9L0-415 - OS X Support Essentials 10.9

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Disk Utility and System Information can both be used to gather information about storage devices. The Messages application allows for on-demand screen sharing that can be used even when the system screen sharing service isn't enabled. Which statement about Gatekeeper is TRUE? You are logged into a MacBook Pro as a standard user. How can you display the OS X Mountain Lion build number? How do the four default System Preferences categories differ? On an optional configuration step in the Setup Assistant in OS X Mountain Lion, pressing Command-Q lets you skip the step. Three methods for uninstalling applications include: - Open Launchpad, hold down the Option key, and click the "X" button - In the Finder, drag the primary application to the Trash and then empty the Trash - Use a custom-built uninstaller package What can you enable to locate a lost Mac system? The local hidden OS X Recovery HD doesn't include the OS X installation assets. So reinstalling OS X Mavericks from here requires high-speed Internet access and the ability to verify access to the installation assets. Upgraded Mac systems are verified by entering the Apple ID used to purchase OS X Mavericks. Verification is automatic for Mac systems that included OS X Mavericks when purchased new. Why does the Finder hide certain folders at the root of the system volume? Which of these must you know about a corporate VPN server before you can configure the VPN software on an OS X computer to access the corporate network? What are some privacy and security concerns with the Spotlight service? Which dynamic service discovery protocol does OS X use to discover devices on a network? On a Mac running OS X Mountain Lion, how can you display a list of installed software updates? A Safe Boot performs the following permanent actions: attempting to repair the system volume structure, deleting system KEXT caches, and deleting font caches. You can configure Time Machine to delete versions of files as soon as they reach a specified age. iCloud is a free service from Apple that provides cloud storage and communication services for applications, including Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Notes, Safari, Keychain, Photos and any other applications that support iCloud integration. iCloud also provides Find My Mac technology for help locating a lost or stolen system. Additional Apple devices must be authorized to use the iCloud Keychain service using a combination of the Apple ID password and another method. One method involves using an iCloud Security Code; the other method is to authorize access from another Apple device that has already been configured for the iCloud Keychain service. Which of these files will Time Machine, by default, NOT back up? File system journaling records what file operations are in progress at any given moment. This way, if a power failure or system crash occurs, after the system restarts, it will be able to quickly verify the integrity of the volume by "replaying" the journal. Three ways to forcibly quit an application from the graphical interface are from the Force Quit Application dialog accessed from the Apple menu; from the Dock application shortcut menu accessed by Control-clicking or right-clicking the application's icon; or from the /Applications/Utilities/ Activity Monitor application. When a user chooses Shut Down from the Apple menu, what process quits all of the user's open applications and tells the kernel to power down the computer? In OS X, which is a valid method to reset permissions and ACLs on a home folder to their default settings? What's the locked file flag? Each primary stage of system initialization can be indicated by the following: firmware, startup chime or bright flash of the power-on light, followed by a light gray screen on the primary display; booter, a dark gray Apple logo on the primary display; kernel, a small dark gray spinning gear or spinning earth icon below the Apple logo; and system launchd, a white screen on all displays followed by the login screen. How does the keychain system help protect your information? If a connected peripheral doesn't appear in System Information, the issue is likely to be hardware related. Troubleshoot accordingly. What are PPD files responsible for? Where are the keychain files stored? Why would you want to open an application in 32-bit mode? Which application is used to examine open applications on OS X? What's used to identify a Wi-Fi network? The system version, build number, and hardware serial number are located in the About This Mac dialog or the login screen. The system version number defines the specific version of OS X currently installed. The system build number is an even more specific identifier used primarily by developers. Finally, the hardware serial number is a unique number used to identify your specific Mac. Files with metadata may cause problems for NFS or WebDAV network file systems. Also, avoid AFP 2 services provided by Windows file servers. Which folder contains items that instruct the launchd process what to launch during OS X Mountain Lion startup? What does the Disk Utility Verify and Repair feature do? You are configuring an OS X Mountain Lion computer that will be located in a public space. You want anyone to be able to log in and use Safari, but you do NOT want their Safari browser history to remain on the computer after users log out. Which action will let the computer function in the desired manner? What is the role of the launchd process in the startup of an OS X Mountain Lion computer? How do you start up an OS X Mountain Lion computer in Safe Mode? How can you limit a user account from having full access to all applications? Which statement is true of ALL THREE buses: USB, FireWire, AND Thunderbolt? In OS X Mountain Lion, which TWO types of file service hosts can you browse in the Network folder? (Select 2) What's unique about the permissions of the /Users/Shared folder? A standard user can connect to any non-WPA Enterprise Wi-Fi network via the Wi-Fi status menu. Because the system Keychain must be modified for WPA Enterprise connections, only an administrative user can establish these types of connections. The OS X Recovery system provides access to Restore System From Time Machine Backup, Install/Reinstall OS X, Get Help Online via Safari, Disk Utility, Startup Disk, Firmware Password Utility, Network Utility, Terminal, and Reset Password. The function of journaling in the Mac OS Extended (Journaled) file system is to ________. The volume formats supported as system volumes for OS X are Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and Mac OS Extended (Journaled, Encrypted). What permissions are modified by the Disk Utility Repair Permissions feature? Which statement is TRUE of file and folder permissions in the Finder in OS X Mountain Lion? Which users are allowed to unlock a FileVault 2 protected system?