C2040-409 - IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition Application Development Exam A

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Example Questions

What feature can be enabled with Access Controlled Sections? If Jane wants to adjust the content of the perspectives in IBM Domino Designer, how would she do this? Why would a developer create a role? Jack is creating an application that will have several views with similar data in them and wants to use shared columns so that all the views have a similar look. How does Jack create a shared column to be used by multiple views? Which is a property of the Domino Data Service's (REST API) Database Collection GET ? An IBM Domino application performs certain operations, such as DDE-related functions, that are not available in all platform versions of IBM Notes and Domino. What function can be used to determine the underlying operating system? Charles is designing a database agent with IBM LotusScript that will display the name(s) of the folder(s) that a specific document is in, if it is in one or more folders. He is using the FolderReferencesEnabled property of the NotesDatabase Class. Which statement is true regarding the FolderReferencesEnabled property? Belle adds the following event code in her form. What happens when she double clicks on a document created with the form? Sub Queryopen(Source As Notesuidocument, Mode As Integer, Isnewdoc As Variant, Continue As Variant) Print "One" Continue = False Print "Two" End Sub What access level does a user need to create and manage roles in the database access control list? Mary is writing a mobile application which will be accessed via a public network. What might Mary do to secure the network traffic? Alex is using an IBM LotusScript Web service consumer in her agent. When trying to access an array of items returned by the Web service provider, the agent fails with the error: "Attempt to access uninitialized dynamic array". Why might this occur? John has a database that replicates across two servers with documents that are created and updated regularly on each server. Which two document ID components will always return the same value for a given document across both replicas of the database? (Choose two.) When is it appropriate to use the Advanced database property "Don't overwrite free space"? Mary created an agent in a new database that does the same thing as an existing agent in another one of her databases. When Mary copies the agent from the existing database to the new database, she sees the error "Error loading Use or UseLSX module TimeUtilities" on this line in her agent - Use "TimeUtilities". What must Mary do to get this agent working in her new database? Which access control list privilege can be revoked from a user with Manager access to a database? Kenneth is using a Computed for display Text field on his form. He would like for new documents created with the form to display the data from that field in a column in a view. What is one of the things that he could to do to be able to do that? Mary has written an IBM Domino XPages application. What must Mary do to make XPages in her application available to users with only public access to the database? Chloe would like to add an alias for one of her forms. What is one way she could do that? Eclipse-based source control clients work on physical files, and they work with the IBM Domino Designer projects elements on the physical files. Which statement describes these elements? Heather is developing a new form in her application. Which steps will allow Heather to insert an existing subform into her new form? An XPages application needs to access user information such as unique ids, quota, and database roles for current user. This can be done using which option? Anne wants to configure three Eclipse managed settings for one plugin using IBM Domino Designer. What is the correct syntax to use? Which shared design element gives a developer the ability to control many aspects of the page layout, including headers, links, text, fonts, styles, color, and margins? Jane wants to displays errors, warnings, and other information about IBM Domino Designer resources. What step does she need to perform? Tara is writing an XPage application and wants to define the life of an object to be limited to the rendering of the page. Which scope should she use? How can session token information be captured using a servlet? Shoshanna is creating an application that imports data from a text file. What is the maximum amount of data that can be imported into a single text field? What functionality does LSXLC provide? What does the notes.ini parameter javaenabledebug=1 do? How would a developer make a view a calendar view? James will need to use IBM LotusScript in order to modify the Calendar Profile stored in his mail file. Given the following snippet of code, what would be the correct line for instantiating the Calendar Profile? Dim session As New NotesSession Dim db As NotesDatabase Dim doc As NotesDocument Set db=session.CurrentDatabase Which is true for createSession(hostString, tokenString) ? Which two data sources does extlibx provide for XPages? (Choose two.) Mary is the IBM Domino administrator and needs to deploy an agent she has written. Mary's agent reads and writes data directly to the file system, is scheduled to run on server daily, and is signed by Mary's IBM Notes ID. What does Mary need to update to ensure the agent runs correctly? In which file are XPages application runtime configuration settings saved? Caroline is programmatically using the UniversalID property of a document. Which option will return the same value as the UniversalID property? What does the com.ibm.notes.branding/enable.update.ui=true enable? What benefit does using a working set in the IBM Domino Designer client allow? By default, in which format is data entered into a Rich Text field stored within the document? Daniel wants to programmatically use the full text indexing features of IBM Domino. Which fields can be indexed by default? Florence is planning an application that will consist of several forms. Each form will contain the same five fields as well as the same static text for each of the fields. What method can Florence use to make sure the fields all look the same on each of the forms? James has been asked to write an agent using IBM Domino Component Object Model (COM). Which statement describes COM? Mary is using the OSGI console to debug an application and has ENABLE_BREAK=1 set in the client notes.ini. What does this parameter do? If a document is created with a form containing a Text field that has the "Allow multiple values" property set and multiple values are entered into the field, how are those values stored within the document? How would a developer comment out a setting in xsp.properties? Justin wants to allow users to find data in PDF files when they search in the database he is creating. Which feature will increase the quality of results if enabled? Mary has written an XPage application which has one call to a view and will not refer to the view again. She can alter the view property dataCache to reduce memory usage in the XPage application by setting the value to which of the following? What does the Eclipse Search functionality in the IBM Domino Designer client allow a developer to do? The LCConnection.fetch method performs what action? Ian is creating a database with document encryption. Where are document encryption keys stored?