C2020-612 - IBM Cognos 10 BI Author Exam

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Example Questions

In Report Studio, a report contains several blocks and tables. To determine if there is sufficient space between objects, what will show how the report looks when it is generated? In Report Studio, for which task would an author create a query calculation? In Report Studio, a block object contains a text item in the page header. If the author reuses the block in the page footer, which of the following is true? In Report Studio, why would an author use the Page Structure view? In Report Studio, what must an author create to let users view a report as either a list, a crosstab, or a chart? Which statement is true about using a burst key to burst reports? In Report Studio, a query contains the data item Product Line, which is grouped. Which of the following will add a page break for each Product Line? An author creates a report for bursting. In Report Studio, the author sets the burst type for the report to Directory entries. In Cognos Connection, the author sets the run options to burst the report and send the report by email. If the email addresses for the burst recipients are accessible by IBM Cognos BI, what is the expected result? In Report Studio, what can an author do to organize list data into logical sections? In Report Studio, an author creates a list report containing columns for Staff Name, Order number, and Revenue. The author wants to burst this report to various sales staff members. Each member should see only data relating to sales they have made. What must the author do to specify that the burst report output will contain only data for the appropriate sales staff member? In Report Studio, which report outputs can produce a bookmark? An author wants to create a report that displays certain list columns depending on the user's prompt selection. What property of the list column must the author define to create this variable?