C2020-701 - IBM Cognos TM1 10.1 Analyst Exam

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Example Questions

How do you configure a TM1 Web application so that users are not prompted for the TM1 Admin Host every time they log in? When publishing a IBM Cognos Insight workspace to servers, which three actions can you perform? (Choose three.) A user entering numerical data into TM1 Application Web places a hold consolidate on North America with three children: Canada, USA, and Mexico. At the time the hold is placed, the value of North America is $30.00, with each child value set at $10.00. A user subsequently adds $10.00 to the value of Canada. Which statement is correct? In which tier of the IBM Cognos TM1 client-server architecture does the TM1 Administration Server reside? Why would you use Rebuild over Recalc in an Active Form? A user wants to interactively stack and unstack dimensions to view. What are two ways to accomplish this? (Choose two.) A user requires the use of the "Insert Subset" operation to create a user-defined consolidation in the TM1 Subset Editor. Which TM1 user interface would be used to do this? Which two options allow the end user to expand and collapse dimensional elements listed on the row dimension of a given data view in TM1 Web "on-the-fly"? (Choose two) The manufacturing department interacts with IBM CognosTM1 data using TM1 Perspectives. They want to view data by product and location. Products are on the rows of the analysis and plants are on the columns. Products are consolidated into categories and locations are consolidated into regions. Which two interfaces allow them to expand and collapse on both the rows and columns of the analysis? (Choose two.) An international company has an existing TM1 server application they use for planning, forecasting, and reporting. The corporate strategy department wants to share parts of this application with external consultants and partners. They decide to create Cognos Insight workspaces which includes data from this server application combined with additional analysis and content. They intend to distribute a single workspace ".cdd" file to the recipients. How should they integrate the TM1 server data with additional content resulting in distributable Cognos Insight workspace files? How do you configure aTM1 Administration Server to run as a Windows service? Using TM1 Application Web, which application is required to create a bottom-up, submission- based workflow with the ability to lock data after submission? Which three statements are true in regards to the applications folder? (Choose three.) You want to create TM1 Excel reports. What are two methods to accomplish this? (Choose two.) A Private TM1 Cube View can be shared with which group? What must a TM1 Application Web user do to perform what-if analysis on budget amounts, without affecting the current version of the data? What are three reasons why you would use Cognos BI Reporting rather than TM1 Web? (Choose three.) A user working within a TM1 Web cube view needs to prevent a leaf cell from being changed by a spread operation. Which command would you use? When exporting a cube view from TM1 Web, which prerequisite is required to ensure charts are included? When should you use the DBR formula over the DBRW formula? A subset was created using the Expression Recorder. The user modified the subset. What is the resulting change to the subset? A user wants to create a view looking at a particular product called "101 - Chips". They use the "Filter by Wild Card' function to locate the product, but no elements are returned. Which statement describes what is happening? When using the suppress zero option in a cube view, data that is in an aggregated or calculated value but still zero will display as what? A customer wants to be able to select elements from a subset for a fixed number of columns. Which statement is correct? Which three selections are available when filtering a TM1 cube view? (Choose three.) A user would like to export data from a TM1 Web Cube View so that subsequent data changes on the TM1 server will not affect the exported data. Which two export options should the user select? (Choose two.) A user wants to update TM1 data within a Microsoft Excel worksheet. What are the three ways to do this? (Choose three.) In Cognos Insight, users can perform which two functions? (Choose two.) A company wants to deploy an application of summary level data with drill through capability to the underlying transaction detail. Which interface should be used? In TM1 Cube Viewer, you are viewing an Income Statement cube containing dimensions for Department, Months, Budget Version, and Account. Currently, the Account dimension is listed in the rows and the Months dimension is listed in the columns. You want to see a comparison of each element in the Budget Version dimension next to each account. Which feature in TM1 Cube Viewer will accommodate this requirement? The human resources department requires a TM1 Web Labor Detail report which shows Total Salary, Benefits, and Taxes for each employee within a selected department. The user should be able to select a department and have the rows of the report display just the employees in that department with the costs across the columns. Employees should be sorted in descending order based on Total Salary. Unfortunately Salary, Benefits, and Taxes are all stored in different cubes and the cubes only share the Employee and Department dimensions. How should you build the Labor Detail report? You need to calculate a ratio on all levels in IBM Cognos Insight. Which action would you take? What is the difference between a TM1 Sandbox and a Personal Workspace? A user has invoked the Slice option in a TM1 Cube Viewer. Which TM1 Excel function is generated in each of the data cells? Which three selections would you find in the Properties window of the subset editor? (Choose three.) Which two functions have been optimized for the wide area network (WAN)? (Choose two.) A user has created a Sandbox based on a cube view. The user wants to have the Sandbox data saved as the base information. What should the user do? There has been a number of requests by users to have an option to easily select quarters for their views, rather than having to select the individual quarters every time they go into their views. Which solution meets this requirement? A user wants to update a TM1 cube with string data from an Excel spreadsheet Which TM1 Excel function will allow you to do this? A user would like to create a view showing the top 10 sales by region. Which type of subset would the user use to accomplish this? A user wants to create a TM1 Excel report using the DBRW function. What are two ways to reference the elements in the dimensions? (Choose two.) An end user wants to interactively create a temporary consolidation that does not exist within the dimension using the TM1 Cube Viewer. Which action will accomplish this? A TM1 Application Web user has completed data input. Which action allows the user to lock the data for review? What data spreading options are available to users in the Perspectives or Architect Cube Viewer? (Choose two.) What are three reasons why you would choose an Active Form over other report styles? (Choose three.) You are asked to prepare next year's budget for your organization. Because of budgetary pressures for the new year, you are instructed to copy last year's budget into the new year and reduce it by 5%. The TM1 cube you are using contains last year's budgetary data and the new year element has been added. Which two TM1 data spreading operations will allow you to do this? (Choose two.) You need to calculate the possible outcome if prices are raised. However, the data in the IBM TM1 server should not be overwritten. The IBM TM1 model contains many business rules and calculations but no scenario dimension, which is what you want. How do you proceed? Whenever you open the Sales cube you see a hierarchical list of all products. The default view consists of default subsets for all dimensions. You would like to see a list of 10 products you are responsible for by default. Which three actions would achieve this? (Choose three.) A financial controller wants to create a financial statement report however, the chart of accounts dimension has more aggregations than is required for the report. The controller wants to create a subset that has only the sub account and account elements How should this be accomplished? A cube called Salary has two dimensions: Employee and Time. Using cube security, the security group Executive is assigned READ access to the Salary cube. Using element security, the security group Executive is assigned WRITE access to all elements of the Employee dimension. Using element security, the security group Executive is assigned WRITE access to only 1 element, July, and READ access to all other elements in the Time dimension. A user of the security group Executive will have which access level when viewing the Salary cube?