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Example Questions

Of the following, what is the BEST treatment for a Class IV fracture of a lateral incisor with no pulp exposure and otherwise healthy teeth? During occlusal equilibration, the general rule to correct an anterior slide is to reduce the: There is a direct relationship between the f-stop and depth of field. Which is correct? Centric relation is: When using dual-cured resin cements, the use of light activated curing is: Using the principles of golden proportion, the ideal width of a central incisor should be what percent of its length? Of the following, which class of composites demonstrates the BEST physical and optical properties for both anterior and posterior composite restorations? In comparing the use of electrosurgery lasers, and scalpels to achieve the desired gingival modification around implants: Which of the following can aid in reliably achieving centric relation? A properly shade matched porcelain veneer will often appear dark immediately after the seat appointment due to which of the following? The avoidance of open cervical embrasures can BEST be achieved by placing the interproximal contact points relative to the interproximal: The "white line" which shows up occasionally when finishing a composite restoration between the restoration and tooth structure is caused by what? Which of the following may adversely affect bond strengths and result in increased microleakage? What does potassium nitrate do in bleaching materials? Maxillary anterior tooth length can be evaluated using which of the following phonetic guidelines: If a ceramic crown repeatedly fractures on the facial incisal of tooth #8. the MOST likely cause is tooth preparation with which of the following? When utilizing an acellular dermal matrix as a graft material in covering exposed root surfaces, which of the following is BEST to completely cover the area? The optimal preparation for posterior all-ceramic restorations is a: The general guideline for minimal ferrule design is: How can the undesirable effects of polymerization shrinkage be managed? When considering ceramics for posterior restorations, one should recognize that ceramics are stronger when? During proper articulation of the "S" sound, which of the following BEST describes the relationship of the incisal edges of the maxillary and mandibular incisors for the majority of patients? What feature of dentin hybridization makes it useful for resin bonding? A white opacity near the incisal one-third of a permanent incisor is MOST likely the result of what? A lateral incisor is being replaced with an implant. Where should the superior/inferior positioning of the implant platform be placed? What does platform switching describe? The long axis of a tooth inclines distally in the inciso-apical direction. Which of the following is also true? When a connective tissue graft is placed over an anterior implant site, it is BEST to: The process of directing occlusal forces through the long axis of the teeth is known as axial: When selecting a shade, the proper indoor lighting is: The inner surface of feldspathic porcelain veneers should be etched with which acid? The purpose of a primer in a fourth generation adhesive system (etch and rinse followed by a separate prime and bond) is to: In occlusal equilibration, which of the following BEST describes the proper considerations for treatment? Opalescence can be defined as: Which of the following is a disadvantage of subepithelial connective tissue (CT) grafting? Facial midlines coincide with dental midlines in approximately what percentage of people? Most occlusal splints have one primary function; what is it? What is the complex of resin-reinforced dentin that exists after adhesive application when using a "total etch" system? The term given when the gingiva does not recede normally, leaving a facial sulcus of 3.0 mm -- 4.0 mm or greater is: Which of the following would be the main advantage of utilizing a layering technique with composite resin in restoring a disto-occlusal Class II restoration? Which of the following is defined by the outward pressure of the tongue versus the inward pressure of the perioral musculature? Progressive loading of dental implants is: Fractured tooth #9 will be extracted. To preserve bone height, a dentist should ideally: In what direction is alveolar bone resorption observed following a maxillary tooth extraction? Dermal matrix grafting possesses distinct advantages over palatal connective tissue. Why? On average, the distance from the base of the gingival sulcus to the alveolar bone is: According to the literature, what is the average height of soft tissue that can be expected to form over the interimplant crest of bone? When determining the shade of a tooth, once the tooth becomes desiccated, it: The bond of the carbon fibers to the composite will be enhanced by: Following tray bleaching, the recommended delay before initiating composite bonding is how long?