C2040-408 - IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition Application Development Update Exam

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Example Questions

Hannah would like to exclude an application's image files from synchronizing with the Version Control Management system. How can she configure this? Which property on the pagerAddRows control defines the number of rows to add to the dataView? Which describes the hyperlink navigation functionality in the XPages source editor? Alyssa wants to add text that appears in the search bar before the user puts focus in the search bar within the Application Layout control. How should she do that? Mary wants to debug the uncompressed version of the xspClientDojo.js. Which action can she perform in order to do this? Richard wants to allow his users to select names from either of two views using the Name Picker control. How can he do this? Mark has added the Extension Library Dialog control to an XPage, accepting the default ID of "dialog1". He has added a button to launch the dialog. Which option will launch the dialog from the button? In which of the Name Picker's properties would the associated Dojo Name Text Box be set? James is debugging server-side JavaScript on the server. Graham is developing on the server and his page stops working. How should this be resolved? What is the purpose of using the Dynamic View Panel? What should be done after importing a JAR design element to be able to reference the Java classes in Server Side JavaScript? Alice is using the Application Layout control in a custom control. She wants to enable drop targets in the left column and middle column only. How would she accomplish this? Which Navigator node allows a developer to choose the page to be linked to from a drop-down list of all the XPages within an application? Claire wants to add a field to her XPage to allow users to spell-check the entered text. How should she do this in the simplest manner? Kyle is creating a mobile page using the Mobile controls. He wants the "Documents" view page to refresh every time the user displays the page. How should he accomplish that? Clova would like to reduce the time delay before getting help on the currently selected tag in the Source tab. Where can this behavior be changed? Dawn has been given a PNG file to use in the application icon. How should she do this? Carl would like to add two action buttons to the bottom of the Form Table control from the Extension Library. How can he accomplish that? Elvis is debugging a button using the server-side JavaScript debugger. He has set a breakpoint, but the debugger is not breaking when the button is pressed. Why is this? Which option can a developer use to manually close applications which are open in the Applications Navigator? How would a developer enable partial refresh using a Dynamic Content control? What happens when a variable changes value when stepping through the server-side JavaScript debugger? Branson is creating a new team profile form for his league's football XPages application. On the XPage is a Combo Box control which contains a list of teams in the league, and a View Control which displays the results of the current season. On the Combo Box control, Branson selected "Set Partial Execution Mode" and then Click on the "Select Element..." button to select the id of the View control. Which phases of the JSF Request life cycle are impacted by this? Tom is working in the source tab of an XPage. He wishes to quickly open and edit the custom control. What can Tom do? What type of content is stored in the faces-config file? John can open a custom control from the source pane of an XPage by pressing the CTRL key and clicking on the link. What is this functionality called? What does the @Formula @FullUrl("blink.gif") return? The Notes Calendar APIs are available on which of the following programming languages? Which is an event available on the Mobile controls Toggle Switch control? Luis is planning on moving his IBM Notes applications to the internet using XPages and removing the Notes client from some of his users. However, until all the applications are converted to XPages, users will still need to access the Notes applications. What can Luis do to provide access to the Notes applications that have not been converted yet for those users who will not have the Notes client? Joshua is using the Dojo List Text Box control to display values of the department code for the internal forum XPages application. Joshua is planning to use these values: Research & Development (rd), Marketing (mkt), Engineering (eng), and Human Resources (hr). He needs to store the department code in the dept field but wants to display a readable label to the user. How can Joshua configure the Value Picker control to display the correct information in the Dojo List Text Box control and store the department code in the underlying field? Keegan is working on adding XPages to his company's document sharing application. The database is made up of dozens of views. Which control would allow Keegan to switch which view is displayed without using multiple view or Data View controls? Theo wants to use the Data View control to display a view that has a two-level categorization. How can he achieve this? The support of which image resource is new to IBM Domino Designer 9.0 Social Edition? What does the Navigator control property expandable="true" do? How would a developer allow the Dojo Name Text Box control to show multiple values? Elaine has added a Name Picker with a dominoViewNamePicker dataProvider. How does she define which column the value should be picked from? In the Navigator control, the expandEffect property allows a developer to add an effect when a user clicks on the twisty arrow. What is the only effect available in IBM Domino Designer 9.0? Where does a developer enable the CKEditor to do spell-checking? Which of the following IBM LotusScript methods can be used to create a new meeting invitation? Which two actions can be done using the Notes Calendar APIs? (Choose two.) Harry would like to debug the Dojo JavaScript files added to an XPage, but when he does examine the JavaScript code, it is not readable. What would he need to do to debug the Dojo JavaScript code? Andrew is using the Form Table control from the Extension Library. He does not want an asterisk (*) to appear before required fields. What should Andrew do? Ella's development team use a software version control system to keep track of changes to external resource files. How can Ella include NSF-based design in the system? Mary's users run XPages applications on their IBM Notes clients and are having performance issues. Which option can she use to improve response time? Which option will provide a formatted table with two columns, three rows, a title, description, and footer area? In IBM Domino Designer 9.0, in the XPages perspective, in which design element category would a developer find the faces-config? What is the primary benefit of enabling source control operations in IBM Domino Designer? Jason would like to use the Dojo List Text Box control in his service request application. Which control is typically used along with this control? Andrea, an IBM Domino developer, would like to identify when an IBM Notes application is accessed via the Notes 9.0 Browser Plug-in. Which option should Andrea use?