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Example Questions

Which of the following charts are available for selection in Spectrum Dashboard for AP 125? The Aruba controller's Command Line Interface can be accessed from WITHIN the browser based Web User Interface using which method? In a network of 1 Master and 2 Local, to terminate 8 APs on each controller with Local redundancy what should be the license count on all controllers? Which of the following needs to be done prior to attempting to use the GUI quick setup of a factory defaulted Aruba S3500 Mobility Access Switch? In Visual RF, Floor plans can be imported in what format? When an Aruba 6000 controller has two M3 modules installed, for which uses may the modules be used? (Choose two) Which of the following configurations can accept a VLAN pool? (Choose two) One hundred (100) additional APs were deployed in an existing network. But some APs are not able to connect to the lms-ip address, even though all of the APs belong to the same AP group. Which of the following are NOT potential causes? (Choose two) A customer has configured a 3000 controller with the following commands: Vlan 55 Vlan 56 Vlan 57 Interface gigabitethernet 1/0 switchport mode trunk switchport trunk native vlan 55 switchport trunk allowed vlan 55-57 Which of the following sentences best describes this port? Which method can APs use to discover a controller? What are the Airtime Allocation Policy options for Airtime Performance Protection? What are the Airtime Allocation Policy options for Airtime Fairness? (Choose three) Which log type should be enabled to troubleshoot IPSec authentication issues on Aruba Controllers? An Aruba controller can be configured to support which CLI based remote access methods? An AP resolved DNS and found the master controller. How will this AP be redirected to a Local controller? An Aruba Controller is configured with VLAN 1,5, 200, and 4095. All VLANs have IP addresses assigned. Which is the default management VLAN on the Aruba controller? Which of the following are valid RAP operating modes? What settings need to be changed on a factory default AP in order for it to use ADP to discover the Aruba Controller? By default, which CLI based remote access method is enabled on Aruba controllers? Which netdestination aliases are built into the controller? (Choose three) Where in the network can Aruba controllers be deployed? What are the different methods of configuring AP redundancy between 2 local controllers? A controller is provisioned in L3 Mode for Wireless Users. What must be configured on the controller to enable DHCP requests to an external DHCP server? Which of the following parameters can be specified in a rule for AP classification? (Choose three) When does a RAP's backup SSID begin broadcasting? What can an AM do that an AP cannot do? What Wizards can be used to create a new AP Group? A port on a controller has been configured as untrusted. No wired access AAA profile or Global AAA profile is configured. When a user connects to that port which of the following statements is true? Refer to the following configuration segment for this item. netdestination "internal" no invert network position 1 range position 2 ! ip access-list session "My-Policy" alias "user" alias "internal" service_any permit queue low ! A user frame is evaluated against this firewall policy with the following attributes: Source IP: Destination IP: Destination Port: 80 Referring to the above file segment, how will the frame be handled by this firewall policy? An Aruba controller is configured with the correct IP address and gateway information and is connected to the corporate LAN via a core layer 2 switch. Control Plane Security is not enabled on the network. An access point is provisioned with AP name and group and connected to a different Layer 2 switch on the corporate LAN that has IP connectivity to the core layer 2 switch. The AP powers on and layer 2 connects to the network, but the wireless radios do not power on. Which could cause this condition? (Choose two) With Fast-Failover disabled, to which IP address should the Aruba AP terminate its GRE tunnel for layer 2 controller redundancy to work and to support failover of access points? When are the system-defined default roles added to the configuration on the controller? Which access point models support concurrent operations in both the ā€œb/gā€ band as well as the ā€œaā€ band? (Choose all the correct answers.) An 7240 controller is Licensed for 560 APs. The controller has 500 Campus APs terminating on the controller. How many Remote APs can terminate on this controller? Which of the following APs support remote AP operation? show ap active Active AP Table --------------- Name Group IP Address 11g Clients 11g Ch/EIRP/MaxEIRP 11a Clients 11a Ch/EIRP/MaxEIRP ---- ----- ---------- --------- ------------------- ----------- ------------------- AP1 building1 0 AM 0 AM AP2 building1 0 AM 0 AM A user called technical support because they cannot see any of their APs in building one. You perform the "show" command as illustrated above. What can you conclude about these two APs from this output? With CPSec enabled, which tunnel protocol is used between APs and Controllers in an Aruba environment? Two Aruba 620 controllers are configured as a VRRP pair. One of the controllers fails. Which is the maximum number of campus APs that the remaining controller can terminate? The Aruba Policy Enforcement Firewall (PEF) module supports source network address translation (src-nat). Which is a common use of this statement in an Aruba configuration? A customer forgot all passwords for a controller. What method could you use to reset the passwords? How does an Aruba infrastructure calculate a wireless device's location? Which of the following firewall rules allows a user to initiate an ICMP session to other devices? (Choose two) An AP 105 was converted into a RAP. The RAP can authenticate its IPSec tunnel to a controller using which of the following methods? (Choose two) What additional fields must be configured in the configuration wizard if the controller role is selected as a local instead of a standalone controller? An AP is not communicating with the controller. Upon investigation you find that the AP is not discovering its controller through DNS. Instead, it received a DHCP reply with option 43 specifying the SIP server's IP address. How do you resolve this problem? An Aruba 650 controller is functioning as a standby Master. How many APs can it control while in standby mode? Which Aruba controllers are able to provide IEEE 802.3af POE? (Choose all the correct answers.) If a Remote AP (RAP) is attempting to contact a controller that is behind a NAT device what protocol must be allowed through the NAT/Firewall? Which of the following controllers has an integrated single radio AP? The Aruba Policy Enforcement Firewall (PEF-NG) module supports destination network address translation (dst-nat). Which is the default use of this statement in an Aruba controller configuration?