C2040-415 - Developing OpenSocial Applications Exam

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Example Questions

What feature must an OpenSocial API Server support to be compliant? OAuth does not require a specific interaction pattern which makes it ideal for which reason? The MiniMessage library allows a developer to display a message window to a user. Which is a valid message type? Which can a gadget developer use to add or contribute additional functionality to the context menu and the top-level menu in the IBM Notes client? By default, when does the PushToCredStore agent run when a widget is approved on the master server? HTTP basic authentication is supported using the REST API. Which is a valid cookie named? One part of a widget is its configuration on the IBM Connections server. What makes up the second part? Which will ensure that a container will attempt to render the gadget regardless of container support for views? Which is a URL Embedded Experience? Kraig is developing an OpenSocial gadget. A colleague advised him to use both the JavaScript Console and Firebug if his gadget is not working properly. Which browser will he need to run to use both of these tools? Which event is defined in the OpenSocial Gadget lifecycle events? What is true regarding a gadget with Type="URL"? When creating a managed account in the IBM Domino Directory using the Domino Administrator client, under which menu option is the Account document added? How would this markup be corrected? <script type="text/html"> <div style="font-size: 20px">Hello ${viewer.Name}!</div> </script> IBM Connections supports automatic authorization of trusted clients. What must be performed to register an arbitrary client? Maggie is fine-tuning her OpenSocial gadget to render on screen. What type of interface is she building that involves the getCallback{) method? In which feature of IBM iNotes are OpenSocial gadgets available? What is the File Service Data (xe:fileServiceData) datasource used for in an XPages Social-enabled application? What is provided by OpenSocial support in IBM Connections? Marco is creating an OpenSocial gadget that would retrieve and show dynamically created data. Which approach can result in performance improvement? Which is a valid JSON object? What are the functions used to read and write OpenSocial data collectively known as? Proxy access is configured per gadget. An administrator can restrict access beyond the settings for server access or for all server access. What file is used for this configuration? What JavaScript feature and its libraries are available to all gadgets without any additional requirements? Which reserved variable is available anywhere within the gadget? OAuth Authentication is done in three steps. First, the consumer obtains an unauthorized request token. Next, the user authorizes the request token. What is the third step? Which URL will perform rollup of the activity stream? A developer can only use which method to authorize users in an OpenSocial gadget? Which are valid REST API calls? Which two features enable a gadget developer to programmatically address sizing limitations in an IFrame allowing content to shrink or grow as needed? What is the context property used for when embedding an OpenSocial gadget? Where in the OpenSocial Core gadget namespace are remote content retrieval functions located? Which service must an OpenSocial container support? What are the two types of Content supported in the gadget specification? When adding the embedded experience to the Activity data model, the embed property can be added to the event directly. Which two properties are contained within embed object? Which two items are stored in the Credential Store database? Why would a developer choose to use the gadgets.io.makeRequest over osapi.http.get? What is the Activity Stream Data (xe:activityStreamData) datasource used for? During the gadget registration for use by IBM Notes and IBM iNotes, the command NotesRegistrar.registerGadgets is used to register the gadget with IBM Connections. Which command argument is used to indicate whether the gadget URLs should be generated with the HTTP or HTTPS protocol? What does the OpenSocial Core Gadget specification describe? Jason configured Apache Shindig to host social applications. What functionality does the OpenSocial Container JavaScript provide? Jovana want to search all Profiles for users with the name Smith, using the Profiles Atom API. Which URL would she use? When creating an embedded OpenSocial gadget, which two data models are used?