A2010-503 - Assessment: IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6.3 Fundamentals

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Example Questions

What should be used to show trends overtime among related attributes? What happens when a sampled situation event condition is no longer true? How is a situation defined with persistence? Which command line interface is used to manage the Tivoli Authorization Policy Server? From within a workspace, links can be defined in which two views? (Choose two.) An export action starts from which location in order to extract data towards a file on the disk? Which attribute groups can be used to monitor the status of bulk deployments within the IBM Tivoli Monitoring environment? What is a workspace as it relates to IBM Tivoli Monitoring? What is a characteristic of a pure event? What is supplied with each monitoring agent? What must be configured and distributed to the managed systems that data is being queried from, to enable the Specify Time Span for Query? What is true about a newly created user defined query in the IBM Tivoli Monitoring solution? Jar for Service Management accelerates deployment, integration, and workflow automation across which tools? What does the ras1 log utility do? Which permission allows an administrator to share new launch definitions with other users? Which Tivoli Enterprise Portal navigation tool is used to inform discrepancies in versions between client and server? A situation can be started from which option? What are two ways to select the top 20 rows for a given attribute? (Choose two.) How can a user jump from one workspace to another one within the same Navigator item? What is the purpose of multiple Warehouse Proxy agents? Which statement is true regarding a situation that has been configured from the Situation Editor? What is the difference between a situation and a policy when using the Take Action option? How many values can be set for a situation in the Tivoli Enterprise Portal? When creating a dynamic link, what can be used to identify the path to the target workspace? How can the performance of the Tivoli Enterprise Portal be increased? Which Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server user group is responsible for day-to-day monitoring? Which statement is true about correlated situations? What are two ways to control all of the data streams that are available to a user in IBM Tivoli Monitoring? (Choose two.) How is it determined if the historical data collection is enabled for the attributes in a view in Tivoli Enterprise Portal? Which component of IBM Tivoli Monitoring is responsible for writing the detailed metric data into the Tivoli Data Warehouse? With a policy there are many features and functions available to create a workflow type process when a given situation becomes true. Which feature is available? Which option allows thresholds to be set up? What are examples of global attribute groups? How can the Work Flow Editor be started? What does the Application Property Installation attribute group provide? Which Navigator item tab is available for Custom Navigator view items, but does not show for Navigator Physical view items in Tivoli Enterprise Portal? What are two types of groupings in the Object Group Editor? (Choose two.) Which command starts an agent on a Linux platform? Which step is necessary to create a new query for data retrieval? Which two tasks must a user perform to create custom workspaces for a group? (Choose two.) Which link type specifies an identifier for the target workspace? Which Agent Monitoring for Linux protocol or access method is used to remotely collect metrics from the operating system? When clicking Expand on a Navigator branch, by default, how many child items are shown? Which two actions cause pure events to occur? (Choose two.) Which situation status shows that the acknowledgement was canceled before it had expired and the situation is still true? A group of situations that will be used at a remote location are being set up. How are the alerts set up to be forwarded to an event management system at that remote location? Where can a user defined query be used for data retrieval? After using the Tivoli Enterprise Portal client in browser mode, HEAPDUMPs and JAVA Core files are placed on the desktop. What should be done? How can you tell if a situation is associated with a Navigator item? What must be enabled to establish the integration between Tivoli Enterprise Portal V6.3 and Dashboard Application Services Hub?