A4040-332 - Assessment: High Availability for AIX - Technical Support and Administration -v2

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Example Questions

An administrator adds a new network interface to each node in a 2-node PowerHA 7 cluster, and sets the IP addresses. When is the new network interface used for heartbeating? An administrator performed a DARE operation in their cluster configuration. During this operation one of the cluster nodes halted. The node halt was an isolated problem, however, as a result the DARE operation did not complete. When the failed node was re-integrated to the cluster, the following error was received when trying to perform the DARE operation again: cldare: A lock for a Dynamic Reconfiguration event has been detected. Which action will resolve the problem? An administrator unintentionally changed the name of an online resource group on one node of a 2- node cluster. The cluster has not been synchronized since the change was made. How can the cluster configuration revert to the previous configuration without affecting the online resource group? What is the command used to check the status of all interfaces and hearbeats in a PowerHA 7 cluster? In PowerHA 7 cluster, how many multicast IP addresses are required? An administrator tries to replace a hot-plug Ethernet adapter using the C-CPOC > Communication Interfaces SMIT menu. When prompted, the administrator selects the incorrect adapter and does not wish to continue. When prompted to confirm adapter replacement, he selects "no". What is the first action that the administrator must take to restore cluster to the pre-maintenance condition? What must be verified before configuring GLVM? With encrypted filesystem configuration in a cluster, where can the keystore be located? Company policy requires logical volumes to be mirrored across separate disks and controllers for resilience. An administrator needs to create a 2-node cluster with the existing partitions, LPAR1 and LPAR2.The cluster will host an application with data on a shared volume group. LPAR1 and LPAR2 are currently hosted on a single Power 770. Each partition is assigned two integrated SAS controllers, each of which has internal hard disk drives (HDDs) that are currently used for rootvg. Which group of actions will create a shared volume group that complies with company storage policy? When PowerHA SystemMirror 7.1 is installed on AIX 7.1, what RSCT component does Cluster Aware AIX (CAA) replace? An administrator wants to change the nodename of one node while a PowerHA 6 cluster is running. Which actions will achieve this? When designing a PowerHA 6 cluster that will use virtual networks, what action will ensure proper detection of an adapter or network failure? An administrator is adding a new resource group for a database environment that has nested filesystems. How should the "Filesystems Recovery Method" option be set to ensure they are mounted properly? What does the following notification from node Jessica mean? EVENT COMPLETED: server_down Jessica 12 testapp 0 There is a two-node cluster with Node1 and Node2. An administrator changes filesystem size on Node1 by using the chfs command, and moves resource the group to Node2. The administrator finds the change of filesystem size is recognized on Node2. Why is the filesystem size change reflected on Node2? A resource group is configured with a startup policy of "Online on First Available Node" and a service IP address which uses IPAT via aliasing. An administrator needs a custom event to run only during a failover. Which pre-defined event would be best to specify the custom event? What will allow a customer with PowerHA 6 to enable fast disk takeover in their resource group named rgA? An administrator wants to configure a new3-node PowerHA 7 cluster for 3 instances of an application. Each node host an instance under normal production mode. The administrator wants a node failover to be based on which cluster node has the most free real memory available. Which standard or user-defined dynamic node priority (DNP) attribute can be used to accomplish this? Both nodes of a 2-node PowerHA 7 cluster have been powered off for an extended time. An administrator attempted to start PowerHA on one of the nodes after system power on, and received the message: cldare: A communication error prevents obtaining the VRMF from remote nodes. The administrator is able to start PowerHA after restoring HACMP configuration database from the active configuration. What is the most likely reason the error was received? Complete the following statement: When planning to create PowerHA 7 nodes on Virtual I/O client partitions ________. Which command will display the current location for all resource groups within a cluster? An administrator has a 2-node cluster and has chosen the C-SPOC option to bring a resource group offline. The resource group was stable on the primary node prior taking resource offline, however it has gone into an error state. The administrator corrects the error and issues the clruncmd to continue cluster processing. What will happen to the resource group? A PowerHA 7 cluster is running on two fully virtualized LPARs. An administrator simulates a network failure on the cluster by running the "ifconfig enX down" command