9A0-327 - Adobe CQ 5.5 Component Developer ACE Exam

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Example Questions

In your CQ Component script you want to read a property value which has been created with a design dialog. How can you get the value? You are creating a repository-based OSGi configuration. Which name should the factory configuration node have? Which service property does an Event Subscriber need to subscribe to an Event Handler in the OSGi Event Admin service? How do you delete a property inside a Node object? You want to extend the foundation Text/Image component by creating a new component. Which is the correct value to add to the property resourceSuperType in the new component? Which statement correctly describes the OSGi installer service? What is the purpose of sending values as selectors in the URL instead of sending them as query parameters? How can you configure a CQ component to allow an Author to edit content without opening a dialog? Which statement about the docroot paramter in the cache section of the CQ Dispatcher configuration file is true? When you are adding or updating the configuration of an OSGi component using the Apache Felix Web Console, how long does it take for the configuration to be updated? How do you create a configuration for an OSGi bundle within CRX that is specific to only the author instance? How can you replicate to a specific agent using the CQ Replicator interface? How do you disable WebDAV access on the publish instance? How are the resources called that are passed through a workflow? Which type of Replication Agent do you create to flush the Web server cache for a newly activated page? You want the process script to automatically advance the workflow to the next step after execution. Which dialog form field of a Process Step must be set to true? Which kind of HTTP requests are logged by default in the Recent Requests tab of the Apache Felix Web Console? Which provider service scans the CRX repository for artifacts and provides them to the OSGi installer? What is the purpose of a Closed User Group? You created a site /project/en and want to add language sites /de and /fr. What is the best practice to create the additional language sites? A change in a JSP is NOT being reflected. How do you enforce a fresh parsing/compilation of the JSP file? How do you specify dependencies for your CQ HTML client library? You want to add a new tab to the page properties dialog. What should you do? You create a Replication Agent on your Author instance. Which transportation user settings should you configure? You are working with two components: Component A and Component B. Component B has a slightly different behavior than component A. What is the best way to reuse the default script of component A in component B? You want to add additional features to a Node. What should you do? How do you define the error message that should be displayed when the regex widget validation results in an error? You have a component "A" that has a dialog and four JSP scripts: main.jsp, script1.jsp, script2.jsp and script3.jsp. The script main.jsp includes the other three scripts. Now you implement component "B", which is very similar to component "A", but with a different script2.jsp script. Component "B" declares "A" as its resourceSuperType. What is the best way to implement script2.jsp for Component "B"? What does an Item represent in a JCR repository hierarchical content model diagram? You are checking the permissions of a user in CQ. In the Permissions tab you notice that next to some check boxes there is an exclamation point. What does this exclamation point mean? You have a CQ instance configured to use LDAP authentication. In the LDAP configuration file you see the parameter "com.day.core.CRXLoginModule sufficient;". What is the purpose of this parameter? Which method of the ResourceResolver Interface uses resources mapping to retrieve property values? Which access control policies does the JCR Session define to manage nodes? You are logged in as userA and you are impersonating userB. How are your activities logged in the access.log? What is the main purpose of the Components tab in the Apache Felix Web OSGi Console? When does CQ automatically create a version in a default CQ installation (author and publish instance)? You have changed the CRX admin password. Which console or tool do you also need to update? You have created a bundle with CRXDE. What does the .bnd file contain? You want to create a CQ HTML client library. What is the file js.txt used for? You are configuring a Replication Agent. What does the check box Use for reverse replication in the Agent Settings dialog mean? What is the purpose of the Export Package Manifest header? You create a custom workflow process using the CQ API. Which method or methods needs to be implemented when your class implements the WorkflowProcess Interface? How does the OSGi installer manage a bundle if a bundle with the same symbolic name is already installed? You want to use a different page properties dialog instead of the one out of the box. How do you configure it? You need to restore a version of a node. How do you get the versionManager object? What are the two attributes of an Event in an OSGi Event Admin Service? You want to prompt a workflow user for information during the processing of a workflow step. Where is the content that the workflow user entered stored? How do you get the two .jar files jcr-2.0.jar and crx-shared.jar that need to be copied to the Websphere folder holding the shared libraries? Given the CQ Dispatcher configuration in the /filter section: /filter { /0001 { /glob "*" /type "deny" } /0002 { /glob "* /content/geometrixx[./]*" /type "allow" } /0003 { /glob "* /content/geometrixx/company[./]*" /type "deny" } /0004 { /glob "*" /type "allow" } } Which rule will be applied to the request: /content/geometrixx/company/news.html? You want to request a JSON representation of the content. What do you have to do with the request?