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Question :-

Why does the Finder hide certain folders at the root of the system volume?
The Disk Utility Verify and Repair feature is used to verify or repair the partition scheme and directory structure of a volume. These elements contain the information used to locate files and folders on the volume.
The Finder populates the Network folder using information provided by the dynamic network services discovery protocols. Computers providing services appear as resources inside the Network folder, and service discovery zones or workgroups appear as folders. Any currently connected servers also appear in the Network folder.
The firmware initializes the Mac computer's hardware and locates the booter file on a system volume. The Power-On Self-Test (POST) checks for basic hardware functionality when the Mac powers on.
The Finder hides traditional UNIX resources from average users because they don't need to have access to those items. If users need access to these UNIX items, they can access them from Terminal.

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