C2040-406 - IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition System Administration A Exam

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Example Questions

What group type is a valid value for the "Server to Run on" field in a program document? Nick is looking for an IBM Domino service that can be configured to do client authentication, group lookups for database authorization, IBM Notes mail addressing and LDAP searches. Which service should Nick use? Which document would Dorothy use to set up automatic diagnostic data collection on an IBM Notes client? Graham hosts multiple internet sites on his server. For one of those sites he would like to allow users to upload larger files. How can he do this? Using the Decommission Server Analysis Tool, what documents can be compared? Which task can an IBM Domino administrator run on a weekly basis to ensure that databases are kept with low white space? Which task is required to run IBM Domino Domain Monitoring (DDM) probes? Craig has been experiencing some connectivity issues between his IBM Domino servers and has added the Log_Connections=1 setting to the notes.ini file. What does this setting do? What template must be used when creating secondary address books for use by Directory Assistance? Antonio wants to configure SSO between the IBM Domino server and IBM WebSphere Application Server. What would he select to initialize the Web SSO Configuration with the shared secret key in the Web SSO Configuration document? What is the difference between Replace Design and Refresh Design in relation to the Database properties? IBM Domino Domain Monitoring (DDM) probes are configured in which database? Which statement is true for the IBM Notes 9.0 Basic client? Before creating a new Program document to run the Database Maintenance Tool (DBMT), some adjustments to the mail server's notes.ini file are necessary. What is the purpose of the DBMT_FILTER parameter? The IBM Domino administrator is manually creating a directory from pubnames.ntf for external web user authentication. She wants the web servers that currently use Configuration Directories to utilize the new directory as their remote primary Domino Directory. Which step is required to configure this? Karl is working at the abc/renovations server console and wants to receive changes from the xyz/renovations server. What command will accomplish this task? What is the IBM WebSphere Application Server plug-in used for? IBM Notes 9.0 Social Edition allows users to get email messages containing embedded experiences. Which specification allows this feature? When a user tries to access a database on a server that is unavailable, IBM Domino will attempt to redirect the user to a replica of the database on another server in the cluster. Which Domino server task determines the availability on each cluster server? Which file type must be made available via HTTP to deploy a self-signed SSL certificate to IBM Lotus Notes Traveler users? The IBM Domino administrator has been asked to achieve high availability for IBM Notes mail. What Domino server feature must he configure? What is the minimum number of Connection documents required to permit mail routing between two servers in the same IBM Notes Named Network? Jess created an IBM Lotus Notes Traveler policy setting document. After applying it to users, she found that they are receiving calendar entries outside of the future event range Jess established. Which describes the reason users would have these entries on their devices? What is the Console_LogLevel setting in the notes.ini used for? Clive is using an IBM Lotus Notes 7.0 client and needs to access a database that has been saved with the latest ODS revision. Can he do this? What changes are required to run IBM Notes applications in a browser using the Notes Browser Plug-in? When the LDAP service runs on a server, it spawns a schema daemon that runs at regular intervals. What is the schema daemon used for? Which IBM Domino task is required to be running to use the Web Administrator? Which is a true statement regarding embedded experiences in IBM Notes and IBM Domino 9.0? What is the nsd -svcstop command used for? The IBM Domino server Update Site database automatically generates the correctly formatted file to deploy plug-ins to IBM Notes clients. Which is the default name for this .xml file? The Work with Domino Servers (WRKDOMSVR) command provides a way to manipulate certain aspects of the IBM Domino servers. Which of the following NSD features can this command manipulate? Andrew is moving an IBM Domino server to a new machine. He believes he has copied all the needed files, but when he launches the new server, the Server Configuration client starts. What file has Andrew not copied that would cause this? What are two options that can be configured when the Quality of Service (QoS) feature in IBM Domino 9.0 detects that the Domino server is not responding or is in a hung state? (Choose two.) How would Miguel encrypt NRPC communication on a server port? When an IBM Domino database requires a rebuild of the views, which task can be used to achieve the view rebuild? What is a supported value for the "Server to Run on" field of a Program document? What is the Domino Attachment and Object Service (DAOS) used for? An IBM Domino administrator needs to update all access control lists of mail databases. What feature can do this? What is the nsd -svcstart command used for? The IBM Notes Browser Plug-in also creates a npntapi.log file in the user's TEMP directory (%TEMP%). Which statement describes this log? Which type of servers does the IBM WebSphere Application Server plug-in enable an IBM Domino server to work with? Which statement is true regarding SMTP configuration? Which IBM Connections feature can Joseph, an IBM Notes client user, use to share files with his colleagues by inserting links to files that have been uploaded in Connections? What must the name of the Directory Assistance database be in order for it to be recognized by IBM Domino? Kat is setting up an LDAP client to connect to the IBM Domino LDAP service. Which statement is true about the LDAP service that Kat wants to connect to? What is a difference between the Replace Design and Refresh Design features in IBM Notes and IBM Domino? Mark needs to upgrade an IBM Domino server to the latest version. What are the two suggested database maintenance tasks he needs to perform on the server before starting the upgrade? (Choose two.) The notes.ini file was accidentally deleted on a user's workstation. Chris is manually recreating the notes.ini file on the local workstation. Which of the following are the required first three lines of the notes.ini? What behavior can be expected if servers are placed in the same IBM Notes Names Network?

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