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Example Questions

Agile planning happens at multiple levels including a daily plan, an sprint plan and a strategic plan. What term best describes the multi-level planning? A user story was estimated at five ideal hours. On a normal eight hour working day, the team gets about four hours of actual work time. What would be the elapsed time required to complete the Story? Under what circumstances would a team use Affinity Estimation Technique instead of Planning Poker? Who should update the work estimates during the Sprint? Which is a statement of value as described in the Agile manifesto? A story was estimated at eight ideal hours. A working day is eight hours. Developers can get about six hours of work done on a daily basis. What is the elapsed time required to complete the story? A team has eleven members spread over two locations across two time zones. One of the locations has six team members and the other team has five. Where should a Scrum Master be located? What should the Scrum Master advise the team to give their main focus, while working in a global distributed team? During a Sprint Planning session, the team argues about the work estimates for a particular story. What value (in days) should be used for planning? Which of the following statements best expresses the role that the daily stand-up meeting plays in the monitoring of a Scrum project? Which means of communication is the most preferable to clarify the interpretation of a requirement? Who knows most about the progress towards a business objective or a release? Why is planning poker an effective estimation technique? When is a Sprint complete? What is the expected outcome of the first Sprint on a project? For a Sprint, progress is monitored in a burn-up chart with bars. What makes the bar become longer? What is an information radiator? What is the objective of the Scrum-of-Scrums meeting? A 200 member project team is working on a large and complex system with multiple sub- systems. They would like to start using the Agile Scrum methodology. As a Scrum Master, what would your best advice be? A Scrum team failed to meet the Sprint objectives. One of the key members of the team fell ill and was away for two days right at the beginning of the four week Sprint. What is the most likely reason that the team did not meet the Sprint objectives? Collaboration is the most important parameter for the success of an Agile team. What term best describes this type of interaction? Which Scrum ritual is meant to look back and improve upon the finished Sprint? During a Sprint, the team completes four stories with story points 3, 5, 8 and 2 respectively. They further complete half a story with a story point of 13. What is the velocity of the team? From which sport is the term "Scrum" and much of the terminology derived? A team selects a Product Backlog Item (PBI) for the Sprint Backlog. What must a team do to finish the Product Backlog Item it selects? The team determines that it has over-committed itself for a Sprint. Who should be present when reviewing and adjusting the Sprint work? Why are estimates expressed in terms of story points difficult to explain outside of the team? How does Agile bring predictability to the Planning process? Who is responsible for implementing the actions agreed upon by the team during a Retrospective? An engineering organization is transforming their project management method to use Agile Scrum. What is the best approach to the transformation? Why does the Daily Scrum need to be held at the same location and time? What is the relationship between the Product Backlog, the Release Backlog and the Sprint Backlog? What message can you give to a customer about a key benefit of using Scrum? In a Scrum project, when would a requirement get added to the Product backlog? Sprint planning should result in a commitment on what will be delivered at the end of the Sprint. Who makes this commitment? What is a Scrum-of-Scrums? What is a Sprint? Who is the owner of a Sprint Backlog Item during the Sprint Planning meeting? What is the primary responsibility of a Scrum Master in order to keep a Scrum team working at its peak level of productivity? What is the usual length of the time box for the complete Sprint Planning meeting? What is a characteristic of a well-designed Agile work space? What is an "escaped defect"? A large product team features six different teams having ten members each, working on a project that involves four high level features. How many Product Backlogs should the team have? A team is estimating story points. They estimate that the story falls between a large (13) and a medium (5) and they assign a story point of 8. What is this technique called? A customer requests a report that summarizes functionality added and defects found and fixed, right at the end of a Sprint. Who may best prepare this report? According to Agile principles, what should be the pace of development? What is meant by the velocity of the team? A team estimates a Story using the Planning Poker technique. The team decides to allocate five Story points to the Story, because the Developers estimated two points and the Testers estimated three points. Which statement is true regarding this scenario? A team decided to install a large traffic light in the team hall to indicate whether the latest build was healthy (green), failing a few tests (orange) or failing high priority tests (red). What term can be used to describe the traffic light? The Product Owner is going on a three-week vacation. The team should be closing the current Sprint and starting a new Sprint at the end of the first week of the Product Owner's vacation. What is the best way to continue the Scrum rituals in this situation?