9L0-063 - Mac OS X v10.7 Troubleshooting Exam

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Example Questions

Apple recommends the ________ volume format when setting up a Mac's hard drive for normal use. Which of the following is a supported destination for an OS X Lion installation? An iMac starts, but hangs after the login screen. How can you easily disable login items to see if they are causing the issue? A prohibitory sign over an application icon in OS X Lion indicates that it is ________ .A prohibitory sign over an application? icon in OS X Lion indicates that it is ________ . A customer uses her MacBook late at night and occasionally has to restart. Despite having muted the speaker volume, the MacBook always plays the startup chime loudly. What step should you try first to resolve this issue? A customer with a DSL modem would like to use the tools available on the Lion Recovery HD. What should they be aware of before attempting to use the tools that require an internet connection? Which of the following is a new feature of OS X Lion that brings together Expos? full-screen apps, Dashboard, and Spaces in one unified experience? If a customer's system has the minimum RAM necessary to run OS X Snow Leopard, they will have enough RAM to install OS X Lion. True or False? A technician suspects that an application preference file is causing the app to crash at launch. Which of the following techniques would be best to confirm the issue? Which is a valid troubleshooting step to resolve a customer's complaint that his Time Machine backup takes a long time to complete? Which statement about FileVault 2 is TRUE? If a customer has FileVault 2 enabled, Time Machine will automatically encrypt their backup. True of False? You are troubleshooting an application which bounces in the dock for a few seconds, then stops without launching or displaying an error message. What built-in utility is best for displaying application and system messages that are not shown to a user? Your customer enabled FileVault 2. They have lost their admin password. How should you help this customer? In which of the following scenarios would it be useful to run Repair Disk Permissions in Disk Utility to resolve the issue? Which of the following are supported when transferring data from a PC to a Mac using Migration Assistant? SELECT TWO: A technician suspects that an application crashing at launch has a corrupt preference file. What is the expected behavior if the technician moves the preference file out of the Preferences folder? A customer MacBook Pro with OS X Lion installed is freezing after login. They would like to search online Apple Support articles about this issue. How can they accomplish this task? An administrator would like to prevent data recovery software from retrieving any files from a deleted user. Which option is the best choice? Which of the following Intel Processors are supported for install of OS X Lion? If a customer deletes an application purchased on the Mac App Store within Launchpad, it is removed from their Mac hard drive. True or False? How can a user delete a file named "junk document" from all previous Time Machine backups? Mark MacBook Air is hanging during startup at a gray screen. What would you try first to resolve this issue? You would like to copy a 4 GB file from your MacBook Air to a co-worker's MacBook Air. Both Macs are running OS X Lion. Which method requires the least configuration? What is a kernel extension in OS X? Which system preference pane allows a user to enable the OS X Lion Firewall? How would a OS X Lion user change the order of the network services, so that Wi-Fi is the first choice? Your customer wants to quickly build a list of all applications and extensions installed on his Mac with OS X Snow Leopard before upgrading to OS X Lion. Which of the following would be the best choice to do this? If you choose to install OS X Lion on a RAID volume, which of the following features will be disabled? SELECT TWO: If a technician suspects that a required system font is missing from an installation of OS X Lion, which folder should be investigated? Which System Preference pane allows a user to enable or disable indicator lights for open applications? Which of the following new features of OS X Lion can be opened using a single Multi-Touch gesture? SELECT TWO: A customer running OS X Lion would like to set up a Firmware Password. Where can they find the Firmware Password Utility? Jill is developing an application on a shared Mac at work. She wants to keep the app private until she has finished it. Where should she store the application? After running software updates, Scott's Mac mini is hanging during startup at a blue screen. What built-in startup mode might resolve this issue? If a customer needs to change the permissions of a file to read-only for all users, what is the recommended method? A customer upgrades their Mac to OS X Lion but still wishes to run applications written for the PowerPC. Choose the best solution for this issue: Your customer runs her small business on an iMac with OS X Lion. She would like to keep her data secure with FileVault 2, but is worried that she will have to share her admin password with the rest of the staff. How should you address this concern? A customer would like to transfer a large file from their Mac Pro running Lion to a friend MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard, using target disk mode. The Mac Pro hard drive is encrypted using FileVault 2. Which technique is the best to quickly transfer the file? From the list below, pick the volume format that is supported in the OS X Lion Disk Utility to password protect (encrypt) an external disk or thumb drive. Which of the following is the indication that a Mac has completed the hardware stage of the startup process, and the software Startup stage has begun? Valerie upgraded her MacBook Pro to OS X Lion and completed a Time Machine backup just before her vacation. She accidentally deleted an important file that she was updating during the trip. How can she use Time Machine to recover the file? If a customer upgrades their Mac to OS X Lion, then attempts to run an application written for the PowerPC processor, what happens? When looking at a Time Machine timeline, what indicates that a backup is a local snapshot rather than on a TimeCapsule or backup drive? After opening the OS X Lion installer, a customer can choose to override the default choice of the startup volume and pick another disk. True or False? A customer with OS X Lion installed has decided to give their Mac to a friend. How can they easily erase their hard drive and reinstall OS X Lion? A customer has purchased a MacBook Air (13-inch Mid 2011). They set the Mac up without transferring any of their personal data. A few days later they realize they need the contents of their previous machines Users folder. How can they easily obtain the data from their older Macbook? Which one of the following combinations of network configurations would require multiple locations to properly configure? You would like to give a friend temporary access to your Mac so that they can check their online banking website. What is the easiest way for you to share your Mac and protect your privacy? If a customer has FileVault 2 enabled on their drive, how do they start up from the Recovery HD?