C2050-725 - IBM WebSphere Commerce V7 (FEP 7), Application Development

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Example Questions

An application developer needs to customize the IBM WebSphere Commerce pricing engine while integrating with IBM Sterling Order Management, and create a price rule element class to use for business purposes. There is a requirement to avoid duplications in price calculation and yield a unique price. Apart from ComparisonConditionElementCmdlmpl, which two other commands must the application developer customize? An application developer is troubleshooting an issue and wants to determine what APARs are installedon IBM WebSphere Commerce. How can this information berfound? A new payment plugin has been created and needs to be configured. The developer has already updated PaymentMethodConfigurations.xml and PaymentSystemPluginMapping.xml, which additional configuration file needs to be modified? An application developer needs to create a new policy for the new payment method created. Apart from QueryPaymentsInfoPolicyCmdlmpl, which two other commands must be associated with the new policy in the POLICYCMD table in order to successfully execute the payment method? In orderto unit test a new IBM WebSphere Commerce service module, a UnitTest project is created during code generation. Inside the UnitTest project, there are J Unit tests to create the multiple messages required to test the functionality. Which authentication mechanism can be used to most quickly create a user identity such that the service specified can be invoked using that identity? An application developer has developed a custom view for a JSP. When testing the view, a server error is displayed. Where can the developer locate logs that can help in troubleshooting the error? Which of the following technologies used by the Storefront Test Automation Engine can be used to simulate browser interactions during testing? An application developer needs to define a new Web service and update different configuration files used in developing Web services. Which configuration file needs to be changed for mapping the new Web service to the transport listeners found in the WebServicesRouter project? A customer integrates their IBM WebSphere Commerce application with the IBM Web Content Manager application. The hostname of the Web Content Manager application is ibmwcm.cms.com. Due to maintenance, the customer needs to bring down the ibmwcm.cms.com and wants to utilize the backup instance of Web Content Manager application at ibmwcsbackup.cms.com. To allow the storefront to work without any issue during this change, which STORECONF property value should be set to the new hostname? Which two of the following activities require an application developer's involvement in the IBM Commerce Composer framework?