C2030-284 - Foundations of IBM Cloud Computing Architecture V4

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Example Questions

What must a hardware platform typically support for a cloud infrastructure? What are two cloud computing provisioning characteristics? (Choose two.) What is a benefit of using IBM's Cloud Computing Reference Architecture V4? What are two usage templates of a cloud computing environment? What is Software Defined Network (SDN) in reference to cloud computing? What are two benefits and features of cloud storage? What is IBM's core cloud product for the Cloud Enabled Data Center Adoption Pattern? The capacity management process belongs to which ITIL handbook? What is the main reason cloud computing is recognized for reducing costs in development centers worldwide? What is the objective of the Building Software as a Service (SaaS) Adoption Pattern of the IBM Cloud Computing Reference Architecture V4? Which type of solution does IBM Cloudant provide? Which statement is true about Bluetooth and WiFi in a cloud computing environment? What does the customer pay for in a subscription-based pricing model ? Which two options describe security measures for people within a cloud solution? Service management includes policies to assure service delivery and the correlation of resources in order to achieve desired compliance patterns. Which service management component includes these capabilities? What is an example of a Software as a Service offering? Which statement is true for virtualization? What needs consideration when deploying cloud computing environments in a physical facility? Which statement is a Key Performance Indicator (KPI)? What does a cloud service provider have to consider when designing a new infrastructure service following the guidance of the ITIL Service Design volume? Which statement is true about the use of topology based patterns within cloud computing? What can be done to make maximum use of the cloud computing interoperability principle? The Cloud Service Provider is a core role in the Cloud Computing Architecture who provides cloud services to a consumer. What are two tasks in the Cloud Service Provider's day to day job? What is the primary indicator for a poor performing cloud environment? Which component is optional when building a Software as a Service solution? What has reduced administrative tasks in computer provisioning by 90% for some processes for adopters of cloud computing? Which scenario would be most appropriate for a private cloud? Which type of cloud solution do these security focuses relate to specifically? - Manage data center identities - Secure virtual machines - Patch default images - Monitor logs on all resources - Network isolation An enterprise customer wants to build an integrated log, threat, risk, and compliance management solution with sophisticated event analytics capabilities. Which IBM solution should be recommended? In which delivery model does the cloud consumer have little or no control over the implementation of services? According to the Cloud Services Adoption Pattern, what is considered to be the set of services that make up the entry level for a Platform as a Service implementation? What is more important for computing, storage, and network hardware when used in a cloud computing management infrastructure where elasticity is of great importance? [VERIFY] What is the emerging standard for environment-based patterns? Which security capability is needed to prevent issues related to administrative users sharing login credentials to access sensitive applications and data? What is included in cloud computing governance? Which IBM application can monitor access to shared databases and block unauthorized access? A company is implementing a cloud storage solution that offers backup services for employee critical data. The company is funding each employee up to $5 per month, and any excess usage will be charged per employee. What is the best option for this scenario based on cloud computing billing (metering/measuring) models? [VERIFY] What is an advantage of Storage Area Network (SAN) virtualization in cloud computing? Given the context of the IBM Cloud Computing Reference Architecture V4, what are two valid integration use cases when using IBM SmartCloud Cost Management to integrate to existing billing and charging systems in a cloud service provider environment? (Choose two.) What are two business advantages of cloud computing? Which IBM cloud offering provides flexibility and choice with options to use bare metal, vitalized dedicated, or shared servers? On-premise and off-premise clouds are formed by which type of connection? Which IBM solution provides the ability to deploy Platform as a Service patterns? As a cloud service provider for infrastructure services, what is implemented for the process called Server Deprovisioning? Which cloud service provides companies with computing resources including servers, networking, storage, and data center space on a pay-per-use basis? Which statement describes an elastically scalable design? How can cloud computing improve service delivery? What kind of strategy is the best approach based on the IBM Cloud Computing Reference Architecture V4 to minimize the risks in cloud computing ? Which cloud attribute describes the ability to quickly adapt to high volatility in the amount of requests? How can a self-service catalog assist with cloud computing?