on all network interfaces on one node. The resource group moved, and clstat shows the cluster as stable on both nodes. What prevented the resource group from being active on both nodes? Failure to plan for which element will have a negative impact on PowerHA cluster availability, when using virtual I/O resources on the cluster nodes? What application specific requirement will prevent it from being used in a PowerHA 7 cluster? Which tasks will create and vary on a new volume group for an existing resource group in a 2-node cluster? When implementing PowerHA in a cross site LVM configuration, which logical volume option is required? A 2-node PowerHA 6 cluster has Ethernet and RS232 heartbeat networks. The RS232 connection fails What is the effect of losing the RS232 heartbeat connection? An administrator is planning a PowerHA implementation for a database and application. The application is dependent on the database being available before the application is started. If the database is moved from one node to another, the application will need to be re-started. The database and application will be in different resource groups. How can this be achieved within PowerHA? Which command will show a summary of application servers in the cluster? A 2-node cluster has three multi-node disk heartbeat (MNDHB) networks and data volume groups on separate disks. Application resource groups are online on Node1. What happens if Node1 loses access to two of the three MNDHB disks? An administrator notices that PowerHA has moved a resource group from one node to another. He looks on the vacated node, but doesn't see any problems reported in the application controller or application monitor logs. Why are the logs missing the pertinent information? Which command would be used to verify if an existing PowerHA 6 cluster could be migrated to PowerHA 7? What is the main consideration when planning for GLVM with synchronous mirroring? After installing and configuring PowerHA 7 in AIX 7, an administrator discovers that the clstat and cldump utilities do not work. Which corrective action will resolve this problem? Given the following cluster.mmddyyyy log file output, what has happened? Mar 29 06:09:22 EVENT START: network_down -1 net_ether_01 Mar 29 06:09:22 EVENT COMPLETED: network_down -1 net_ether_01 0 Mar 29 06:09:29 EVENT START: network_down_complete -1 net_ether_01 Mar 29 06:09:29 EVENT COMPLETED: network_down_complete -1 net_ether_01 0 After migrating to PowerHA 7 and restarting the cluster for the first time, the following error is reported: Starting Cluster Services on node: Jessica This may take a few minutes. Please wait... Jessica: cl_rsh had exit code = 13, see cspoc.log and/or clcomd.log for more information What is the most common cause of this error? What must be done before defining a pre-event command for a predefined cluster event? The /usr/es/sbin/cluster/netmon.cf file contains the following lines: IREQD host1.ibm IREQD host1.ibm host4.ibm What is the effect of this configuration? An administrator is gathering requirements to plan a highly available environment between two buildings on the same campus. The environment must allow for a complete failure of all equipment in either building. Workloads must be able to be moved between the buildings during live processing, as well as during a failure. Given these requirements, what must be included in the solution? PowerHA automatic error notification for shared data volume groups traps on which specific error? After an administrator populates the hosts and rhosts files on the new and existing nodes, what are the high level steps to add a new node to an existing PowerHA 7 cluster? In order to utilize PowerHA 7 SAN based communications in a VIO Server environment, what task must be performed on the AIX client nodes? A cluster consists of 2 base boot addresses per node. Each boot address can contact the other node in the cluster but is not externally routable. There is one service IP address in cluster which is externally routable. The external network experienced a problem where the service IP could not be contacted by the users, but the base boot addresses were still able to send heartbeat packets between the cluster nodes. The resource groups did not failover to the other node where there was no network problem. How can the administrator ensure that the resource groups failover when the service address is not contactable on a node? If an application stop script fails during selective failover process, which action will recover the production service as soon as possible? Which log can be moved to another directory using C-SPOC? Complete the following statement: With a cluster using EtherChannel backup for high availability of network interfaces, the netmon.cf file setting is not needed for local network failure detection if EtherChannel backup has________: A company is determining how they can use DLPAR operations within PowerHAto maximize the usage of their system. Which DLPAR attribute can be controlled through PowerHA? Which fileset must be installed to enable message authentication and encryption? When configuring a PowerHA Enterprise Edition cluster using San Volume Controller (SVC) replication, what other software must be installed and configured on the cluster nodes?