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A reliable measure is one that is: Robert has been referred because he is losing significant amounts of weight due to refusal of most foods. What should the behavior analyst consider first? A behavior analyst is developing a generalization procedure for a newly mastered response. What strategy should be included in the procedure? A mother wants to reduce the amount of time that it takes for her son to come to her when she calls him. What should be measured? The behavior analyst has had good results with an intervention she designed that makes access to video games contingent upon playing with other children. She now wants to compare the effects of differing amounts of video game access time. She should conduct a When using time-out in a classroom, which concern is the MOST important to consider? To teach Beth to wash her hands, staff trained Beth in all the steps identified in the task analysis in each session. They also introduced prompts in successive levels if Beth did not respond after a two-second waiting period. Which behavior chaining procedure was used in this program? Teaching a receptive-identification task falls in the category of _____ instruction. One limitation of descriptive analysis is that it: All of the following are appropriate methods for promoting maintenance and generalization of newly trained behaviors EXCEPT: Missy has learned that if she is thirsty and wants juice, she says, "Juice" and gets juice. The connection between saying "Juice" and receiving juice is BEST described as: Fred does not follow some of the directives imposed by the direct care staff. A behavior analyst has been asked to put a program in place that will get Fred to comply with all directives. The behavior analyst should FIRST Which is the BEST example of stimulus generalization? Why should extinction be used in combination with reinforcement-based procedures? The MOST critical consideration when selecting a behavior change intervention is: What determines the amount of change at each step in a changing-criterion design? Which verbal operants are most crucial in the development of vocal speech? A mand is: Having obtained appropriate consent, a behavior analyst wishes to communicate data to non-behavior analyst colleagues and family of the client. The most appropriate presentation strategy is: Clifford's lawn work is steady and up to standard as long as his work is verbally praised approximately every twelfth completed mower circuit. However, at times the crew chief is unable to praise his work at that moment. When praise is not forthcoming, Clifford usually stops working. The best way to facilitate maintenance and generalization of Clifford's work, using a self-management technique, would be to: Jason and Justin sit together and tease one another in class. Often the teasing evolves into Jason and Justin arguing with each other. The FIRST action should be to: Fiona cannot independently open her lunchbox. It is lunch time. The teacher closes the latch on Fiona's lunchbox and places it in front of Fiona. The teacher has manipulated the A colleague who is friends with one of a behavior analyst's clients asks the behavior analyst during a break at a local peer review meeting how the case is going. The behavior analyst should As part of evaluating procedural integrity on a school based program, it is important for the behavior analyst to assess the quality of data collected by a teacher. The BEST method is for the behavior analyst to? According to the BACB Guidelines for Responsible Conduct, documenting professional and scientific work is necessary to: Which is the BEST description of the results obtained during the second session of the baseline condition? The most appropriate tool for performing a behavior pattern analysis is a (n): A parent reports that her 2-year-old daughter uses a number of stalling techniques to avoid bedtime once she is told to go to bed. What would be a good progress measure for going to bed when told? All of the following are examples of the use of setting events EXCEPT: Three boys with autism, ages 7­10 years old, served as participants in a study. During baseline, staff used response blocking when five instances of aggression or head-banging occurred within 10 seconds, until attempts ceased for 1 minute. During baseline and treatment, each occurrence of aggression and head-banging was recorded daily and converted to the number of responses per hour. Treatment comprised a differential reinforcement of incompatible behavior (DRI) schedule coupled with response blocking after every head-banging or aggression. The staff initially applied the treatment to head- banging, while continuing to take a baseline on aggression. After noting treatment effects on head-banging, the staff then applied the treatment to aggression. In this scenario, how was direct replication shown? Mrs. Carr's 4-year-old son, Jack, often interrupted her and asked her to play with him. Mrs. Carr would tell Jack that she would play later, but she often followed him and played for a few minutes. On a very busy day, Mrs. Carr told Jack that she could not play with him. Jack began to cry and ran out of the room. Mrs. Carr followed him, calmed him down, and played for a few minutes. This pattern was repeated several times so Mrs. Carr decided to be firm with Jack and to ignore future interruptions. The next day Jack came in sobbing and screaming, "Play now!" Mrs. Carr gave in and played with him. The most likely explanation for Jack's increasingly disruptive behavior is that: What type of analysis should be conducted to determine the amount of a particular stimulus provided on any given trial that will serve as an effective reinforcer? In the past, Parnelli consistently drove at high speeds on city streets. However, he was pulled over and had to immediately pay a very expensive fine. Afterward, Parnelli very seldom drove at high rates of speed. Which of the following might account for the effect of the lost money resulting from paying the fine? A stimulus is defined as Which procedure is the MOST reasonable and effective application of incidental teaching? Response prompts are supplementary _________ stimuli that _________ the likelihood that the target behavior will be emitted. Disruptive behavior occurs at a moderate rate and consistent intensity level throughout the school day. How should the teacher collect data on the behavior? A DRO was implemented for a young child with developmental delays to address reduction in the behavior of hair pulling. The child also has excessive levels of nose picking, and skin picking. Data collection needs to include rates of these behaviors as well due to the possible effects of behavioral: For which of the following would it be appropriate to measure duration? Before recruitment of participants for a research study begins, a behavior analyst needs to: In an attempt to promote verbal behavior in her child with developmental delays, a mother is following recommendations to wait for her child to spontaneously make the corresponding vocal response before providing her with the followinG. cookies, juice, help, M&Ms, chips, milk, sandwich, and "more." The verbal response the mother is attempting to promote is: When conducting an analogue functional analysis, the condition commonly used as a control is the: Steve is a behavior analyst working with staff members who are not implementing programs on a consistent basis. Staff report that the heavy workload interferes with their ability to run the programs consistently. What should Steve do FIRST to address this problem? What is the next step in the assessment process if data from the functional analysis do NOT support the original hypothesis? One benefit of completing a descriptive analysis regarding a student's in-school behavior is that it: Jamie and Morgan have similar behavior challenges and similar daily schedules. A behavior analyst has spent extensive time and effort on developing and implementing Morgan's plan, which is proving to be very successful. How should the behavior analyst proceed with developing a treatment plan for Jamie? Mitch, a 17-year-old with intellectual disabilities, has made great progress on toileting and hand- washing skills at school. Ethically, which procedure would be the MOST appropriate? Larry engages in self-injurious behavior which is maintained by automatic reinforcement. This behavior results in abrasions on both of his arms as a result of intense scratching. The behavior analyst decides to have Larry only wear long sleeved shirts as an initial effort to reduce the behavior. This is an example of which type of procedure? Which of the following is an example of a listener response? When providing behavior analytic services to a child in a school setting, a behavior analyst should

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