9L0-518 - OS X Server Essentials 10.8 Exam

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Example Questions

How can you let NetBoot clients preserve their own application preferences ? The same mail quote is applied to all user ? By default which directory is shared via the FTP service ? Which statement best describes the function of Gatekeeper? Which tool can you use to verify that a device profile is installed on an OS X Mountain Lion computer? Which procedure will permit only the Marketing group to access a website hosted on OS X Server? If device management in Profile Manager is disabled what can you NOT do ? ( select 3) A user named Robert has an existing user account. The user name associated with his account is Robert. Robert wants to use Bob as his user name when accessing some of the services provided by a Mac running OS X Server. How can you accommodate his request? Why might you prefer to shut down and then start up a Mac you are troubleshooting, rather than simply selecting Restart from the Apple menu? How can you disable guest access on a share point ? when downloading OS X Server from the Mac app Store , what management tools are installet by default ? In OS X, Disk Utility can create file archives in which format? When a user logs in, which task is NOT performed by the user's loginwindow or launchd processes? Which 2 log files are created by the Web Service ? ( Select 2 ) You are creating a user account on OS X Server. Which of these is a valid account name (short name) for the user account? how many different states can you configure Open Directory ? What URL should you use on an iOS device to access a WebDAV-enabled share point that is hosted by OS X Server on a Mountain Lion computer located at server.pretendco.com? On an optional configuration step in the Setup Assistant in OS X Mountain Lion, pressing Command-Q lets you skip the step. What is the minimum amount of available disk space required on an OS X Mountain Lion computer in order to install and run OS X Server? Using Server app, you are configuring email alerts to be sent to an OS X Server system administrator. Which TWO of these server events can you set to trigger an alert? (Select 2) How can you view the number of connected AFP and SMB users ? How can you set complex permission for an ACE such as 'Delete subfolders and Files ' ? Which of the following CANNOT be managed in iOS using Profiles If you use the Get Info window to change Sharing & Permissions settings on a file or folder, Finder preserves and can revert to the previous settings until the window is closed. How does OS X Mountain Lion handle third-party, 32-bit kernel extensions (KEXTs)? On a Mac running OS X Mountain Lion, how can you display a list of installed software updates? Which utility can you use to display the status of Kerberos TGTs on an OS X Mountain Lion computer? wich of the following names should be entered the Common Name field of a certificate Which DNS record is used to perform forward lookups ? which of the following OS X server tools can be used to create a CSR ? When you turn on Time Machine service in OS X Server, which other service must also be running on the server to allow users to remotely back up their data using the Time Machine service? You have just installed and configured OS X Server on a Mountain Lion computer. How do you acquire an SSL certificate from a trusted CA? What advantage is gained by configuring the Contacts service in OS X Server to provide LDAP searches? What are TWO ways administrators can remove a device group profile from an OS X Mountain Lion computer? (Select 2) A web site can be defined by wich of the following unique criteria ? (Select 3) You are logged into a MacBook Pro as a standard user. How can you display the OS X Mountain Lion build number? You started up a Mac from its OS X Recovery partition to complete a task. When you restarted, the Mac started up from the OS X Recovery partition again. How can you configure it to start up from a different volume? You can configure Time Machine to delete versions of files as soon as they reach a specified age. What is an advantage of deploying signed Profile Manager profiles, rather than unsigned Profile Manager profiles? Review the screenshot, and then answer the question below. You are manually restoring the home folder for a new user account, and see the message shown above. What will happen if you click Cancel? wich of the following services in the server app can use SSL ?( Select 3 ) What are the primary differences between POP and IMAP ? (Select 2) Which of these is a recovery key storage location that FileVault 2 offers when you enable it? How many replicas con be connected a master ? You are creating a network disk image that you will use to copy a system image to other Macs while they are booted from the network disk image. What type of network disk image are you creating? In OS X Mountain Lion, which TWO types of file service hosts can you browse in the Network folder? (Select 2) A user account was accidentally deleted in OS X Server. You create a new account with the same short name for the user. The user logs in to the file service running on the server, but cannot access many of the files and folders that were accessible from the old account. What is a LIKELY reason for this behavior? In Server app, which procedure will configure OS X Server to let members of a specific group use the Messages service? On an OS X computer running Mountain Lion, changes made in the Software Update pane of System Preferences apply to ALL users of the system. Which process will let you start up a Mac in target disk mode?