C2010-576 - Fundamentals of Applying IBM Tivoli Network and Service Assurance Solutions V1

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Example Questions

Which two groups within a customer's organization are most likely to be impacted by implementing Network and Service Assurance software? What is the difference between Tivoli Common Reporting/Cognos (TCR/Cognos) reports and DataView reports in the IBM Tivoli Netcool Performance Manager Wireline Component product? A customer is currently using two-factor authentication methods to access network devices. Which software package does this affect the most? In order to ensure that the correct stakeholders are present, representatives of which two teams should be in attendance at the solution demonstration? When interviewing the customer's technical stakeholders, a governmental regulatory compliance risk is identified. Who should be informed of this additional risk? If a customer utilizes outside consultants for staff support, when should these resources be included in the contact plan? When determining the potential integration interfaces between the customer's systems and IBM Tivoli Netcool Configuration Manager (ITNCM). What are two interfaces that ITNCM presents to the external systems? Given the number of users who will be working on the proposed solution (IBM Tivoli Network Manager (ITNM). IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager (TBSM). and Web GUI), which option would reduce infrastructure cost the most? Which application component can detect the alarm flood and report it early to avoid IBM Tivoli Netool/OMNIbus outages? If a customer is currently using IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM). how can they ensure the health of the IBM Tivoli Network Manager (ITNM) systems? A customer has requested that a document be produced detailing the potential topology/technology issues with the proposed Tivoli deployment. Assuming all the relevant customer contacts are in place, which two types of information should be collected from the customer regarding their current topology? A customer will deploy IBM Tivoli Network Manager (ITNM) and IBM Tivoli Netcool Configuration Manager (ITNCM). All resources within the topology database of ITNM need to be added to the ITNCM. This process should be as automated as possible. What is the best approach? When compiling the contact list for the customer's technical stakeholders, which role must be represented? Which two items should be in a report detailing the process improvements provided by IBM products? What is the maximum number of users that can be supported by a small IBM Tivoli NetCool/OMNlbus Web GUI server? Due to schedule conflicts, a customer's staff is only able to allocate 2 hours a day to product training. What would be the optimal training method for this customer? What is a consideration when planning the deployment of fix packs in an environment? Which hardware resource is typically most important when planning to install an IBM Tivoli Netcool Configuration Manager worker server in a virtualized environment? Which software package provides additional rules for the SNMP and Syslog probes? Given customer vendor information and stakeholder names, what kind of details are in the Stakeholders Contact List document? Having analyzed the data provided by the customer, a need for multi-tiered architecture to address the alarm volumetric and segregating the user's access has been identified. Which layer would be appropriate for end user setup? Who can identify the network discovery and monitoring tools that are in use at a customer's site? A customer has an older series of Juniper routers installed at each of their branch offices. Which resource would best assist in determining if the router can be monitored? Given the customer contact information and their stakeholders, which two teams are appropriate to work with to get the network resources information? Which two parts of the IBM Tivoli Network Manager (ITNM) architecture must have a disaster recovery plan? Which two Tivoli Common Repotting reports are available about IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition? A service provider has a requirement to be non-disruptive during configuration changes. They are considering implementing SmartModel. What would be two reasons for choosing this option? How can an administrator restrict the users belonging to group SYSTEM to only see the reports that were assigned to them without the possibility to create, change, or run new reports? Applications hosted on the servers are going down very frequently in a customer's environment which is affecting their Service Level Agreement. What are the first two points of investigation? The client requirements state that a synthetic intrusion alarm be generated if a Door Open event is not followed by a Tech on Site event within 4 minutes. An additional requirement is to suppress or hide the Door Open event while waiting for the Tech on Site event. Which IBM Tivoli product would be selected to perform this task? A company wants to deploy a clustered visualization layer using Tivoli Integrated Portal. Which two components must be added to the solution? Who is responsible for verifying the vendor's network equipment list? A large IT outsourcing company that manages networks for commercial customers is particularly concerned about High Availability and disaster recovery. What is an important consideration for the customer when planning where the network management components will be deployed? When designing an IBM Tivoli Netcool Configuration Manager solution, which two factors impact licensing costs the most? What is a valid user authentication method that could be used as a standard authentication mechanism across all Tivoli Network and Service Assurance products? What should the administrator install and configure to allow Company B's ObjectSetver to forward events to the ObjectServer at Company A. as well as the ObjectServer at Company A to forward events to the ObjectServer at Company B? What are burst thresholds as defined in IBM Tivoli Netcool Performance Manager DataView reports? Which two factors are most important when evaluating a customer's existing workflow? Which two resources are the most critical to ensuring sufficient performance of the Netcool/OMNIbus server? Which two factors cause an improvement to a customer's return on investment? Where should the database server be installed in a large scale deployment of IBM Tivoli Network Manager for IP? To assess the end user connectivity to the Tivoli platform, which activity should take place so that a report containing the customer's end user connectivity variables can be compiled? Why is an inventory of network elements to be managed needed for IBM Tivoli Netcool Configuration Manager SmartModel installation? Which IBM Tivoli Netcool Configuration Manager sizing factor can be calculated once the volume of configuration changes a customer requires is understood?