A2010-571 - Assessment: IBM Tivoli Process Automation Engine V7.5 Implementation

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Example Questions

Which data element is required to create a new site? When can a configuration record be added to a migration collection? When creating limits and tolerances for a security group, which value option can be restricted in the default interlace? When creating a labor record, the administrator has the option to set the labor shift. The shift information is used in the Assignment Manager application when assigning work orders to this labor record. Where is a shift created? An admin user has created a new domain called EXTWOSTATUS and wants to include just this domain in the migration package. What must be done? Which property prints a stack trace for fetch results? Which statement is true when discussing users? When setting up a Key Performance Indicator (KPI), it must be made available to everyone so they can use it on their Start Center. Which setting must be selected? A person record is stored in the database at which level? A user has created a new domain called EXIWOSTATUS and wants to migrate in to another environment. Which type and processing action of the Migration Manager package should be used? Which application is used to create additional work types for each work order class? When creating a new escalation, what is the most likely reason that the conditional SQL Expression Builder does not list attributes to use? At which level are currency codes unique? By default, at which database level are the domains created? Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be displayed on a person's Start Center. Which type of portlet would be used to display a summary of multiple KPI's? Which option needs to be set so that a report will not be made available to the users in general and will only be run in the background with the results being e-mailed? How many Security Groups can a User belong to? Which statement about the Application Server security configuration is correct? The system administrator has configured Application Server security between Tivoli process automation engine and IBM Tivoli Directory Server. Where should the synchronization be scheduled to run? Which two sets must be created before creating an Organization? (Choose two) How is concurrent user information monitored? What is one purpose of the security' select action item Authorize Group Reassignment? Which field is a prerequisite before creating a new organization? Which applications and actions are used to define field editing rules for work orders in various status? Which database configuration element is used to validate an attribute's values? Which method is used to validate the escalation being created? Which two properties must be set for attached documents? (Choose two.) What are two available actions in the Workflow Administration application? (Choose two.) Which two tasks can be performed using the Users application? (Choose two.) A company has a requirement to customize the Locations application and add a new button to open an external document repository. Once the document repository is a Web-based application, which standard process would achieve this requirement? How can a user's login time be improved? Where is application access defined? What should be done before an escalation is activated? The Actions application is accessed through which system module? How are the new settings for the log level refreshed and applied? An item set is required to generate data records. What are two of the records? (Choose two.) A company has a requirement to create an outbound interface to their external procurement application. Once their external procurement application is able to expose a Web service, what are two ways this interface can be created? (Choose two.) Which statement is true about Start Centers and a user's security privileges? The output of a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is based on a calculation type What is one of these types? Which statement is true about updating a Start Center? What are the steps to configure the application import export functionality? Which applications make up the Integration Framework? Which statement is true about synonym domains? The Conditional Expression Manager is accessed through which system module? A client has two plants that share a raw material preprocessing facility. Which tructures would best fit this situation? How can a Java Virtual Machine's memory usage be monitored? Which statement explains the relationship of an E-audit fitter to the Database Configuration application? Which statement is true about asynchronous data validation? Where is logging levels defined? Which definition best describes the usage of the Security Groups application?