C2030-136 - Foundations of IBM Big Data & Analytics Architecture V1

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Example Questions

What must occur before a bank's Chief Marketing Officer can understand the sentiments social media users are expressing about the bank's credit cards? What is required of an integration tool to make it effective in a Big Data & Analytics environment? Which two business value entry points are used when developing an improved IT economics solution? What is a use case example for the Transform Financial Processes business imperative? What is the business objective of the Manage Risk Imperative? Which t\so statements are true about predictive analytics prerequisites? A client wants to determine if Social Media Sentiment information is coming from known customers and can be related to a known transaction. Which solution should be considered for identifying the customer who posted the comment? A supermarket in New York wants to mine data from social media sites and offer coupons and promotions to its customers. In order to do this it plans to deploy a data reservoir which will contain data from Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as well as data from the supermarket's POS system. They would like to deploy a solution where they do not have to define a database schema before loading data. What should be the recommended solution? Which in-memory database design point helps use main memory more efficiently? Which component of the IBM Social Media Analytics Framework answers the question, "What is driving social media activity, behavior, and sentiment?" Data can come from a large number and variety of source systems. Based upon the IBM Big Data & Analytics Reference Architecture which two statement are true when considering analytics on these data sources? A Solution Advisor reviews the IBM Big Data & Analytics Maturity Model with a customer and concludes that their information architecture framework exists but does not extend to new data sources or advanced analytics capabilities. Which stage of maturity are they in with the Architecture category? What CO used be used as business value entry points when developing an Acquire. Grow. Retain customer solution? IBM SPSS Data Modeler enables the use of data from which to types of nodes? Information governance is most helpful in assessing and managing which dimension of big data? A retail customer would like to analyze Twitter feeds from customers about their in-store purchases and respond to them in real time with offers or coupons. Which solution would be most appropriate? What are the stages to the IBM Big Data & Analytics Maturity Model? Which statement is true about governance of big data? A police department needs to identify crime patterns by time and location so that the department is able to pinpoint hot spots of activity and better deploy police resources to deter crime Which strategy can this police department use? IBM Watson provides a cognitive system offering the latest combination of products used together to form a Big Data & Analytics platform. Why would a customer choose to use IBM Watson? Which statement best defines the Create New Business Models business imperative? This individual is responsible for defining, developing, and implementing the strategy and methods by which the organization acquires, manages, analyzes, and governs data. Which role does this define Within Big Data and Analytics? Which option best supports the capability of a real time business decision engine to optimize transactional decisions? A Solution Advisor is requested to attend a new customer discovery call to support their Big Data & Analytics thinking and planning. The only information she is initially provided is the company background, how they support their industry, their purchasing history for hardware and software, and their general interest in doing more with information analysis. What is the typical first step that she should discuss with the customer? Which two processes transform unstructured data into structured data? What are the key features of IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration - Power Systems Edition? What is an example of a company struggling with the sheer number of quotes coming in to the algorithmic trading application? Which document from the IBM Big Data & Analytics Reference Architecture details the customer engagement model and sample discovery workshop template for building a customer's roadmap to adopt Big Data & Analytics? A company quickly ingests, analyzes, and correlates data as it arrives from thousands of sensor devices spread throughout their utility network. Insights derived from this process are turned into actions for automated decision management. The company is performing analytics on which data? Which item is a key benefit of IBM InfoSphere Biglnsights (Biglnsights} over other Hadoop distributions? Which key technology enables elastic storage to be proven, scalable, high-performance data and file management solution? What is the primary benefit of an in-database analytics solution? IBM InfoSphere Biglnsights is an example of what type of system architecture? A customer operating a quick serve restaurant chain uses an interactive menu system that has the capability to Chang the information presented based on the knowledge of the customer and the preplanned menu selection currently being promoted The marketing departmentuses this information as well as other information such as weather readings, menu item profitability and menu item availability to determine which products to include in future promotions What type of analytics does this represent? What are the three core disciplines of the IBM Information Governance Capability Maturity Model? A System z customer wants to reduce the incidence of insurance claims fraud by policy holders. Which System z solution should be proposed? A customer is concerned about the vast amount of data they receive. They do not know the value of the data, but they want a cost efficient way to capture the data for further analysis. What is this scenario an example of in big data? A Solution Advisor is asked to recommend infrastructure capability to match the varying demands of a big data application. What should be the best choice to meet the business needs? Which IBM product uses the unique combination of UIMA pipeline for natural language processing and machine learning? Which IBM storage solution provides capabilities for improving data economics in an analytics environment based on these criteria? Deploying Big Data & Analytics solutions on a cloud platform requires several architectural decisions in order to achieve optimal design. Which statement is true? Which two statements are true when considering a solution for real-time data processing? Which statement is true when dealing with traditional and non-traditional data sources? The Fair Information Practice Principles methodology recommends using personal information only for the purposes that are specified when collecting that information. What aspect of security is required to support this principle? What can be used as business value entry points when developing an Optimize Operations solution? Which characteristic best describes the IBM PureData for Analytics solution? What two statements are true about IBM InfoSphere Streams? Company A is planning to sign up for IBM SoftLayer cloud to supplement their existing data centers which they own. Which solution can be deployed in a hybrid cloud model? Which statement is true when comparing SQL used in Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) and SQL data on Hadoop type systems? A construction supply company has a lot of machine data ranging from sensors to GPS readings. They want to integrate and analyze this data to help them optimize their resource allocation and gain real time maintenance decision support while ensuring customer satisfaction. Which use case examples should the Solution Advisor review to guide them on their Big Data & Analytics adoption planning?