C2020-605 - IBM Cognos 10 Controller Developer Exam

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Example Questions

An administrator created multiple submissions for the period 0812. Why would an administrator create multiple submissions for the same period? What is the impact of activating "Use Online Matching" in intercompany control tables? Which of the following can be done using the Excel link? What is the benefit of creating a security group? Company A has a reconciliation difference in Sales (income account) of -1,000. and a Cost of Sales (cost account) of 1,001. The general configuration indicates that the status will be updated based on Total Difference. The largest difference that will be accepted for reconciliation is 1,000. What is the status for Company A? Which of the following correctly describes the process of creating a form for movement accounts? The administrator is consolidating for the first time and wants to make sure that intercompany eliminations are correct before performing other consolidation processes. How can the administrator do this? An administrator wants to enhance data analysis by adding extended dimensions to the Controller application (for example, to represent the products that the company sells). What is the maximum number of levels for extended dimensions that the administrator can add to the system? When creating an intercompany form, which of the following dimensions must be added to the rows? A summation account is linked to a specification, as when using an integrated movement account. This Controller data entry function allows the user to open the related specifications and details. Which Controller function was described here? What is the purpose of the offset account in control tables? In what scenario can an administrator use multiple submissions in a Controller system? Where do the values for the currency conversion difference account1 and account2 come from? In Controller's General Configuration, an administrator can specify that reconciliation is to be performed by journal type on what other basis can reconciliation be performed? In order to accurately store the data in the Controller system, an administrator wants to combine each period's reported values with one or more journal types, as necessary. To do this, what must the administrator create? What is the best practice for ensuring that an Excel Link report runs efficiently after upgrading the report for a new Controller release? What is the purpose of the advanced account view setting?