9L0-064 - OS X v10.8 Troubleshooting Exam

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Example Questions

Your customer runs her small business on an iMac with OS X Mountain Lion. She would like to keep her data secure with FileVault 2, but is worried that she will have to share her administrator password with the rest of the staff. How should you address this concern? An administrator would like to prevent data recovery software from retrieving any files from a deleted user. Which option is the most efficient choice? A customer would like to use target disk mode to transfer a large file from their Mac Pro using OS X Mountain Lion to a friend's MacBook Pro using OS X Snow Leopard. The Mac Pro's hard disk is encrypted using FileVault 2. Which technique is the best to quickly transfer the file? After installing software updates, Scott's Mac mini stops responding during startup and will not show the login screen. What built-in startup mode might resolve this issue? When looking at a Time Machine timeline, what visually indicates that a backup is a local snapshot rather than on a Time Capsule or backup disk? Your customer enabled FileVault 2. He also forgot the administrator password. How should you help this customer? A customer installed OS X Mountain Lion on his Mac Pro (Mid 2012) on a RAID Volume, but cannot enable FileVault 2. What is a likely cause of this issue? Jim purchased an application from the Mac App Store with his iMac at home and would now like to use it while traveling with his MacBook Pro. How can he easily accomplish this goal? Richard purchased a new Thunderbolt drive. When he connects the drive to his iMac, the disk does not mount in Finder. What built-in tool should he use to troubleshoot the issue? Valerie uses OS X Mountain Lion on her MacBook Pro and completed a Time Machine backup just before her vacation. She accidentally deleted an important file that she was updating during the trip and did not bring the backup drive with her. How can she use Time Machine to recover the file? A customer uses her MacBook Air late at night and occasionally has to restart. Despite having muted the speaker volume, the MacBook Air always plays the startup chime loudly. What step should you try first to resolve this issue? How would an OS X Mountain Lion user change the order of the network services, so that Wi-Fi is the first choice? Which of the following is a supported destination for an OS X Mountain Lion installation? From the list below, choose two valid features of the Guest Account in OS X Mountain Lion. Select Two: Which of the following Macs support AirPlay Mirroring in OS X Mountain Lion? SELECT ALL THAT APPLY What feature of Os x Mountain Lion allows a customer to reset their forgotten login password without having to have a second admin user? Which of the following devices are supported to use AirPlay Mirroring in OS X Mountain Lion? Select Two: A user tries to launch an app named "Dangerous" on OS X Mountain Lion and sees the following warning: "Dangerous" comes from an unidentified developer. Your security preferences are set to block installation of applications from unidentified developers." What can the user do to open the application? If users have FileVault 2 enabled, Time Machine will automatically encrypt their backup. True or False Debra has purchased a new MacBook Pro. She set the Mac up without transferring any of her personal data. A few days later she realized she needs the contents of her previous machine's Users folder. How can she easily obtain the data from the older Macbook Air? How can a user delete a file named "junk document" from all previous Time Machine backups? Oliver just bought a new Mac with OS X Mountain Lion installed. Given the default system settings, which of the following applications will he be unable to open? Mauri is having trouble printing to a printer attached to his iMac via USB. He suspects his USB cable. Which built-in utility in OS X Mountain Lion could tell him if the printer is detected by his iMac? A technician suspects that an application unexpectedly quitting at launch has an unusable preference file. What is the expected behavior if the technician moves the preference file out of the Preferences folder? Teresa would like to share files on her Mac Pro with OS X Mountain Lion over an Ethernet network. Which option is a valid choice to enable this feature? Martin would like to keep his contacts, mail, and notes up to date between his Macs but would rather not use the Find my Mac or the Back to my Mac features of iCloud. How can he accomplish this goal using OS X Mountain Lion? A customer with an administrator account finds that she cannot access the Downloads folder in her home directory. The Finder displays the message: "The folder "Downloads" can't be opened because you don't have permission to see its contents." How can the customer quickly and easily correct these permissions issues with her Downloads folder? An iMac starts, but becomes unresponsive after the login screen. How can you easily disable login items to see if they are causing the issue? An administrator user wishes to share a Desktop picture with all local users. Where should she store the image file? Which statement about FileVault 2 is TRUE? If a technician suspects that a required system font is missing from an installation of OS X Mountain Lion, which folder should be investigated? What is a kernel extension in OS X? The AirPlay Mirroring feature in OS X Mountain Lion allows users to Chad decides to encrypt his existing Time Machine backup on an external disk. How should he proceed? Mark's MacBook Air displays a gray screen and will not complete startup. What should you try first to resolve this issue? Paolo is experiencing an issue with a VoIP application on his MacBook Pro with OS X Mountain Lion installed. He can't access Contacts from within the application, so he can't call his friend's mobile phone. Which would be the first troubleshooting step to perform? If a customer needs to change the permissions of a file to Read-only for all users, what is the recommended method? A customer with Os X Mountain Lion installed has decided to give his Mac to his son. How can he easily erase the hard disk and reinstall OS X Mountain Lion? Dave has recently purchased a third party router, and now finds he can no longer host video chats. What section of the Messages Connection Doctor will allow him to detect if the router is configured correctly? Burl is developing an application named DeaderEnd on a shared Mac at work. He wants to keep the application private until he has finished it. Which choice below will keep the application private? You are troubleshooting an application which bounces in the dock for a few seconds, then stops without launching or displaying an error message. What built-in utility is best for displaying application and system messages that are not shown to a user? A prohibitory sign over an application's icon in OS X Mountain Lion indicates that it is Which of the following is a valid choice in OS X Mountain Lion Security & Privacy settings for "Allow applications downloading from:" What should customers be aware of if they need to use Safari or reinstall OS X Mountain Lion when their Mac has been started from OS X Recovery? What version of OS X Snow Leopard must be installed in order to upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion on a supported Mac? A MacBook Pro with OS X Mountain Lion installed is unresponsive after login. Your customer would like to search online Apple Support articles about this issue. How can she quickly accomplish this task? If a customer's system has the minimum RAM necessary to use OS X Lion (2 GB), he will have enough RAM to install OS X Mountain Lion. True or False A customer who has installed OS X Mountain Lion on his Mac would like to set up a Firmware Password. Where can he find the Firmware Password Utility? In which of the following scenarios would it be necessary to use Repair Disk Permissions in Disk Utility to resolve the issue? Which of the following are supported connection methods when transferring data from a PC to a Mac using Migration Assistant? SELECT TWO: