C2010-564 - Fundamentals Applying of Tivoli Storage Management V3 Exam

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Example Questions

A customer wants to use a common interface to manage their Global Mirrors between the DS8000 in Phoenix, Arizona, the DS8000 in Sierra Vista, Arizona and the DS8000 in Tucson, Arizona and ensure that the Global Mirrors can be automatically failed over in case of a DS8000 failure at one of the sites. Which product should be recommended? A customer has a requirement to add new nodes without adding additional tape volumes. What should be done to minimize tape usage? Which difference is reflected in a gap analysis? When creating a gap analysis document what should be reflected in the analysis? A SOX compliant customer bought a DR550 archive solution from IBM five years ago. The solution included an IBM tape library, a customized version of AIX, and a customized version of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM). When the IBM tape library ran out of capacity the customer acquired a Plasmon G80 optical jukebox which is listed in the latest TSM supported devices list. The customer is able to see the optical drives from the operating system but cannot see the library changer. Which recommendation should be documented and provided to the customer? Which two important items should be documented when assessing the customer's storage environment? (Choose two.) A customer wants to use IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) as their enterprise data protection application. The customer has an existing HP library with six LT03 drives to store the backup data. What would be the first recommendation to be documented and provided to the customer? The customer has identified several nodes with primarily transactional data that have to meet a minimal Recovery Time Objective (RTO). Which IBM Tivoli Storage Manager feature can be used to reduce the RTO? A customer wants to upgrade a Hitachi enterprise storage unit with a tier one IBM storage unit by keeping data access interruption to a minimum. Which product should be recommended to the customer to achieve the migration of the data? The customer is running database applications for geological data and the amount of data is growing tremendously. The database server handles more than 30 TB of data. A month ago the IT environment was audited and feedback was that the recovery time of the database server took too much time. The customer has all the data on an IBM SAN volume controller. The data is backed up by IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM). Which product solution gives a better Recovery Time Objective and should be in the proposal? The customer has set new requirements for the Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective of the IT department. IBM created a proposal which includes hardware and software. Where in the Project Overview document is the description of the solution to achieve this? The proposed solution design includes these customer requirements: 1. Bare Metal Restores must be available for multiple platforms 2. No fuzzy backups of Microsoft Exchange Servers 3. Data deduplication must be performed Which product fulfills all requirements? A company's IT Manager has requested a topology view of the storage area network infrastructure. Which product provides this function? Which two items are included in a description of the existing environment to ensure that the disaster recovery site equipment is suitable for recovery? (Choose two.) Which statement is true about the technical value of using IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center? Which education class should a newly acquired, large customer begin with for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager? When documenting a company's existing Disaster Recovery Plan, which document should be gathered? Which factor can dictate customer data retention policies when determining the logical design of the backup infrastructure? Given the customer's storage hardware (storage area network (SAN), switches, tape, disk, and other devices), which two tasks should be done before IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center is implemented? (Choose two.) The customer environment analysis has identified benefits by improving backup granularity. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) FastBack can be integrated with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager to improve recovery. Which feature does TSM FastBack integration add to accomplish this? A customer developed an application that has to execute many IOPS on storage and for that reason the customer moves the application from network attached storage to fiber channel attached storage. A completely new design and infrastructure is created. Which certification should be obtained by the customer to maintain the infrastructure? What are two reasons a customer would implement IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Virtual Environments? (Choose two.) A company is adding virtual machines to their environment. What is the most effective way to allow file level backups? The customer has an IT environment build upon 40 Microsoft Windows servers and about 12 Linux servers. Every six months the customer exercises the Disaster Recovery Scenario. The plan is built with the help of Disaster Recovery Manager. This function of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) creates an executable disaster recovery plan. However, the last exercise took the customer too much time to setup the different servers and they were unable to achieve the Recovery Time Objective. There is a budget to make some improvements. The Service Level Agreement permits a data loss of 24 hours. Which recommendation supports the customer's goals? Which command provides the server storage used by all client nodes? In order to save storage pool space, the customer wants to upgrade to IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V6.2 and start using progressive incremental backups of Windows system state data. What is done to implement this feature? The customer is running a large database (4 TB) and has asked IBM for a proposal to reduce the load on the local area network (LAN) and to minimize the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) backup window. The IBM representative proposed using a LAN-free backup. The required investment contains hardware of 2 HBA (dual ports), fiber channel cable, and GBICs on the storage area network switch and implementation