9L0-412 - OS X Support Essentials 10.8 Exam

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Example Questions

Why might you prefer to shut down and then start up a Mac you are troubleshooting, rather than simply selecting Restart from the Apple menu? How can you display the contents of a hidden folder on a mounted volume in Finder? In OS X, which is a valid method to reset permissions and ACLs on a home folder to their default settings? Which statement is true of ALL THREE buses: USB, FireWire, AND Thunderbolt? How does OS X Mountain Lion handle third-party, 32-bit kernel extensions (KEXTs)? You are configuring an OS X Mountain Lion computer that will be located in a public space. You want anyone to be able to log in and use Safari, but you do NOT want their Safari browser history to remain on the computer after users log out. Which action will let the computer function in the desired manner? How do you start up an OS X Mountain Lion computer in single-user mode? Which IP address could a Mac assign to itself if no DHCP services were available on the network? Your Mac is started up from its OS X Recovery partition. You need to repair the hard disk. Which procedure will let you perform the repair? Which steps will let you retrieve a file from a Time Machine backup on an external hard disk connected to your Mac? When a user logs in, which task is NOT performed by the user's loginwindow or launchd processes? You enable Stealth Mode on an OS X Mountain Lion computer's firewall. How does this affect the computer's behavior? What is the role of the launchd process in the startup of an OS X Mountain Lion computer? You can configure Time Machine to delete versions of files as soon as they reach a specified age. Review the screenshot of part of a Network Utility window, and then answer the question below. Which statement accurately interprets the Network Utility Lookup results shown above? Which statement best describes how Time Machine stores files from an OS X Mountain Lion computer, when backing up to a directlyconnected FireWire hard disk drive? Which OS X startup keyboard shortcut causes the system to display the most detailed information about the startup process? Which process will let you start up a Mac in target disk mode? How do you start up an OS X Mountain Lion computer in Safe Mode? You upgrade a Snow Leopard Mac that has legacy FileVault encryption to Mountain Lion. If a user forgets his login password, how can you help him regain access to his encrypted home folder? On a Mac running OS X Mountain Lion, how can you display a list of installed software updates? Which folder contains instructions for the launchd process to start certain items when a user logs in to an OS X Mountain Lion computer? In a default OS X Mountain Lion installation, which permission is assigned to the top level of each user's home folder to make it accessible to Guest users who log in locally? Along with IMAP, POP, and SMTP, which protocol does the Mail application in OS X Mountain Lion support? Using the Parental Controls preferences, which restriction can you impose on an account? In a default OS X configuration, you want to change the way that Finder handles ZIP archives. Where can you make that change? An OS X Mountain Lion computer is connected to both an Ethernet and a Wi-Fi network. How can you specify which interface the Mac will use to access the Internet? On an OS X computer running Mountain Lion, changes made in the Software Update pane of System Preferences apply to ALL users of the system. When a user opens an application, in what order does OS X Mountain Lion search the three Library folders in the local file system for resources that the application needs to access, such as fonts? Which statement about Gatekeeper is TRUE? You have a Mac OS X v10.6.8 computer that has several user accounts. If you install OS X Mountain Lion without first erasing the target volume, what will happen to the 10.6.8 operating system and the existing user accounts? In OS X Mountain Lion, where do most applications that are NOT sandboxed store their user- specific preferences? In OS X Mountain Lion, Safe Boot ________. You are logged into a MacBook Pro as a standard user. How can you display the OS X Mountain Lion build number? From your OS X user account that has iCloud enabled, how can you open a TextEdit document that you stored in iCloud? How can you find out which application the Finder will use to open a specific document? On your OS X Mountain Lion computer, you want the Finder to display filename extensions by default. How can you configure this setting from the Finder? The function of journaling in the Mac OS Extended (Journaled) file system is to ________. Your Mac is started up from its OS X Recovery partition. You need to repair the hard dsk. Which procedure will let you perform the repair? Which of these files will Time Machine, by default, NOT back up? How can a user with the short name anna exclude the /Users/anna/Downloads/ folder from Time Machine backups? You want to manage configuration profiles on a Mac that has Mountain Lion installed, but the Profiles preferences icon is NOT present in the System Preferences window. What is a likely explanation? Which of these must you know about a corporate VPN server before you can configure the VPN software on an OS X computer to access the corporate network? How do you reset the printing system in OS X Mountain Lion? Which statement is TRUE of file and folder permissions in the Finder in OS X Mountain Lion? On an optional configuration step in the Setup Assistant in OS X Mountain Lion, pressing Command-Q lets you skip the step. In OS X Mountain Lion, which TWO types of file service hosts can you browse in the Network folder? (Select 2) Which dynamic service discovery protocol does OS X use to discover devices on a network? Which of these is a recovery key storage location that FileVault 2 offers when you enable it? You have a user account on an OS X Mountain Lion computer that has multiple user accounts. How can you interact with another user's Dropbox folder that has default permissions?