C2010-651 - Fundamentals of Applying Maximo Asset Management Solutions V3 Exam

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Example Questions

Which IBM Tivoli product transforms raw IT data into business information for cost allocation that spans business units, cost centers, applications, and users? Which feature or function in Tivoli process automation engine enables the efficient processing of inbound e-mails? Integrating with external systems occurs using many methods such as employing JMS queues, using Web services, and application import and export functionality'. What best describes the difference between using JMS queues versus the Interactions (Web services) application? A client maintains trains for the government and is required to record each axle configuration including the wheel positions and their respective measurements. Which industry solution meets these requirements? Which application provides asynchronous processing of outbound JMS messages that do not require a response from the external system? A customer requirement is to have a script execute at the time when the user clicks the Save button. Which launch point would be recommended to the user to create? What is used to compare the estimate versus actual cost for a job? Which two statements are true concerning the Database Configuration application? (Choose two.) In which scenario can an invoice be approved without a purchase order or contract reference? How does IBM Maximo Asset Management address the Sarbanes-Oxley question: ¡°Do you have an accurate inventory of all your physical assets? What do real-time dashboards support? Across IBM Maximo Asset Management implementations, what is least likely to be implemented at the completion of the project (go-live date)? In which two applications can tax exempt status be selected? (Choose two.) What is already managed in a freshly installed IBM Maximo Asset Management solution with minimal data set up? A client has a site with two buildings and each building is a top level location. Each location has a child location such as floor, room, kitchen, and so forth. Although both of these locations are similar in location hierarchy design, one of the buildings is consistently costing more to maintain per month. How would a Solution Advisor address this issue in a short time without incurring additional costs for the client? Which two key capabilities are essential for executing an effective gap-fit analysis? (Choose two.) IBM Maximo Asset Management for Nuclear Power helps organizations adhere to a process of qualifying materials and services provided by vendors. Which statement is true regarding the activities impacted by this benefit? When creating a new PM, where are detailed task steps defined? Which add-on solution provides integrated map information when processing a work order? How can changes be made to a previously approved purchase contract? Which option is used to define the PM schedule in addition to elapsed time? Redeploying or reusing an asset is reflected in which IBM approach to asset management? Which add-on to IBM Maximo Asset Management allows customers to visually organize work and forecasted PM5 in a Gantt chart view taking into consideration work constraints and dependencies, and automatically applying a critical path method which users can manage? What is an argument for using the labor functionality of IBM Maximo Asset Management? A customer wants to create a repeatable and structured work order approval process. They require the maintenance supervisor to review and approve any work order for assets in their PRODUCTIONLINE location. What is a solution for this requirement? What is the purpose of the Collections application in the Migration Manager module? In what way does IT asset management in IBM SmartCloud Control Desk differ from IBM Maximo Asset Management? When updating a database table, Admin mode must be turned on, changes configured, and Admin mode turned off, all while creating a back up of database tables. Why is this added functionality required instead of only saving changes? Which feature/function enables a manager to quickly assess the overall performance of assets? What is a valid (default-provided) option for security configuration schemes? What are two IBM solutions for asset management in the field? (Choose two.) Which function allows the designation of a primary user for a given asset? Which types of service level agreements are available? What is the significance of understanding the maintenance reporting structure? Which inventory costing option would be used if the items are utilized in the order in which they are received? Which option best describes the Web Service Interactions application? Which two statements are true about the Application Designer? (Choose two.) When evaluating the customer network it is determined that a significant division of users exists across WAN links. Which design approach can help alleviate perceived performance problems? What is the benefit of using the Business Intelligence Reporting Tool (BIRT) with IBM Maximo Asset Management (Maximo), compared to other reporting options? Which type of contract represents an agreement to spend a predetermined amount with a vendor over a period of time? Which database management system is supported by IBM Maximo Asset Management? In which two applications can inventory issue costs be configured? (Choose two.) The Assets application is configured so that under certain conditions, for example if the Asset status is Decommissioned, the Spare Parts tab will not be visible. What is needed to complete the task of hiding the Spare Parts tab? It is discovered that although a client has a storeroom, they do not maintain the stock levels or condition of the parts because this is done by a third party. Which type of inventory will need to be set up in IBM Maximo Asset Management? A customer would like to monitor meter readings on certain assets and have the system automatically generate work orders. They would like to configure upper and lower limits for specific meters and define different tasks when each limit is reached. Which functionally in IBM Maximo Asset Management will meet this business requirement? Which IBM Maximo Asset Management component would be best suited for periodically exporting data to an external system? What is a benefit of using the Business Intelligence Reporting Tool (BIRT) compared to other reporting options? Which statement is true regarding IBM Maximo Asset Management architecture? A customer requires end users to import comma separated value (csv) format files into IBM Maximo Asset Management. They want to only expose specific fields for security reasons. Which Maximo functionality meets this requirement? Upon changing the status of an Inventory Usage record, if the available quantity' of an item cannot satisfy the current request, what will be displayed?