C2040-412 - IBM Notes Traveler Administration Exam

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Example Questions

When performing a capacity planning analysis for an IBM Notes Traveler High Availability environment with an enterprise database server, what does the administrator need to plan for a sustained number of? IBM Notes Traveler High Availability Pools require which technology to provide failover to clients? What console command can be used to get more detailed logging for a specific user? How must IBM Notes Traveler be administered after the server has been added to a high availability pool? Which protocol is used between IBM Notes Traveler and IBM Domino mail servers? What is an advantage of using IBM Domino policies over default device preferences when assigning preferences and security settings to devices? Prior to installing IBM Notes Traveler on an IBM Domino server which Domino task must be in the ServerTasks line of the notes.ini? Which is required for Blackberry 10 devices to connect with IBM Domino mail? Where can security options be configured in order for a user to be able to access IBM Notes Traveler? What is the minimum number of servers recommended for an IBM Notes Traveler 9.0 Service Pool, IBM Domino mail and database server with high availability for all components on Microsoft Windows or Linux platforms? Tim is configuring his IBM Notes Traveler server to use an enterprise database. The Traveler task is reporting an error that the JDBC jar cannot be found or started during server startup. Tim has already validated the JDBC jar file location is correctly defined in the notes.ini. What could be preventing the load of the driver? Before upgrading to a more current version of IBM Notes Traveler, what must be done first? Which version of IBM Notes Traveler must an administrator use to configure with BlackBerry 10 devices? IBM Notes Traveler server uses LDAP remote directory for user look up. How can an administrator map a non-standard field in LDAP to a field in the IBM Domino directory? Which statement is true of IBM Notes Traveler for Android devices? The IBM Notes Traveler statistic DeviceSync.Count.200 reports what information? When using the IBM Notes Traveler Policy Settings document, which task must run in order for the new policy settings to be applied to the users? How does the IBM Notes Traveler server obtain the ability to communicate with the enterprise database? Tim is deploying IBM Notes Traveler on Windows using an enterprise database. Which two databases can be used? (Choose two.) IBM Notes Traveler can be installed on which type of IBM Domino server? An IBM Notes Traveler administrator wants to ensure the Derby database will automatically be defragged every 30 days, so the notes.ini parameter NTS_DEFRAG_INTERVAL_DAYS=30 is added. What else must be done for the Derby database to defrag? Charles is configuring the JDBC connectivity to an external SQL database for IBM Notes Traveler on IBM i. Which defines how JDBC connectivity supports automatic client reroute? What can the MaxActiveThreads from a systemdump file be used to determine? An IBM Notes Traveler user reports they are unable to connect to the Notes Traveler server from their device. How can the user check status of the server? Which statement is true of sending encrypted mail messages from Apple iOS devices? Which two statements are true of IBM Notes Traveler Companion? (Choose two.) In which way does the IBM Notes Traveler install modify the notes.ini ServerTasks line? What is the result of running the tell traveler status console command when there are no problems outstanding? Charles has found that iOS devices are frequently requesting a full sync or reload of the IBM Notes Traveler data. What would cause the behavior? To install IBM Notes Traveler on Linux, which OS user profile must be used? What step must be taken before running the tell traveler SystemDump console command? How does the IBM Notes Traveler server detect mail file replicas on an IBM Domino server? Charles has opened an issue with IBM Support. The Software Engineer asks him to issue the tell traveler PMR <pmr_number> command at the IBM Domino server console. What does this command do? Tom attempted to install IBM Notes Traveler 9.0 on a IBM Domino server, and it failed. Where can Tom find details of the install failure? After deploying IBM Notes Traveler 9.0, Nancy wants to connect the servers to her IBM DB2 high availability environment in order to also provide high availability for the database. How would she do this on a Linux server? Which two device types require an IBM Notes Traveler client to register with Notes Traveler? (Choose two.) Charles wants to determine that his server is tuned properly for the number of concurrent devices. He has modified the Server document on the Internet Protocols > HTTP tab for the "Number active threads" field and the "Maximum number of concurrent network sessions" field. What will be the result if Charles allocates too many active HTTP threads? What does the IBM Notes Companion Application allow? Which operating system is supported by the IBM Notes Traveler 9.0 server? With what versions of IBM Domino and IBM Notes Traveler can the Notes Traveler servers be clustered? An administrator adds User A to an IBM Notes Traveler device settings document, which requires an alphanumeric password for Apple devices. The administrator then adds User A to Group A, which is listed in the Notes Traveler Policy Settings document. The Notes Traveler Policy Settings document requires Apple users to have a device password length of 6. What behavior will User A experience on the device? What denotes a device sync thread in the NTSActivity log? When an IBM Notes mail rule is enabled in a user's client to automatically copy incoming documents to a specified folder, the user can see the incoming email in their Inbox and in their specified folder. Why is the user unable to see the email in both the Inbox and the specified folder on the device? How can an administrator confirm the IBM Notes Traveler server has access to a user's mail file? IBM Notes Traveler mobile client to server traffic is secured over which protocol? What level of access to the IBM Notes Traveler administration database must a person have to issue a 'Wipe Device' command? Marcela wants to see how the IBM Notes Traveler server is utilizing database connections. Which command should she run? Charles wants to determine that his server is tuned properly for the number of concurrent IBM Notes Traveler devices. He has run the console command Tell Traveler Stat Show. Which status will he use to evaluate the number of devices? Which notes.ini parameter defines the JVM bitness used by IBM Notes Traveler on IBM i independent of the program bitness? How can Alex, an IBM Notes Traveler administrator, configure his Notes Traveler servers on Microsoft Windows to become aware of a database server using mirroring for high availability?