C2010-571 - IBM Tivoli Process Automation Engine V7.5 Implementation Exam

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Example Questions

Which two attributes are required to create a new message in the Bulletin Board application? (Choose two.) A automation script may contain one or more variables. Each variable needs to be declared as to the direction of the data flow. What is a valid variable type? The system administrator has configured Application Server security between Tivoli process automation engine and IBM Tivoli Directory Server. Where should the synchronization be scheduled to run? When the Migration Manager is used to deploy packages from one environment to another, how many packages can be deployed at one time Which statement is true about updating a Start Center? A person record is stored in the database at which level? Which statement is true about asynchronous data validation? Which property prints a stack trace for fetch results? A customer needs to send e-mails to end users whenever they submit a service request to tell the end user that the service request has been submitted Which applications should be used to fulfill this request? Where are roles used? The Actions application is accessed through which system module? Which factor is considered when creating a location system? To provide full functionality, the E-mail Listeners application works together with which two items? (Choose two.) Which application is used to add, modify, and delete objects? What is one purpose of the security' select action item Authorize Group Reassignment? In which application are systems created? Which task requires the use of admin mode in the Database Configuration application? A pharmaceutical company has made a tremendous number of configurations in their development environment in order to meet their business requirements and the government regulations. The company is ready to move 25% of these configurations into the test environment. How should this be accomplished? Which statement is true about a labor record? Which record has one or more skill levels and premium pay codes? An interaction can invoke a Web service and send data to it from an application. The interaction can then display data returned from the Web service and save this data to the application database. An Interaction is created from which application? Which cron tasks is included with Tivoli process automation engine V7.5? The Conditional Expression Manager is accessed through which system module? Which statement about using attachments is true for communication templates? http://:HOSTNAME/maximo/ui/maximo.jsp?event=loadapp&value=:APP&uniqueid=:OWNERID What is the purpose of including this information in a communication template? How can a Java Virtual Machine's memory usage be monitored? Work Order statuses can be set up in which application? Which database configuration element is used to validate an attribute's values? What is true about the Chart of Accounts application? Which two log level can be assigned to a Logger? (Choose two.) What are the four types of communication template recipients? A customer would like end users to be able to submit service requests to multiple e-mail addresses. For example, facilities service requests should be sent to [email protected] and IT requests should be sent to [email protected] How should this be done using Tivoli process automation engine? Which data elements are required to create and activate an organization? A company wants to use a Launch in Context entry to allow users to launch their external document repository from the Assets application. The administrator has properly created and configured the launch entry, and the Asset application was changed to display the launch entry under the Select Action menu. Even after the above configurations, why are users unable to see the launch entry in the Assets application? Where are attached document folders associated? Which two modifications can be made to the user interface of a selected application using the Application Designer? (Choose two.) Which statement is true about using the Database Configuration application? When setting up a Key Performance Indicator (KPI), it must be made available to everyone so they can use it on their Start Center. Which setting must be selected? Where can messages be created that can be broadcast throughout the organization? What is the main purpose of a cron task? Which two types of condition can be created using the Conditional Expression Manager? (Choose two.) Which statement is true about the Cron Tasks Application? Which two types of information are required when creating a new Launch in Context entry? (Choose two.) Which application or data element is required to design a Start Center? An example of a possible configuration of Security Groups: Group Site 1 Site 2 Site 3 Site 4 Purchase Order Limit AYYNN $5000 BYNNN $10000 CNNYN $15000 DYNNY $7000 If a user belongs to Security Group A, Security Group B, and Security Group D, what is the correct purchase order limit for that user? When the customer chooses to use self-registration for user records, which statement is true? The integration global directory is the file system location that integration uses to support persisted files such as error and schema files. In which application is the global directory configured? Where is logging levels defined? When creating a new escalation, what is the most likely reason that the conditional SQL Expression Builder does not list attributes to use? Which statement describes the usage of the Conditional Expression Manager?