"? What is the purpose of the SP Audit CM Links task in the task route? What is the default ICC trace file location for Lotus Notes mail client users on Windows? You want to create/configure a CM8 repository for documents from a Lotus Notes application. If you intend to deduplicate attachments of the Notes application within the repository, what step(s) must be taken? One can view and restore emails from which of the following? In a task route that utilizes the expiration date feature, the expiration date is calculated in one of two methods. Which two methods can be used? (Choose two.) Which logging level must be selected as a minimum, so that significant actions are documented? If the template forms are stored locally, how is the mail notes template replaced? What is required to process files that fail at some point in a file system archival task route? A file archiving task route fails for one particular file. What tool may be used to save this file in a alternate directory? Which two ICC configuration settings can be exportable? (Choose two.) IBM Content Collector archives a document from a folder named "ICC/Contracts/DEF/123456- ABCD/Sales". The document is stored into a repository target folder named "Contracts/ABCD/123456/Email". If the replacement string "Contracts/$2/$1/Email" is used, which replacement regular expression will achieve the desired result, above? Which ICC component must be installed on all Exchange servers to enable web access to end users? How do you implement the ICC 2.2 components for Filenet P8 Content Based Search to a P8 V4.5.1 repository? Immediately after a de-duplication step, what must be added? The afuIndexer process needs to be installed on the same server as which component? If you use DB2 Content Manager as your repository, what must be installed on the library server prior to running the initial configuration wizard? When using the File System Source Connector to process files on other machines, what permissions are needed? Date range searches on an ICC Web Services Search are not returning any results, however, full-text search returns valid results. What could be the problem? When ICC is installed with the IBM Content Manager Connector repository option, in what section are all Content Collector components or task routes that use a connector listed? To connect to the database management system for the Content Collector configuration database which component(s) need to be present where the IBM Content Collector server is installed? Before applying fix packs, which of the following items should be performed? For an IBM FileNet P8 connector, which set of information is required to configure the Content Engine URL? The use of a load balancer is a good way of achieving high availability. In a load balancer setup, what is assigned to the system that is used in the Content Collector configuration as the single reference for all Content Collector servers? If you installed only ICC for files, which statement is true? Which ICC Windows Services are started and stopped automatically by the ICC Task Routing Engine? (Choose two.) With IBM Content Manager, the model file contains attributes to include when an Item Type is indexed. When is the model file accessed? What is the first step required to enable offline repositories in Lotus Domino? Which string combination is correct for verifying ICC configuration web service? In an IBM FileNet P8 system, what command is run to purge documents from the archive? The Content Collector Notes Client Extension is used for which of the following functions? Which statement is true about ICC Windows Services? Starting the content manager indexer for text search requires providing the password of an administrative user id. How can the password be provided, therefore avoiding typing it in the command line of the indexer for text? (Choose two.) When creating an interactive email archival taskroute, which options are available when selecting the monitored location for the collector? If using Content Manager as a repository, where do you verify the Library Server configuration? In a stubbing lifecycle task, which stubbing option is NOT valid? In a scaled-out ICC environment, if the acting primary node expires, what happens to activate a new primary node? By default, the task route service logs are located at %IBMAFUROOT%\ctms\log. Where can the log location be changed?