BCP-340 - Support BB10 Devices & BB Device Services in Enterprise Environment

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Example Questions

Microsoft ActiveSync enables mobile phone users to do what? Under which Profile can you configure which messaging server or email account a BlackBerry User will connect? Which browser transport is preferred for lower cost internet browsing while roaming? When creating a Wi-Fi profile and specifying an Associated SCEP Profile, which set of EAP security values are allowed? How does the activation process occur? Where can 'new email notifications be configured? When using a proxy server to manage how BlackBerry Smartphone connect to web pages, what are the types available for creating a proxy profile? The BDS administrator can create an SCEP profile for a simplified means of: Which pre-configured Administrator Role has the highest privileges? Exchange ActiveSync is a protocol used on mobile devices that enables What language and protocol does Exchange ActiveSync use to communicate between the messaging server and mobile device? Where is the information stored on the Enterprise Management Agent? Which of the following uses an IPPP connection to the BlackBerry Device Service (BDS)? A user sends a BlackBerry Messenger request by PIN: what s the quickest way to verify in the BlackBerry Administration console which user this pin request belongs to? What steps are taken to enable delivery confirmations for SMS messages? What are the available Display and Action options for the BlackBerry Hub? To add a permission to a role or remove an existing permission from a role, which built-in role would be used? Besides a problem description and the server logs at debug level, which of the following information will be needed to investigate an issue? The BlackBerry Administration Service does which of the following? What are the different methods for assigning an activation password for a BlackBerry device? Which component of the BlackBerry Device Service (BDS) updates the contact list from Active Directory to the BlackBerry Configuration Database every 24 hours? A user logs onto Web Desktop with the Chrome browser and notices this error: Some functionally of the BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager is unavailable because communications are disabled. Why are communications disabled? Which of the following lists is that of BlackBerry Device Service (BDS) components? If users wish to perform a wired activation, which browser(s) is/are supported? Which three components are used to contact a device? Which is a supported method to perform a device switch from an older BlackBerry 5 to 7 device to a new BlackBerry 10 (BB10)? What is the main function of the Enterprise Management Web Service? There is an existing set of IT policies, including a Voice Control IT policy, assigned to a number of groups on the server, including a group for the Sales team. Every group is assigned a single IT policy. You are tasked with disallowing voice control commands on the device for the Sales team. You would What activation setting is new at the server level for BlackBerry Device Service (BDS) 6.2? What can be defined when configuring the manual option for enterprise proxy profile? Where are the settings to enable and configure S/MIME located on the BlackBerry Smartphone? An Administrator can restrict personal applications from accessing any work connections on BlackBerry 10 (BB10) devices using the BlackBerry Device Service (BDS). Which of the following controls this access? What are two types of proxy profiles an Admin can create? When sending and receiving email, what is the default access point that allows data to go through the BlackBerry Infrastructure? A user would like to activate a BlackBerry 10 (BB10) device using BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager over USB. The initial connection to the BlackBerry Device Service server for the activation will first connect to the: Where can the ActiveSync Server address be found in the email account information? A user requests an immediate password to activate a BlackBerry device but the user is not found in the server by searching Administration Service. What should be done next? What administrative tasks can be performed using the BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager Option? Which is a pre-configured group in a default install of the Blackberry Administration Service? Which BlackBerry Device Service (BDS) component is responsible for initiating the connection to the BlackBerry Infrastructure? A new user would like to activate a BlackBerry 10 (BB10) device but does not have a Wi-Fi connection. An Enterprise Activation password is set for the user. The initial connection to the BlackBerry Device Service (BDS) for the activation will first flow through the BlackBerry 10 (BB10) devices activated on BlackBerry Device Service 6.2 can perform a backup of data stored in the work perimeter instead of the entire device. Which one of the following is included in the work perimeter backup? When creating a user and setting an activation password, where is the password stored? An activation password is no longer valid if which of the following events occurs? Which of the following is a valid IT Policy rule? What action is taken to access the BlackBerry Hub? When activating a Blackberry device over the wireless network, what component on the BlackBerry device is responsible for establishing a connection to the BlackBerry Device Service (BDS)? Which option best describes how to add a user to a BlackBerry Device Service (BDS) domain? Which statement below accurately describes the Enterprise Administrator? What default ports are required to be available for Enterprise Activation with the Enterprise Management Web Service?