A2090-610 - Assessment: DB2 10.1 Fundamentals - Assessment

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Example Questions

Which SQL statement will retrieve the department number (WORKDEPT) and average departmental salary (SALARY) for all departments in a table named EMPLOYEE and arrange the result set in ascending order by average departmental salary? What is the primary purpose of a view? The EXCLUSIVE MODE option of the LOCK TABLE statement is used to prevent which of the following? Which privilege is required to invoke a user defined function? Given the SQL statement: CREATE ALIAS total_sales FOR sales Which statement is valid? What type of mechanism is a simple token value that is used to refer to a much bigger large object (LOB)? Which event will NOT cause a trigger to be fired? When an application using a temporary table terminates or disconnects from the database unexpectedly, what happens to the temporary table and any data stored in it? What are INSTEAD OF triggers used for? When a COMMIT statement is executed, what happens? Which statement about triggers is true? Which platform supports DB2 pureScale environments? Which SQL statement will allow user USER1 to create a view on a table named EMPLOYEE? Which statement about BEFORE triggers is FALSE? Which function can be used to obtain values from XML documents that are to be inserted into one or more tables? Which object is a stored procedure defined into? Which statement regarding referential integrity constraints is true? If the following command is executed: CREATE DATABASE test What is the page size (in kilobytes) of the database? Which object is used to cache table and index data as it is read from disk? Which type of temporal table can be used to store only time-sensitive data? What is a function of a table check constraint? A column mask that is to be used for row and column access control (RCAC) was created with the DISABLE option specified. What must be done if this mask is to be used to restrict access to data stored in a table named EMPLOYEE? What is used in conjunction with a foreign key to define a relationship between two tables? Which statement about application-period temporal tables is true? Given the following statement: GRANT DELETE ON TABLE sales TO User1 WITH GRANT OPTION; Which statement is correct? User USER1 wants to retrieve records from a table named EMPLOYEE that satisfy at least one of the following criteria: Which SQL statement will accomplish this? Which statement regarding triggers is true? When is a mask used to limit access to data in a table? In a trusted context environment, if a switch request is made with an authorization ID that is not allowed on a trusted connection, what state is the connection placed in? Which statement is true about an index that is used to support a UNIQUE constraint? Which type of table is best suited for recording results from application data manipulation that is not required to be persistent? You have a business need to query DB2 10 and DB2 9 databases and you want to write an application that can run on most platforms unchanged. Which interface would you use to achieve your goal? Which object can be enabled for compression? Which statement about system-period temporal tables is true? What is the purpose of the Query Tuner? Which SQL statement will give a user named USER1 the ability to run an embedded SQL application named BENEFITS that calls a package named CORPDATA.PKGA? After creating several new indexes and executing RUNSTATS, user USER1 wants to re-create a package that is stored in the database so it will take advantage of the new indexes. Which authority/privilege must user USER1 be granted in order to re-create the package? What is the act of exchanging one lock an application holds on a resource for a more restrictive lock on the same resource known as? Which SQL statement will retrieve the employee number (EMPNO), hire date (HIREDATE), and salary (SALARY) for each employee from a table named EMPLOYEE who was hired before 1998 and earns a salary of less than $35,000.00 per year? Which DB2 object limits the user's ability to retrieve data from a table by defining a SQL statement in the object? Which isolation level offers the greatest protection of data but provides the least amount of concurrency? What isolation level prevents dirty reads, nonrepeatable reads, and phantoms? What is the primary purpose for using the INCLUDE clause with a CREATE UNIQUE INDEX statement? Which tool allows users to connect to a DB2 database using a wizard? Which SQL statement should be used to select the minimum and maximum salaries (SALARY), by job code (JOB), from a table EMPLOYEE? Which type of lock allows the lock owner and all concurrent applications to read, but not update, the locked data? A table named SALES contains a record for every sales transaction a company processes. A user wishes to see the number of transactions that are made by each salesman. Which SQL statement will produce the desired results? Which statement will prevent concurrent application processes from performing anything other than read-only operations against a table named TAB1? Which statement about large object (LOB) locators is true? Which is NOT a valid reason for creating an index?