C2040-402 - Administering IBM Connections 4.0 Exam

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Example Questions

How would an administrator configure IBM Connections to prevent email addresses from being displayed in the product and protect the privacy of users? Which of the following files need to copied into and stored in the Customization Directory in order to modify the Header of IBM Connections? Juliet is trying to troubleshoot an issue in which the Search application is unable to crawl the Activities application's secured seedlists. Which of the following represents the best reason why she could be having this issue? To support SSL, Jack creates a self-signed certificate and then configures the IBM HTTP Server for SSL traffic. If he uses this certificate in production, users might receive warning messages from their browsers. In a typical production deployment, what would Jack use? What does the guid property found in the map_dbrepos_from_source.properties identify? If an organization has a pass-through proxy required for Internet access, what must be done to ensure their connections to the internet will work? Lindsay is trying to enable SSO for IBM Tivoli Access Manager. She has just finished installing the Trust Association Interceptor (TAI) for Tivoli Access Manager but is not able to authenticate via Tivoli Access Manager. What is the likely cause of her issue? The IBM Connections Plugin for IBM Lotus Notes provides which of the following benefits? The global sender email address is only used in what scenario? Is there a specific variable for a customization directory? To improve performance, an administrator would remove various login attributes from profiles- config.xml. Which two of the following are the default mappings provided? (Select two.) An administrator can clear all scheduled tasks and recreate them if an exception relating to LTPA tokens is seen in the system log before the task runs. This could be due to a new LTPA token being imported or new LTPA keys being generated. What other event might require the schedule to be cleared? Jake is the IBM Connections administrator and some users are reporting security alert (security popup) boxes whenever they attempt to access the site with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Which of the following represents the likely cause of Jake's issues? What property needs to be set to true in order to see additional debug information in the ibmdi.log file? When Adrian is configuring the Discovery Service for IBM Connections Mail to work with his Microsoft Exchange mail servers, which configuration must he use? When the sync_all_dns process is performed, it generates a lock file in the IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator solution directory to prevent other administrators from starting another sync_all_dns process in the same Tivoli Directory Integrator solution. The name of the lock file is sync_all_dns.lck. When the sync_all_dns process has finished successfully, the lock file is automatically deleted. However, if the process did not complete, the lock file won't be deleted. In this case, how would an administrator remove this lock file? Which of the following is a supported method for installing and configuring IBM WebSphere Application Server for deploying IBM Connections 4.0? What script would an administrator run to populate the PROF_IS_MANAGER field in the EMPLOYEE table in the PEOPLEDB? After installing the News application, Jared realized it is not receiving any events from the Profiles application. Which of the following is the reason for this behavior? What file must be edited to specify a custom ID attribute for users or groups? How does an IBM Cognos Business Intelligence administrator ensure proper access by Cognos Business Intelligence to the database server for PowerCube generation and reporting? Amber wants to save her IBM Sametime conversations into specific Communites forums but she is unable to perform this action. Why is this feature not available to her? How is the News repository administered? If a user moves files to the Trash view, can they be restored? IBM Connections applications maintain delete and access-control update information for search indices for 30 days. If indexing is not performed for 30 days, what should the administrator do to ensure data integrity? In which two applications does IBM Connections Search have the ability to index attached files? (Select two.) Gabriella has configured the IBM Connections Profiles server to support dynamic feeds to bring data from Connections to the Microsoft Outlook client via the Microsoft Outlook Social Connector. The Profiles server schema must be extended with which of the following attributes? How can an IBM WebSphere Application Server environment variable be changed? Mark's users have reported issues accessing the IBM Connections site. Users' browsers hang upon going to the site, and then, after several seconds, they receive the error message: "This page cannot be displayed." What could be the cause of this error message? Which of the following statements is true regarding customization debugging in IBM Connections 4.0? Which statement is true when planning to install IBM Connections 4.0 Mail? How is the integration point configured for IBM Connections search integration in IBM WebSphere Portal server? When creating the IBM Connections databases, either manually or via the wizard, what must the administrator do first? Configuration files can be modified using which two of the following? (Select two.) What attributes can be assigned to an employee in the EMPLOYEE table in the PEOPLEDB to indicate whether the employee is listed as a manager of other employees? Which one of the following best describes the steps that allow an administrator to enable tracing manually by modifying the log detail levels? Fixpacks include multiple interim fixes. Before installing a fixpack, what must an administrator do? What is used to access the News configuration file? What is the default Connections DB2 username used to access Connections DB2 tables? Which two of the following are valid types of Business Cards that can be used from external web applications? (Choose two.) A previous administrator configured users to reply to email notifications. However, this does not seem to be working. What file does the new administrator need to check to verify this has been enabled and that a ReplyTo address has been supplied? When setting up a federated repository, what is the correct process to setup authentication with the LDAP server host name over SSL? Which of the following statements describes the role of IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator in an IBM Connections 4.0 environment? When an administrator runs a sync_all_dns, a comparison is made of the data contained in LDAP versus the Peopledb. Where is the current LDAP URL stored? What is used to configure the Communities Catalog? Fran is planning to install IBM Cognos Business Intelligence. What account must she use to install this software? What is the procedure to update aliases that reference the administrative user IDs and passwords used to handle server-to-server communication? In order to force applications to reload override files every time a browser request is made when testing IBM Connections customizations, an administrator should enable which of the following in the IBM WebSphere Integrated Solutions Console? How are attachments disabled in Forums? When installing IBM Connections Mail, which statement about its configuration for Microsoft Exchange is true?