A4040-124 - Assessment: Power Systems with POWER7 and IBM i Sales Skills -v2

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Example Questions

Which statement explains IBM i optimization features when compared to Windows? A POWER6 customer with an LTO-3 tape drive needs to encrypt their tape backups. They want to avoid the purchase of a different tape device. Which of the following solutions supports the requirement for encryption without needing to acquire a different tape technology? A prospective customer with a very limited budget has stated that they are focused only on price. Before they evaluate application software, they have asked how a Power 720 with IBM i can cost twice as much as a similarly sized x86 server with Linux. Which of the following responses addresses the customer concern? An 010 plans to purchase a new Power System. In a previous purchase of non IBM servers, critical components were missing from the proposal. As a result, additional items had to be purchased. Which IBM tool will help ensure that the proposed system contains the necessary components? Why are the integrated relational database, single level storage, and the technology independent machine interface (TIMI) business benefits of IBM i? A CEO is evaluating the purchase of a Power 740 server to replace several x86 servers. Before approving the purchase, the CEO would like to know how the new server will reduce operating expenses. Which statement addresses the CEO concern? Which statement correctly describes IBM i storage management? An existing IBM i customer with a POWER6 520 is planning to move to POWER7I but wants to understand the differences between running IBM i on a PureElex compute node compared to a new POWEP7 720 server. Which of the following describes a key consideration for this customer related to running IBM i on a PureFlex compute node? An IBM i customer needs 3 additional test environments to run IBM i, AIX and Linux. They currently have only one IBM i environment. Which of the following is the minimum needed to add the 3 new environments? A new DBA from a non-IBM background plans to make numerous database changes to a production PQWER7 server running IBM i, but is concerned about how to identify which DB2 indexes will require rebuilding. What should be explained to the DBA? Which customer requirement is supported by WebSphere Application Server- Express? A customer currently has two IBM i production environments and wants to test a new software application. They are asking how a new test environment might be provided and be isolated from the production environments. Which IBM Systems Software product supports this requirement? A new 010 coming from a non-IBM background is being asked to approve the planned purchase of a new Power Systems server running IBM i, but is concerned about database and other systems programs missing from the proposal that might need to be purchased later. What should be explained? Which resource or tool can assist a sales representative in sizing an SAP installation on IBM i? A 010 has ordered a new POWER7 server with IBM i 7.1. The technical staff is unhappy as there is no money left to purchase a file server for a growing Windows application on their network. What solution should be reviewed with the Windows staff? A new Power 720 customer running IBM i has complained that they are required to make daily adjustments to their system memory pools to accommodate changing application workloads. What should be discussed? A customer with a POWER7+ 770 running IBM i has just merged with another company which utilizes older Intel technology to support an application environment that consists of PHP applications, Red Hat Linux and SAP. The POWER7+ 770 has 8 cores available with just 4 months before the busy season begins. The customer needs to integrate the new acquisition before the busy season begins, and at lowest cost. Data center floor space is limited. Which of the following best supports the customer requirements? A client needs to dynamically move partitions from one server to another to reduce downtime for scheduled system maintenance. In addition to POWER7/7+ systems, which of the following combinations of products are required? What no-charge function of IBM i allows a customer with directly attached internal disks to replicate data to a system located in another part of the city? Which of the following represents a unique characteristic of IBM i and DB2 that is designed to reduce the amount of time it takes to restart a system and database after an abnormal end, such as a power interruption? Which of the following best describes a unique characteristic of IBM i when compared to non- IBM platforms? What disaster recovery benefit is provided to a customer running IBM i applications when they are using PowerHA Asynchronous Geographic Mirroring? A new Power 720 needs to be configured with 3 LPAR5. Each LPAR must have its own physical disk, physical LAN, physical tape attachment and access to a shared DVD drive. Which tool allows a partner to model the system to ensure these requirements are supported? A CEO has stated that historical reports are no longer enough, and that the company needs to perform predictive analysis of current DB2 UDB data to remain competitive in the marketplace. Which IBM solution supports this requirement? An IBM i customer has a requirement for a new LPAR. The customer needs 1OTB of usable disk, but has minimal requirement for performance. The customer will have to purchase new storage and adapters