ASVAB - Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

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Example Questions

The proportioning valve in a hydraulic brake system If 0.05 ÷ x = 1, then x = Fete most nearly means: The goal of the treaty is to develop international amity and reciprocal trade. The value of 8° is Lasers and incandescent lights are different in an important way. Incandescent light from light bulbs emits light of different wavelengths and moves in many directions. On the other hand, laser beams are monochromatic, consisting of a single wavelength. They can travel great distances without spreading. Any comparison of laser and incandescent lights must include a discussion of Which is considered the left side of an engine? Kinetic energy is A paramecium is: How can a gear system derive the greatest amount of mechanical advantage when a seven-tooth gear drives a Radio waves travel: Most cells without a cell wall also lack A fuse with a higher-than-required rating used in an electrical circuit: Sledges can be used to drive: The traditions of Freemasonry have evolved over many centuries and from many sources. These traditions are a powerful force that cements a Lodge and Freemasons into one sacred band. They can be modified--but only slowly--to fit the needs of the organization. As individual Freemasons become aware of the traditions, they soon learn that they are part of something larger than themselves. The traditions of Freemasonry teach new members that A magnifying glass is what kind of lens used on objects how far away? Theorize most nearly means: What's the mode of the following series of numbers? 4 4 8 8 8 10 10 12 12 I deplore your actions. Unlike most other fish, sharks have no: The television broadcast standard used in the United States is: When the mixture of fuel and air bums in the cylinder, it creates a temperature of Solve the following inequity: 2/3(6x ­ 9) + 4 > 5x + 1 The number of cranks a crankshaft has on a V-8 engine is: Most automobile engines are A yellow flame on a gas furnace indicates: The amount of magnification that a machine produces is referred to as the The primary purpose of piston rings is to: An audience consists of M people, and 2/3 of the audience are adults. C the adults, 1/2 are males. How many adult males are in the audience? What are chloroplasts? Convert 314,000 to scientific notation. A student buys a science textbook for $18.00, a math textbook for $14.50, and a dictionary for $9.95. What's the total cost of the books? DNA, a nucleic acid contained in all living material, orders every cell to reproduce in a certain manner. In feet, DNA molecules determine both the form and function of all living cells. DNA is Protein can be found in all of the following foods EXCEPT: The FM band covers What is the value of (0.2)3? He was an amateur astronomer. The force produced when a boxer's hand hits a heavy bag and "bounces" off it is called: The Panama Canal is a ship canal that cuts through the Isthmus of Panama, connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Although several foreign companies tried to build the canal throughout the 19th century, none were successful. After the U.S. helped Panama revolt against Columbia, the U.S. was given rights to the land the canal occupied. The U.S. government finished the canal in 1914. According to this passage: The fruit was edible. During the compression stroke on a fourcycle engine: Ridicule most nearly means: A wall is 7 feet 8 inches in height; four vertical pieces of wallpaper are needed tC. ver the wall. Assuming there is no waste, what is the minimum length that a roll of wallpaper must be tC. ver the wall? When a circuit breaker trips, in what position will you find the operating handle? What is the value of (V13)2 ? Her answer was terse. How many paths of electrical flow can be found in a series circuit? His vapid presentation earned him a C in the class. Your piggy bank contains $19.75 in dimes and quarters. There are 100 coins in all. How many dimes are there? A gaseous product of the fermentation of sugar is

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