ADM-201 - Administration Essentials for New Admins

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Example Questions

Page layouts are assigned to users based on Select the correct choice Record type picklist filtering applies to dependent picklists. Which statement about custom summary formulas is true? In order to implement more business process multiple record types must also be implemented: How many records of a custom object can a System Admin import using the Salesforce Import Wizard? What is a Record Type? Select the right choice When a field is deleted from the pagelayout, does it is also deleted from the Object? You can create a custom report on solution categories and solution categories are available in list views. Formatting of report is maintained when it is exported via Printable View? What would you change if all of your online help was displayed in English and you wanted it to be German? If Custom Fiscal Years are enabled then you cannot use Standard Forecasting? Workflow rules trigger automatically and are visible to the user. A public group is a grouping of all Except? Author and the owner have same access to the document Case escalation rules triggered on the last modification will be reset each time a user adds an activity or sends an email from the case record? Multiple record types may be created for every tab, with the exception of You can use standard reports when creating Dashboards What would prevent a user from including fields when running a report? Workflow rules can't be triggered by campaign statistic fields, including individual campaign statistics and campaign hierarchy statistics. Which object cannot use sharing rules to manage access? From the below ...identify the WF action? Activities are both Tasks and Calendars All of the following are true about Opportunity Pipeline and Forecast reporting EXCEPT: Custom Summary Formulas can run calculations on custom formula fields. Clients do not have to enable Customizable forecasting before they can ask salesforce to activate Territory Management. Joe imports records for Sara, a non-active user. Sara's records will be assigned to Joe. Which of them is not a Standard Business Object? Select the user permissions which override field-level security (Select all that apply): Can the DataLoader access all objects? If a user tries to login outside the IP range specified in their profile, the result will be. Personalizing SFDC: If I want to update my personal info, email settings, etc. I have to: How can you export accounts and contacts in a Contact Manager edition of Salesforce? Which of the following was NOT a new feature in Summer 09? Which graphs rely on grand total for dashboards? Custom Summary Formulas are based on hard record values but used to create a temporary formula for custom reporting needs. What are the opportunity defaults when converting a lead to an opportunity? What is the new Chart type available after Spring 11? An Approval Process begins when a record is: Which of these has many-to-many relationship? Documents count toward Data Storage. What are two sources from which cases can be created? Tab settings allow System Admin to customize which tabs are visible to users: What is Platform? Choose 3 answers: Which of the following are standard Salesforce applications? A Sales VP wishes to view Dashboard data by region within his territory - what feature will allow this? You can rename standard Tabs and Objects. 9962077244 You can not use the browser's print function to print reports. If you change the data type of any custom field used for lead conversion, that lead field mapping will be deleted: All of the following objects may have a queue EXCEPT Which report format provides a tabular listing of data with sorting and subtotalling of said data.

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