time. Which investment part is missing? Which two pieces of information should be included in the description of the current storage Service Level Agreement (SLA)? (Choose two.) What should be done to complete the Solution Project after collecting customer requirements and educational/experience level of personnel, creating a solution design and proposal, and presenting the solution proposal? The customer is replacing all storage hardware. The existing environment has some DS4800 and DS3500. The IBM proposal is to implement a SAN Volume Controller with DS5000. One of the most important customer requirements is that the acceptable data loss is 30 minutes in case of a disaster. Which element in the proposal will meet this requirement? The customer has asked IBM to design a hot site. Today, the customer has a large virtualized environment using VMware and DS5000. The second location of the customer is more than 100 miles away. The customer has arranged IP connections between the two sites. Which components make it possible for the DS5000 to replicate data over IP? The customer scans high resolution images and they are stored in a huge IBM N-Series storage server. All data is distributed using NFS and CIFS. The data has grown to 40 TB. Data is backed up using IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) clients on the server and with the network attached storage node backup. In the event of a disaster when data has to be restored it will take weeks to restore all of the data. What should IBM propose with the customer's minimized budget? A customer has a requirement to back up a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device. Which statement is true about how the tape library can be connected to back up this device using network data management protocol? A company has IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V6.2 (TSM) in their data center and is planning to open two remote locations, each with four IBM DB2 database servers requiring nightly backups. Which solution provides the most effective data protection for the remote site? Which certification is recommended to demonstrate the skills and knowledge to support mirroring between two customer sites? A customer experienced an IT disaster. During the disaster recovery the customer found out that the recovery was not organized. The customer wants to have it fixed immediately with the existing tools. The customer is using IBM Tivoli Storage Manager. Their Service Level Agreement gives them 24 hours to recover. Which workshop should be taken? A customer has a network attached storage device in the network with data of all the file and print servers of the company. Which product should be recommended to the customer in order to back up this data? Which two factors must be considered and documented when implementing IBM Tivoli Storage Manager? (Choose two.) A customer environment is going through a lifecycle process where legacy applications and old backup infrastructure will be consolidated and migrated to an IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) backup environment. The consolidated applications consist of one Windows server containing small files and four LAN-free MS Exchange servers. The TSM environment is operating at 90% of its capacity and consists of one TSM server backing up to an IBM 3583 library with four LT04 drives. The current backup environment uses a GigE dedicated backup network. Which list of hardware components should be documented and provided to the customer in order to add the new servers to the backup infrastructure? A customer using IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) has an outdated hard copy of a disaster recovery (DR) plan stored in a cabinet at the DR location. The hardware and software documented to recover the TSM server and other application servers does not correspond to the actual hardware and software versions currently in operation. Which recommendation should be documented and provided to the customer? Which application shows data storage trending for the customer's storage requirements? A customer is upgrading to IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V6.2 and wants to reduce the amount of data being stored. Due to network bandwidth restriction the solution should not add a significant load on the network. Which feature should be implemented? The proposed storage solution design must address the requirement for monitoring, discovery of new resources, and provide detailed information so that cost recovery (chargeback) of data resources can be accomplished. Which IBM product fulfills this requirement? The customer has an N-Series storage device and wants to perform tile level restores from the backups. Which functionality is required with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Extended Edition? Given these main parts of a project, which mandatory step is omitted from the project overview document? Step 11nstall and configure FastBack server, repository, and FastBack agents Step 2 Install and configure FastBack server and Disaster Recovery Hub agent remote site Step 3 Setup of backups and versioning Step A Configure Tivoli Backup for long-term data retention Step 5 Knowledge transfer Step 6 Documentation, evaluation and handover to customer Which document is created to specify the retention and recovery requirements for a business? A customer with multiple IBM and non-IBM tier one and tier two storage subsystems wants to reduce maintenance and administration costs due to having multiple administrators and management consoles to keep service level agreements with the business units supported by the IT organization. Which solution should be recommended to the customer? When creating a customer's current storage baseline document, what is relevant input into a Storage Solution Design Document? The customer is replacing all storage hardware. The existing environment has some DS4800 and DS3500. The IBM proposal is to implement a SAN Volume Controller with DS5000. One of the most important customer requirements is that the acceptable data loss is 30 minutes in case of a disaster. Which option describes this requirement? A customer using IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) has the infrastructure and hardware necessary to recover the TSM server to a remote location. The procedure to recover the TSM server is documented in a Microsoft Word (MS Word) file in one of the UNIX administrator's laptop. Which recommendation should be documented and provided to the customer?