A2010-597 - Assessment: IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform V3.2.1 Application Development

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Example Questions

A customer has reported that the Send E-mail button is failing. The synchronous workflow is not processing. What should be checked with the synchronous workflow? An existing portal must be modified so that a new navigation collection will display in the portal. Assuming that a navigation collection of type Quick Links exists and is populated with navigation items, what additional new element must be created to display this collection in the existing portal? Where is a user's new login portal set? Where are the classifications' hierarchical parents to child associations created? Which statement is always true about the columns tab of a query? Workflows are not running in the system. Where in the Admin Console can workflow processing be turned on? Which workflow type will be a Pre-Create workflow? Which data attribute(s) must a Data Integrator file contain to determine if the data being imported should create new records or update existing records? How can some of the Menu tabs be hidden from end users in the system? The workflow is failing to loop through the records. Which task in the workflow should be checked? A customer requests a package of all their People data. How can this request be met? Which task has the option of forcing a recalculation of formulas? A workflow needs to perform a sequence of tasks many times for a finite set of records. Which workflow task should be used? Which workflow type gets executed by an association of two objects? Which statement is true when choosing between using a smart section or locator field? A navigation collection of type Menu can contain a maximum of how many levels? Which field type can be used as a Locator field? The design requirement for a query section is to make sure that the end user cannot remove any records from the query section at runtime. By default, a DeAssociate action does appear. What should be done to reconfigure the section? Which workflow type updates the database immediately? How can end users be prevented from personalizing their portals? Which type of state transition completion will trigger a save process on the record at runtime? The Building form utilizes a Contact query section to show all contacts associated to the Building. A user says that he remembers adding multiple contacts to the Building record last week but now no contacts appear in the Contact query section. When troubleshooting the associations, which statement is true? If the Dependent List box is checked, what must also be specified? A developer has been tasked to create a method to push a record from the null state to the triActive state without having the action available on a form. What should be done to implement this design? How are runtime filters created? What type of workflow can be called from an onChange event? A requirement is sent to save the data when a user clicks on Create Draft. The record should move to the next state after a user clicks Create Draft. It is verified that the validation workflow is processing, but the record remains in the Draft state. What action should be taken? Changes have been made to several queries and reports in the system. Which caches must be cleared in the Admin Console so the query and report changes can be applied? Where are sub actions defined? When exporting an object migration package, what does the Wait option do? What is the most efficient way to add an additional 10 new entries to an existing list? Which type of workflow can be called from an onClick event? When looking at a workflow instance there is a switch that is inside the body of an iterator that shows that both sides of the switch were executed. Why? How is Workflow Logging turned on in the Admin Console? In the Data Modeler's Association List what does a red star next to the association indicate? When applying the Sort Section action on a form's tab, which statement is true regardless of the original layout of the sections? An object migration package is being validated. Which log file shows the details of the validation? A user reports that the workflow is updating the wrong set of records. Which workflow task should be checked? A new classification has been defined and the developer is ready to create the new classification's local root. From the Hierarchy pane the focus is placed on the Classification root node and the option New is selected. The new classification does not show up as an option in the Hierarchy pane drop-down as a valid child that can be added to the root. What could be wrong? In the Admin Console DataConnect tool, what is the purpose of Force Clean Up? When creating or modifying a form, which item can be added directly to a tab? While working in the Document Manager tool, which statement is true about a document that has been checked out? What is the required action to trigger an onChange event? How can a designer add a field to the form that will trigger a workflow when it is clicked on? Which statement is true about a reference when referring to a smart section or locator field? Which statement is true about documents whose document record has been published? The Workflow Instance tab of a form is not available at runtime. What should be done to make this tab visible? When looking at a workflow instance, what can the red border around a task mean? Where is it possible to set field values for a state transition? A Data Integrator file is imported. Some of the records in the file can be created/updated successfully and some of the records contain errors. What will the platform do?