C2010-502 - IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices V2.1 Implementation Exam

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Example Questions

What must occur in order to remove an iOS profile from a managed device? What is the recommended maximum number of iOS devices that should report to an iOS management extender? How many BlackBerry Enterprise Servers can be managed by a single BlackBerry Management Extender? An operator has created and saved a Password Policy task for an Android device by accessing the Security Info tab on the IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices Single Device View dashboard. Which dashboard can they use to access this task so they can apply it to other managed Android devices? Which component is required to manage iOS devices through e-mail management? An employee is using a corporate Android device with access to corporate e-mail using NitroDesk TouchDown and with a corporate application used to offer services. The employee has lost the device and notifies the IT department. What is the best action that an IBM Endpoint Manager console operator can take to prevent any access to corporate data from the lost device? What is the default URL of the Self Service Portal? Where would a device obtain an APK file during application installation once it has been imported to the IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices? (Choose two.) What is the default port mobile devices use to communicate with an iOS management extender? IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices commands are not being received by iOS Management Extender managed devices. What is the first log to check? Which two mobile device operating systems can register with IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices with authenticated enrollment? (Choose two.) What can be enforced regardless of the kind of managed mobile devices either with direct management or with e-mail sync protocols? How can an IBM Endpoint Manager (IEM) Enterprise App store be built? What does the Refresh Interval setting refer to when configuring the Management Extender for Lotus Traveler? Which method is supported to manage BlackBerry 10 devices within IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices? A customer just distributed Android tablets to the company's sales forces. The IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices environment will provide a Corporate AppStore. Which port will be used between the Android tablets and the management extender to perform management functions and download applications? Which two statements are true about using the Self Service Portal? (Choose two.) What must be done before the SAFE management features can be used on compatible mobile devices? An administrator wants to create a new security policy to disable the camera on managed Android devices using the Android Security Policies dashboard. What are the platform requirements to support this policy? Apple devices are not receiving commands sent from the iOS Management Extender. Which log file should be checked to ensure the iOS extender is communicating with the Apple Push Notification Service? Which type of account must be used to install and configure the IBM Endpoint Manager (IEM) Self Service Portal? What is the recommended maximum number of Android devices that should report to a single relay? On an Android device, which port does the Mobile Client use for communication with a relay or server? Which certificate needs to be installed on the iOS Management Extender for an iOS device to be managed? How can it be determined which devices are being managed using the IBM Sync protocol when viewing a list of devices in the Single Device View dashboard? Which function does the Mobile App Watch List allow? Which platforms and components are required to install a BlackBerry Management Extender? Which statement is true about the number of iOS devices managed through the Microsoft Exchange Management Extender? How can users' devices that are managed by a particular Microsoft Exchange Management Extender be limited? An IBM Endpoint Manager administrator who is responsible for managing iOS mobile devices needs to view a list of applications installed on a particular OS device. Where can this be done? Which restriction profile can be activated on an iOS device to reduce the risk of corporate information leakage? What is the function of the NitroDesk TouchDown provisioning task? What is the correct value and meaning for the returned value of the inspector hardware encryption capabilities of <device> on an iOS device? The management extender is located in a DMZto allow communications from roaming devices. To ensure better protection the Trusted Service Provider (TSP) component is installed and configured on a different system that is not in the DMZ. Which default port is used for communications between the two mobile device management components, the self service portal, and the TSP to exchange information about a user's authentication? What needs to be set in an iOS profile to prevent users from copying e-mail from a corporate account to a personal account? What are two appropriate returned values of the inspector device encryption state of <device security> on an Android device? (Choose two.) Which two statements are true about iOS encryption and iCloud functionally? (Choose two.) An Android device cannot be enrolled with a message similar to: Received an invalid server URL. What should be checked by the IBM Endpoint Manager administrator to identity the problem? How can the IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices component diagnostic web pages help troubleshoot an issue with the Trusted Service Provider (TSP)? How many BlackBerry' Management Extenders must be deployed at a customer who has 3 BlackBerry Enterprise Servers and has already setup and configured a Management Extender for Lotus Traveler? Is it possible to silently install applications on Android devices? Which functionality is available when using iOS Management Extender to manage an iOS device? What is required to get a signed certificate trusted by the Apple Push Notification Service? Which statement is true regarding managed applications on iOS devices? When creating additional filter options in the Enterprise Apps Management dashboard, what are two valid options that can be set to filter the applications that are displayed based on the application's origin? (Choose two.) How can access to the Google Play store be denied to a user using IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices? A customer is restricting their mobile device environment to 1000 iOS devices and 1000 Android devices. What is the minimum number of relays needed and in what configuration? An IBM Endpoint Manager operator wants to edit an existing ActiveSync Mailbox policy. After accessing the MS Exchange Security Policies dashboard, they discover that no Exchange Mailbox profiles currently exist. What must be done before they can edit a mailbox profile? A customer is implementing a self service portal and wants to expose the service to the Internet to enable employees to perform self-management functions when they are connected to hot-spots located outside the corporate network. Which port must be opened to make the service available to users? Which statement is true about encryption on an Android device?