C2010-597 - IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform V3.2.1 Application Development Exam

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Example Questions

A smart section must be created for a business object (BO). What is required in order for this to be possible? Which statement is true regarding building a form? A customer has reported that the Send E-mail button is failing. The synchronous workflow is not processing. What should be checked with the synchronous workflow? Workflows are not running in the system. Where in the Admin Console can workflow processing be turned on? In the Data Modeler under the Tools menu, which option defines the Publish Name? What is the process to hide a state transition action from view in a form? An existing portal must be modified so that a new navigation collection will display in the portal. Assuming that a navigation collection of type Quick Links exists and is populated with navigation items, what additional new element must be created to display this collection in the existing portal? When looking at a workflow instance, what can the red border around a task mean? A state transition is not supposed to be available as a clickable action in a form at runtime but it appears anyway. Why? A data load was done incorrectly resulting in a number of records not being set up correctly. There are too many to modify by hand so a workflow gets written to fix the deficiency. What should the workflow be tied to and triggered from? Which type of workflow can be called from an onClick event? A Notification Helper Object needs to be associated to the people records to notify using which association string? What is the most efficient way to add an additional 10 new entries to an existing list? Which workflow type updates the screen and not the database? How should an object migration package be exported directly to the hosting server? The Attention section is intended to be hidden by default for a record in null state but it is able to be seen at runtime. What should be done to hide the Attention section? How can end users be prevented from personalizing their portals? Where are the classifications' hierarchical parents to child associations created? In the Admin Console DataConnect tool, what is the purpose of Force Clean Up? The IF/THEN logic of the workflow is failing. Which task should be checked? What is the purpose of a group override? Which workflow type will be a Pre-Create workflow? What action is required to roll the server.log file? When a business object (BO) is published, how can one tell that the publish process has been completed? The Data Integrator tool supports which file format for import? The Building form utilizes a Contact query section to show all contacts associated to the Building. A user says that he remembers adding multiple contacts to the Building record last week but now no contacts appear in the Contact query section. When troubleshooting the associations, which statement is true? A field level formula that depends on a query has been modified within a business object. The query did not change. Which cache must be cleared? What do associations do? Query sections are preferred over multi-record smart sections except for what instance? Which property must be defined during the creation of a locator that will display information about a secondary business object record? A workflow needs to perform a sequence of tasks many times for a finite set of records. Which workflow task should be used? Which statement is always true about the columns tab of a query? When applying the Sort Section action on a form's tab, which statement is true regardless of the original layout of the sections? Which statement is true about a reference when referring to a smart section or locator field? Which workflow type can be called from a custom section action? Which statement is true about a switch task? Which workflow type gets fired by a user closing the form to a record? When looking at a workflow instance, what does the green border around a task mean? The workflow is failing to loop through the records. Which task in the workflow should be checked? Which statement is true about documents whose document record has been published? Which type of state transition completion will trigger a save process on the record at runtime? A navigation collection of type Menu can contain a maximum of how many levels? For a new non-base business object (BO), what is the default origin of the state family? When creating an extended formula there are variable declarations called Inputs. Which statement is true? How can a designer add a field to the form that will trigger a workflow when it is clicked on? After making a change in a form, what action must be selected to make the change visible to end users? How are runtime filters created? When exporting an object migration package, what does the Wait option do? Which workflow type updates the database immediately? The designer is creating a query that will return several thousand records, so he is using the option Prompt Before Query to give the user a chance to reduce the number of records to be returned by the query. When the report is run it does not stop and returns all the records immediately. What is wrong with this query?