for their existing Power 740. What is the most cost effective option? A prospective customer is considering a Power Systems solution with IBM i and PowerVM. Other possible solutions being proposed to this customer are: x86 with Linux, Oracle, and VMware x86 with Windows, SQL Server, and VMware How does the acquisition cost and TOO of the Power Systems solution compare with the x86 solutions? A retailer plans to introduce an internet-based ordering application for their customers. The retailer has stated that their order-entry green-screen RPG programs are antiquated and they will convert to an x86 solution. What should be discussed? An 8-core POWER7+ server with IBM i 7.1 runs two distinct interactive applications. The applications need to be separated so that one user group has twice as much memory as the other. What is the minimum required to make this change? Which statement about IBM i optimization explains why the customer will have improved performance as a result of adding SSDs to a customer environment? What is the biggest 3-year TOO benefit for Power Systems servers compared to x86 servers? A Power 720 customer running IBM i recently failed an internal security¡¯ audit. The customer asked for a solution that will enable them to better track who accesses, or attempts to access, certain confidential files. Which of the following recommendations is most appropriate? Which statement about DB2 for IBM i would be attractive to a 010 responsible for data protection? A customer has IBM i, AIX and Linux on Power Systems and Linux on x86. The customer is refreshing their infrastructure and might drop IBM i as they cannot maintain management skills for all their different virtualization software. How can this issue be addressed? If a user needs to move LPARs between machines using Live Partition Mobility, which physical and or virtual resources are required? A Power 720 customer with IBM i and disk mirroring is afraid of being unprotected after a disk failure when waiting for IBM to replace it. They have asked whether there is a simple solution. Which of the following actions will relieve the customer concern? A customer has a Power 720 with 2 IBM i partitions. The production partition has 30 concurrent users during office hours with 2 users that work outside office hours. The development partition has 3 part time users which work during office hours. What is the minimum number of IBM i user licenses that the client needs? A customer has a specific application that needs the highest levels of availability and site disaster recovery, while other applications are not as critical. Which statement supports this requirement? A 010 is concerned about systems security and transmission of confidential data across the internet. What capabilities of the IBM i platform can the sales executive highlight in this situation? A prospective customer is comparing an IBM i solution to an Intel-based solution. They have expressed a concern about recent virus attacks upon others in their industry. Which of the following is a correct statement about IBM i that may make the customer feel better about an IBM i solution? A prospective customer is interested in several IBM i ISV offerings but has heard that it can take over a year to properly size a server and then implement the application. What can IBM offer with IBM i to address this concern? A company replaced an HP-UX Oracle system with a new Power 740 running IBM I. The company DBA, who managed data placement on the HP-UX system, recently resigned. Which of the following should be reviewed with the customer? A Power 740 customer running IBM i recently installed a new query-based analytics tool. Since adding the tool, overall system performance has suffered due to dramatically increased disk I/O. The customer has very limited room in their data center for additional disk drives and they have asked for a recommendation to address their needs. What is the appropriate action for a sales representative to take? What upgrade options does a PQWER6 570 with some inactive cores have? An IT Director needs a relational database but cannot hire a Database Administrator (DBA) to maintain it. How does IBM i address this challenge? Why would customers implementing leading ERP solutions from SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Lawson or Infor choose IBM i? Why do many customers have a minimal number of technical staff devoted to database management and administration for their IBM i environments? A company has three sales regions, each with its own POWER6 server. The company plans to consolidate onto one POWER7 server and keep the regional workloads separate. How does IBM i solve this issue without added hardware or software expenses? A customer is running SAP on IBM i and is considering replacing it with an x86 solution. What point should be discussed to encourage the customer to stay with IBM i? The system administrator for a company has called and stated that 4 new disk drives had just been installed and added to the Auxiliary Storage Pool of their system. The IT Director is out of the office and the administrator is unsure how to start using the new storage. What should be explained? A Power 770 customer wants to purchase second Power 770 that would only be used in a disaster recovery (DR) situation. They have stated that the cost of purchasing the same number of IBM i licenses for an inactive DR system is too expensive. Which solution supports the DR requirement and addresses the concern about IBM licensing costs?