A00-211 - SAS Base Programming for SAS 9

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Example Questions

Which is a valid LIBNAME statement? A user-defined format has been created using the FORMAT procedure. How is it stored? The Excel workbook REGIONS.XLS contains the following four worksheets: EAST WEST NORTH SOUTH The following program is submitted: libname MYXLS 'regions.xls'; Which PROC PRINT step correctly displays the NORTH worksheet? Which step displays a listing of all the data sets in the WORK library? Which step sorts the observations of a permanent SAS data set by two variables and stores the sorted observations in a temporary SAS data set? Which statement specifies that records 1 through 10 are to be read from the raw data file customer.txt? Which statement is true concerning the SAS automatic variable _ERROR_? The Excel workbook QTR1.XLS contains the followingthree worksheets: JAN FEB MAR. Which statement correctly assigns a library reference to the Excel workbook? Which of the following choices is an unacceptable ODS destination for producing output that can be viewed in Microsoft Excel? Which statement describes a characteristic of the SAS automatic variable _ERROR_?