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Question :-

How can you limit a user account from having full access to all applications?
Parental Controls can further limit a user account. Examples include enforcing a simple Finder, limiting applications and widgets, limiting Mac App Store content, setting time limits, and content filtering for several applications included in OS X.
The Archive option in the Finder creates compressed zip archive files.
Resource contention occurs when fast user switching is enabled and a user tries to access an item another user already has open in the background. Document contention occurs when a user attempts to open a document another user has already opened. Peripheral contention occurs when a user attempts to access a peripheral already in use by another user's open application. Application contention occurs when the second user attempts to access an application designed to run only once on a system.
By default on OS X, opens Archive Utility, the default application for opening zip archive files. Archive Utility, expands the contents of the zip archive next to the same location as the original zip archive.

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