C2010-509 - IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V7.1 Fundamentals

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Example Questions

What is an incremental by date backup? Which two types of server tasks are shown in the Operations Center? Which product assists in creating fast application-aware backups and restores for hardware point- in-time copies? What is the result when the migrate process moves data from a deduplicated pool to a non- deduplicated pool? What additional level of security can be used during the transfer of data from client and server? Which two types of operations are available on the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Backup- Archive GUI? Which statement is true about node replication? What is the purpose of the command query system? What is meant by the archive option, RETVER=365? What describes recalled files that are in resident state in relationship to space management? What is used to create customized IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) reports in TSM Reporting and Monitoring? What is the default log to record scheduled command output on a client? What happens to data that is scheduled to be archived if there is no archive copy group in the management class? What is the purpose of the command Query Actlog search=...? What occurs in the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Operations Center V7.1 when the command set status skip as failure off type=vm is set in the TSM server? Which log records the sessions of the web client? What controls the flow of data from a primary random disk storage pool to a sequential tape storage pool? What is the purpose of the command, validate lanfree? Reclamation can be done on which type of storage pool? What is compatible with client-side deduplication? Which option meets the requirement to provide online snapshot backups for an enterprise Oracle database? What is granted with client node access privilege? Which scheduling mode is initiated by the server contacting a registered client? If there is no icon to start the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Java GUI on a UNIX system, which step can be taken to start the GUI? What can be done so that a data center can maintain highly available restore and recovery capabilities across data centers? Once the nightly backups are finished, what is one additional way to protect the files? What is left on the client disk when a file is migrated using IBM Tivoli Storage Manager space management? Where can the operator immediately determine whether the backup has failed or succeeded? Which IBM Tivoli Storage Manager processes control the amount of data stored in primary storage pools? The host application creates transaction logs and rotates old logs to a temp directory every hour. Which action ensures the logs are saved to the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server before deleting them? What is the result of the Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) server command query filespace? Which IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) V7.1 component provides a general overview of the status of the TSM server and clients? What does the command query inclexcl show? What is meant by the server option Dedup Requires Backup? What is the purpose of a storage agent? Which two statements describe the process of collocation? Which level of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager administrator authority includes the ability to restore node data from a remote system to a local system? Which task or process might be included in a server administrative schedule? What is the purpose of the client acceptor daemon? What is the purpose of the VirtualNodename option? In the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Operations Center V7.1, what does the interval parameter of the set status at risk interval specify? What does the message ANR***W format indicate? Which IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server database backup type can be taken offsite? What is the main difference between backup and archive? There is a requirement to provide hot backups for a physical machine running Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. What is a prerequisite? Which statement is true regarding the recovery plan file? Disk drives are used for which two types of storage pools? What is the purpose of a copy storage pool? There are NAS files that need long term archival retention of some but not all files. Which two actions will resolve this in IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V7.1? A storage pool contains backup data from several clients and has collocation by node enabled. If collocation is disabled by setting collocation to No, what is the immediate effect on files already stored in the storage pool?