C2040-407 - IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition System Administration B Exam

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Example Questions

Which Programmability Restriction grants the highest level of access? Which two statements are true regarding IBM Notes and Internet certificates? (Choose two.) Which is an advantage of session-based web authentication over browser-based name and password authentication? Why would an IBM iNotes user ever require an IBM Notes user ID? What is the purpose of the "BatchRegFile=C:\temp\serverA.txt" entry in the notes.ini file? What should happen when Troy, the IBM Domino administrator, renames an IBM Notes user? Josh has been asked to rename a user as well as changing the user's Internet address. Which statement is true? What is the correct way to create the credential store application? An IBM Domino administrator would like to synchronize IBM Notes client password changes with internet passwords. How can she do this? The idpcat.nsf will contain which document(s) with the SAML configuration? The administrator has been asked to move a user's mail file because the user has moved to a different office. When the mail file is moved, the Administration Process first moves it to the new server, then issues a request to delete the old mail file from its original mail server. Which statement defines what must be performed to complete the deletion process? If a document contains one Readers field containing the name "Martin", another Readers field which is blank, and an Authors field containing the name "David", who can read the document? A failover occurs when a user tries to open a database that is unavailable. The Cluster Manager looks in the Cluster Database Directory for a replica of the database. To find the replica, the Cluster Manager looks for a database that has the same replica ID as the original database. What are two properties that are also checked for before using the replica? (Choose two.) What document can be used to allow IBM Domino to receive e-mail addressed to more than one SMTP domain? Victoria has forgotten the password for her IBM Notes ID. What is the process she can follow to recover her ID from a backup using ID recovery? What feature can be implemented to allow users to access their customized settings and personal information automatically from any IBM Notes client in the domain? A user has Author access in a database. What is he able to do? Craig has noticed a lot of incoming unsolicited e-mail is being generated from IP addresses beginning with the numbers 214.132.55. What should the entry in the "Deny connections from the following SMTP internet hostnames/IP addresses" field in the server's Configuration document be to prevent all of these IP addresses from connecting? John created a dynamic policy that will be applied to a group of top executives in the organization. How can John ensure that settings from other assigned dynamic policies do not conflict with this policy? When do servers within the same IBM Notes Named Network require Connection documents to allow native Notes mail routing? Sophia is applying ID encryption. What is the strongest level of ID encryption Sophia can mandate through a policy? What security feature protects user workstations against active content from unknown or suspect sources? What does an IBM Domino administrator use to configure server key rollover? Other than the IBM Domino Directory, what happens to documents in databases when the Administration Process performs a Rename Person or a Delete Person request? Carol is using the Assign Policy tool to assign an explicit policy to a selected group and chooses the options to allow replacement of policies and to apply policies in the Policy document. What is the result of this action? Where is the display name portion of a sender's SMTP e-mail address set? What is a credential store? In addition to having permission to create databases and templates access to the server on which she will create the ID vault, what permission must Emma, the IBM Domino administrator, have in order to create an ID vault? Kim is configuring key rollover settings for users in the organization. She has already specified the existing key strength and age that will trigger a user key rollover. What is another trigger Kim can set to initiate user key rollover? What task has to be running in order to be able to register users using the CA process? An administrator would like to secure internet passwords in his IBM Domino environment. Which feature can the administrator implement to secure access to internet passwords stored in the Domino Directory? Adam has a report from an end user concerning his private folders. Adam has determined that the server has become unavailable and the end user was accessing the failover server. Which statement is true regarding private folders? What does the Protected Groups feature allow? Jeff is a developer and would like to sign an XPage to run on an IBM Domino server. What is the lowest level of access privilege he needs in order for the XPage to run? What is the highest level of bit encryption that IBM Domino can generate SSL certificate requests in? How can the multi-user migration assistant be configured? What two statements are true about the ID recovery process? (Choose two.) Following the recertifying of a user, which server process handles the renaming of entries of Readers and Authors fields in documents? What is a requirement for implementing the IBM Notes password expiration of Notes users? James has been asked to configure a desktop policy in a new Domino environment. When the server is first installed, what should James expect to see before he starts configuring any of the policies? Trisha has created an ID vault on one of the servers that is not the IBM Domino Directory Administration server. Why is she unable to see the Vault document and other vault-related documents in the Domino Directory? Which feature allows an administrator to enable desktop settings based on a version and type of operating system? The action component of an SMTP mail rule instructs the server to 'change routing state'. If triggered, what will happen? Alex would like to configure a new Mail Policy. How would a Mail policy settings document help him? What is the easiest method to disable read return receipts for all incoming emails on a server? What is a requirement to be able to utilize file server roaming on users' machines? Janie is an IBM iNotes user and her mail file has an imported copy of her IBM Notes ID. The administrator has completed a request to change the name on her Notes ID. What will Janie need to do to in order to use the new name? How does the Protected Groups feature work? When replacing a database design, what does the "Hide formulas and LotusScript" option do? What is used to determine the level of access users and servers have to a database?